Exploring Negombo Dutch Fort: A Glimpse into Sri Lanka’s Colonial History

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Negombo Dutch Fort, a prominent historical site in Sri Lanka, offers a fascinating glimpse into the island’s colonial past. The fort stands as a testament to the strategic importance of Negombo as a coastal town. While exploring the fort in our Sri Lanka travel packages, you can explore its well-preserved architecture, including sturdy walls and old prison cells, and learn about its role in protecting the region from naval invasions. 

Negombo Dutch Fort is a significant historical landmark that offers a deep dive into Sri Lanka’s colonial history. There are many beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka, one among them this fort situated in the coastal town of Negombo and this fortification is a reminder of the European powers that once vied for control over the island. 

This journey through Negombo Dutch Fort not only highlights the architectural prowess of the colonial era but also provides insights into the cultural and historical narratives that have shaped Sri Lanka. Here’s a closer look at why this site is worth exploring.

History Of Negombo Dutch Fort


The fort’s origins date back to the early 16th century when it was initially constructed by the Portuguese. However, in 1640, the Dutch captured Negombo and began fortifying the existing structure. This Dutch Fort in Negombo is an amazing place to visit. The Dutch enhancements transformed the fort into a formidable defence post, serving as a strategic point to protect their interests and trade routes.

Architectural Features

Although only a portion of the original Negombo Fort Sri Lanka remains, visitors can still see the robust traces of the walls and the main gateway. The architecture reflects typical Dutch colonial military design, with thick walls made of coral and limestone. 

Significance of Negombo Dutch Fort


Negombo Dutch Fort is more than just a historical structure, it symbolises the complex colonial history of Sri Lanka. The fort played a crucial role during the European colonisation period, influencing the region’s cultural and economic development. Today, it stands as a heritage site, offering insights into the past and educating visitors about the island’s rich history.

Highlights of the Negombo Dutch Fort

A visit to Negombo Dutch Fort provides a unique opportunity to walk through history. As you explore the site, you’ll encounter:

The Main Gateway: The gateway is one of the most well-preserved parts of the fort, showcasing the Dutch influence.

Old Prison Cells: These cells, once used to detain prisoners, offer a stark reminder of the fort’s functional past.

Courtyard: The fort’s courtyard now serves as a peaceful spot where you can reflect on the history that unfolded within its walls.

Top Hotels Near Negombo Dutch Fort

The Gateway Hotel Beach Road

There are so many top hotels near Negombo Dutch Fort wherein you can visit and plan your stay. You can also check on the luxury hotels in Sri Lanka to make your stay unforgettable. Some of them are –

  • Hive 68 – Hotels and Resorts

Location– No 68 Grand St, Negombo 11500, Sri Lanka.

  • Cinnamon Tan Boutique Hotel

Location-177/1/1, Periyamulla, Negombo 11500, Sri Lanka.

  • Grandeeza Hotel

Location– camera

772 Colombo, Negombo Road, Negombo 11500, Sri Lanka.

Visiting Tips for Dutch Fort in Negombo

Location: The Dutch Fort in Negombo is located in the heart of the place, making it easily accessible from the town centre.

Best Time To Visit Negombo Dutch Fort: Early mornings or late afternoons are ideal for visiting to avoid the midday heat. Additionally, you can check the best time to visit Sri Lanka if planning to uncover more from your visit here. 

Nearby Attractions of Negombo Dutch Fort: Combine your visit with a trip to other nearby historical sites, such as St. Mary’s Church and the Negombo Fish Market, Negombo Beach to get a comprehensive view of the area’s cultural heritage.

Negombo Dutch Fort Timings And Entry Fee: There is no entry fee associated with visiting the Negombo Dutch Fort. You can enjoy the place with your friends and loved ones.


Negombo Dutch Fort is a must-visit for history lovers and travellers interested in Sri Lanka’s colonial past. Also, during your trip you must try the best things to do in Sri Lanka. Exploring this landmark offers a unique perspective on the architectural and historical legacy left by the Portuguese and Dutch. Whether you’re a history buff or a casual visitor, the fort provides an enriching experience that connects you with the island’s multifaceted heritage.

Are there any entry fees for visiting Negombo Dutch Fort?

There is no entry fee for visiting the negombo dutch fort.

Is photography allowed at Negombo Dutch Fort?

Yes, photography is allowed at negombo dutch fort.

Is Negombo Dutch Fort wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the wheelchair is accessible so it doesn’t have any hassle.

Are there any nearby attractions to visit after seeing Negombo Dutch Fort?

Some of the nearby attractions are – Colombo National Museum,  St. Mary’s church, Galle face green, and many more.

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