National Gallery In Singapore: Masterpieces Of The Lion City

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Singapore’s beauty is a harmonious blend of rich heritage, modern marvels, and vibrant cultural experiences. At the heart of this dynamic city-state lies the National Gallery in Singapore, an example of artistic excellence and cultural heritage. 

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National Gallery in Singapore is one of the leading art institutions in Southeast Asia, that showcases a treasure of art spanning centuries, from traditional masterpieces to contemporary Singaporean contemporary artists

Situated in the historic Civic District, the Gallery occupies two iconic national monuments – the former Supreme Court and City Hall – seamlessly combining Singaporean heritage artworks with innovation. 

So, join us on a journey through Singapore’s beauty, where the National Gallery in Singapore stands as a pride to the nation’s rich artistic legacy and creative spirit.

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About the National Gallery in Singapore


Situated in Singapore’s Civic District, the National Gallery in Singapore, often referred to simply as the National Gallery, is an important public institution dedicated to showcasing Singaporean heritage artworks and culture. 

Having the world’s largest public collection of Singaporean and regional art, the Gallery offers an extensive number of over 9,000 items from Southeast Asia and beyond. Its mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of art and culture, with a focus on Singaporean heritage artworks and their connections to other Asian cultures and the wider world. 

Housed within the historic former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings, the National Gallery architecture and design spans an area of 64,000 square meters, making it the largest visual arts venue and museum in Singapore. 

Renowned for its breadth, scope, and quality of collections, the National Gallery in Singapore is acclaimed as one of the premier National Gallery architecture and design museums in the region, attracting nearly two million visitors annually. Admission is complimentary for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. 

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Some information for the National Gallery in Singapore

  • Timings: Daily, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Entry Fees: SGD 5 to SGD 20
  • Address: Singapore 178957

Restaurants near to National Gallery in Singapore

  • Yan Restaurant at National Gallery Singapore 
  • National Kitchen by Violet Oon
  • Courtyard Cafe, National Gallery
  • Art di Daniele Sperindio
  • Odette

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Why you need to visit the National Gallery in Singapore


Visiting the National Gallery in Singapore offers a multitude of enriching experiences and reasons to explore this cultural gem:

  • Rich Art Collection: The Gallery has the world’s largest public collection of Singaporean and regional art, providing a comprehensive overview of Southeast Asian art and culture. From traditional masterpieces to contemporary works, there’s something for every art enthusiast to discover and appreciate.
  • Historic Architecture: Housed within the iconic former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings, the Gallery’s architecture is a sight to behold. Marvel at the glory of these national monuments, beautifully restored and transformed into a modern cultural institution.
  • Diverse Exhibitions: Explore interesting National Gallery Singapore exhibitions that delve into various themes, artists, and artistic movements. From retrospectives of renowned artists to theme-based presentations exploring social and cultural issues, there’s always something new and exciting to see at the Gallery.
  • Educational Programs: Engage in educational programs, workshops, and guided tours designed to deepen your understanding of art and culture. Learn about the stories behind the artworks, explore different artistic techniques, and participate in hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.
  • Cultural events in National Gallery: Attend special events, performances, film screenings, and talks held at the Gallery throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene of Singapore and engage with Singaporean contemporary artists, curators, and scholars from around the world.

Visiting the National Gallery in Singapore promises a rich and immersive cultural experience that will leave a lasting impression and inspire a deeper appreciation for art and heritage.

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How to reach the National Gallery in Singapore


Getting to the National Gallery in Singapore is easy, as it is centrally located in the Civic District of Singapore. Here are some common ways to reach the National Gallery in Singapore:

  1. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): The nearest MRT station to the National Gallery in Singapore is City Hall MRT station, which is served by the East-West Line (EW13) and the North-South Line (NS25). From City Hall MRT station, it’s just a short walk to the Gallery.
  2. Bus: Several bus routes serve the Civic District area, making it convenient to reach the National Gallery Singapore by bus. 
  3. Taxi/Grab: Taxi and ride-hailing services like Grab are widely available in Singapore. Simply input “National Gallery Singapore” as your destination, and the driver will take you directly to the Gallery.
  4. Car: If you’re driving to the National Gallery Singapore, there are parking facilities available nearby, including public parking lots and parking garages. However, parking may be limited, especially during peak hours, so it’s advisable to arrive early or consider alternative transportation options.

Once you arrive at the National Gallery in Singapore, simply follow the signs to the entrance and start exploring the Gallery’s diverse collection of art and culture.

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Hence, The National Gallery in Singapore stands as a pride to the rich cultural heritage and artistic diversity of Southeast Asia. Housed within the historic buildings of the former Supreme Court and City Hall, the Gallery provides a fascinating journey through the region’s art history, from traditional masterpieces to contemporary works. 

With its dynamic National Gallery Singapore exhibitions, educational programs, and engaging events, the Gallery offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the artistic achievements of Singapore and its neighboring countries. 

Whether admiring iconic artworks or participating in hands-on workshops, a visit to the National Gallery Singapore promises to inspire, educate, and enrich the senses, leaving a lasting Visitor experience at National Gallery of the vibrant art scene in this part of the world. 

So when in Singapore, you must plan a visit to the National Gallery in Singapore to immerse yourself in the vibrant art and rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia.

What are the featured exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore?

The National Gallery in Singapore showcases a dynamic range of exhibitions, featuring both local and international artists across various artistic disciplines. Some featured exhibitions may include retrospectives of renowned Singaporean artists, theme-based National Gallery Singapore exhibitions exploring specific aspects of Southeast Asian art, and collaborations with leading art institutions. The Gallery often hosts special exhibitions highlighting emerging artists, and contemporary Art collections at National Gallery that push the boundaries of traditional art forms. 

How does the architecture of the National Gallery Singapore reflect the nation's cultural identity?

The architecture of the  National Gallery in Singapore reflects the nation’s cultural identity in several ways – Historical Significance, Integration of Heritage and Modernity, Multicultural Influences, Public Space and Accessibility, and Environmental Sustainability. Overall, the architecture of the National Gallery in Singapore serves as a symbol of the nation’s cultural identity, celebrating its history, diversity, and commitment to progress and sustainability.

Are there any special events or workshops available for visitors at the National Gallery Singapore?

 Yes, the National Gallery Singapore regularly organizes special events, workshops, and programs for visitors to enhance the Visitor experience at National Gallery and engagement with the Art collections at National Gallery and culture. Some of these include -National Gallery Singapore exhibitions Openings, Artist Talks and Lectures, Workshops, and Art Classes, Guided Tours, Film Screenings and Performances, Family-friendly Activities, Seasonal, and Holiday Events.

Can visitors find artworks from other countries besides Singapore at the National Gallery?

Yes, at the National Gallery in Singapore, you can see artworks from many countries, not just Singapore. They have a big collection from all over Southeast Asia, including places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. You’ll find all kinds of Art collections at National Gallery, like paintings, sculptures, and photos, showing different styles and times in history. It’s a great way to learn about art from this region and how it’s connected to art around the world.

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