Nathus Sweets Restaurant, Srinagar: Kashmiri Sweets and More

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Srinagar, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, is not just a feast for the eyes but also a treat for the taste buds. Explore this beautiful valley with the Best Kashmir Packages and get a chance to indulge in the sweet (and savory) delights of Nathus Sweets Restaurant in Srinagar.

When it comes to indulging your sweet tooth, no name shines brighter than Nathus Sweets Restaurant A local legend, this beloved sweet shop has been tantalizing the palates of Kashmiris and visitors alike for over 80 years.  Be prepared to be swept away by the flavors and the warm hospitality that awaits you!

Nathus Sweets Srinagar is more than just a sweet shop; it’s a window into Kashmiri culture and hospitality. While the sweets are undoubtedly the star of the show, the warm service and friendly atmosphere add to the overall experience. Whether you’re a local looking for a familiar taste of home or a visitor seeking to explore the city’s culinary delights, Nathus Sweets Srinagar is a must-visit destination.

About Nathus Sweets Restaurant


Established in 1940, Nathus Sweets Restaurant in Srinagar started as a humble stall selling traditional Kashmiri sweets. Over the years, it has grown into a thriving business with multiple branches across Srinagar, preserving the legacy of authentic Kashmiri flavors. Their commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients and age-old recipes has earned them a loyal following. 

Nathus Sweets is not just about delicious sweets; it’s a cultural experience. Stepping into their shops is like stepping back in time, with the aroma of freshly baked treats filling the air and the warm smiles of the staff welcoming you.


Nathus Sweets restaurant is situated in the vibrant Karan Nagar area, one of the prime locations in Srinagar that is easily accessible to both locals and visitors. Its proximity to popular tourist spots and residential areas makes it a convenient destination for those craving a taste of Kashmiri cuisine.

Address – Nathus Sweets, Boulevard Rd, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001

Must Try Dishes and Cuisine Served at Nathus Sweets Restaurant


Nathus Sweets restaurant in Srinagar offers a delectable selection of traditional Kashmiri sweets, each with its unique flavor and texture. Other than that Nathus Sweets restaurant also serves Continental, Chinese, and north Indian food. Here’s a glimpse into their must-try dishes:

  • Kashmiri Kheer: One of the top things to do in Srinagar is to try the Kashmiri Kheer at the Nathus Sweets restaurant. This creamy rice pudding infused with cardamom and saffron is a classic comfort food.
  • Phirni: A smooth and flavorful pudding made with ground rice, milk, and nuts, perfect for a light and refreshing treat.
  • Shufta: Flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pastries filled with sweet nuts and milk, a delightful indulgence.
  • Modur Pulav: A rich and aromatic rice dish flavored with saffron and spices, offering a savory counterpoint to the sweets.
  • Rogan Josh: A must-try Kashmiri dish featuring tender lamb cooked in a creamy yogurt-based gravy, perfect for a complete meal experience.

To enhance your culinary experience, Nathus Sweets restaurant in Srinagar also offers a diverse selection of dry fruits, nuts, and namkeens (savory snacks), complementing your sweet treats perfectly.

How To Reach Nathus Sweets Restaurant?

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Located in the bustling Karan Nagar area of Srinagar, Nathus Sweets restaurant is easily accessible by various modes of transportation:

  • By Airways:

If you’re flying into Srinagar, you’ll land at Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport, located approximately 12 kilometers from Nathus Sweets Srinagar. From the airport, you can easily hire a taxi or take a pre-booked cab to reach the restaurant in about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.

  • By Roadways

Traveling by road? No problem! Srinagar is well-connected to major cities and towns in Jammu and Kashmir by a network of roads. Whether you’re arriving from nearby areas or distant locations, you can reach Nathus Sweets restaurant conveniently by car, taxi, or bus. Simply follow the directions to Karan Nagar and keep an eye out for the sign of Nathus Sweets.

  • By Railways

While Srinagar doesn’t have a railway station of its own, the nearest major railhead is Jammu Tawi Railway Station, located approximately 300 kilometers away. There are several trains from Delhi to Jammu. From Jammu, you can continue your journey to Srinagar by road via taxis or buses. Upon reaching Srinagar, head towards Karan Nagar to find Nathus Sweets and satisfy your cravings for authentic Kashmiri delights.

Indulge your senses in the culinary delights of Kashmir at Nathus Sweets, where every bite is a celebration of tradition, flavor, and hospitality. Whether you’re a connoisseur of Kashmiri cuisine or a curious traveler eager to explore the local food scene, Nathus Sweets promises an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving for more.

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