Nehru Park: Green Gem In Bustling City Of Indore

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Some people are interested in visiting some charming historical places such as Krishnapura Chhatris of Indore; however, few people like to stay connected with nature, and Nehru Park is the best place if you are looking for a green space in the bustling city of Indore. The Nehru Park is a verdant gem in the busy streets of Indore, offering a serene landscape for locals and tourists alike. In this blog, we will learn more about Nehru Park and why it is an ideal destination for friends and family.

About Nehru Park Indore

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The Nehru Park is the oldest park in the heart of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The place is located in the city, so it is accessible to locals and tourists. Another name for Nehru Park is Chhatribagh, which has several decades of history. The Nehru Park Indore is known for its lush greenery that provides a tranquil environment, well-maintained gardens, and numerous recreational activities for all age groups. Whether looking for peace in chaos, exercise, or simply enjoying a day out with family, the Nehru Park Indore is an ideal destination.

The History Of Nehru Park


If we look into the history of Nehru Park, it is the oldest park constructed by Britsihers and it was known as Biscow Park before independence. It was open only to British people before and after Independence; it was renamed Nehru Park. The park was named after India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, as a tribute to his leadership and contribution to India. The Nehru Park Indore is a recreational space for locals and visitors that provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Over time, Nehru Park has undergone several changes and renovations that enhanced the park’s beauty and provided a serene environment for visitors.

Things To Do In Nehru Park Indore:

1. Lush Greenery:


Whenever you visit Nehru Park, you are welcomed by the stunning natural beauty. The Nehru Park Indore has various trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, creating a vibrant and inviting environment. You can also observe the well-maintained lawns and pathways that make it easy to stroll around and bask in the beauty of nature. Suppose you belong to the category of bird-watching enthusiasts. In that case, Indore Nehru Park will always satisfy you since you will find many bird species in the enormous trees of the park.

2. Boating Facilities:


The Indore Nehru Park also offers some facilities, including boating in its big pond, which provides visitors a unique experience of enjoying the park’s natural beauty. The calm water, surrounded by the greenery, gives a picturesque view and is perfect for a peaceful ride. You can also choose paddle boats in Indore Nehru Park, which can be rented and cater to couples and families looking for a relaxing outing in Indore. Boating in Nehru Park is not just about the ride; it’s about immersing yourself in the tranquil environment away from the bustling city life.

3. Children’s Play Area:


The Indore Nehru Park is complete with a Children’s play area, and it’s a haven for families, especially those with children. This park section has different recreational equipment, including swings, slides, seesaws, and climbing structures. The play area is thoughtfully designed to ensure the children’s safety and enjoyment, and there are ample seating arrangements for parents to relax while keeping an eye on their kids. These play equipment are fun and encourage children’s physical activities and social interaction. 

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4. Musical Fountain:


One of the main attractions of Nehru Park in Indore is the musical fountain, which becomes a significant draw in the evenings. The park’s fountain consists of a series of water jets that groove on various musical beats, creating a mesmerizing view of the water, light, and sound. As the evening comes, the fountains are alive with vibrant and colourful lights that lighten the water in a dazzling pattern that gets the eye of every visitor. 

The musical fountains are scheduled regularly, which draws large crowds. Attending the musical fountain of the park is one of the best ways to end your evenings. Families, couples, and solo visitors can join these evening shows, adding extra magic to the park. This is not just an attraction but also an experience that will remain in your memories forever.

5. Walking and Jogging Tracks:


If you are a fitness freak or a health enthusiast, Nehru Park also offers well-designed jogging and walking tracks. These tracks are made to provide beautiful scenic routes for joggers and walkers. This makes an ideal spot for morning and evening walks and workouts. 

These smooth and even surfaces of the tracks ensure a safe and enjoyable experience whether you are taking a leisurely stroll or jogging. The park’s environment combines fresh air and natural beauty, enhancing the overall experience of fitness enthusiasts. The park’s commitment to promoting health and wellness through these facilities is vital to community resources.

6. Swimming Pool:


The park also consists of a well-maintained swimming pool. It is designed for people interested in learning to swim. It is designed for pro swimmers and those looking for fun in the water. The pool has designed lanes for lap swimming and a shallow area for beginners and minors. While swimming, some people look out for the safety of everyone in and around the pool. Swimming in Nehru Park is one of the refreshing activities that you can enjoy, especially in hot summers, and it’s a perfect way to beat the heat.

7. Toy Train:

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The Toy Train in the park adds to the charm of family-friendly activities. It is a small or miniature train ride that the children adore and offers a fast way to explore the park. The train roams through the park, giving passengers a tour of its picturesque surroundings. During the toy train rides, you can enjoy the views of the lush gardens, play areas, and other attractions within the park. Even if the toy train is adored by the kids, it allows the adults to find joy in this nostalgic ride, making it a fun activity for the entire family.

8. Botanical Garden:


Suppose you are interested in learning new things. In that case, the Nehru Park consists of a Botanical Garden that is a heaven for nature lovers, botany enthusiasts, and curious people. This park section is home to diverse collections of plants, trees, flowering plants, and shrubs labelled for educational purposes. The botanical garden has indigenous and exotic species showcasing the region’s rich biodiversity. Visitors can stroll through the garden, learning about different plants and their ecological significance. This botanical garden is an educational hub that promotes awareness and conservation of nature. It’s trendy for school trips, nature walks, and photography, and it provides a serene environment where visitors can connect with nature. 

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Nehru Park Ticket Price:

If we look at the Nehru Park ticket price it is quite affordable; for Indian nationals, it’s INR 10; if you are bringing a DSLR, the park charges INR 30, and for video cameras, it’s INR 50.

How To Reach Nehru Park:


As you know everything about the park, now you must be wondering how to reach Nehru Park. Here are some of the ways that you can choose to visit.

1. By Road:

The roadways and highways are well connected to the city of Indore, and it is well maintained as well; you can take any private bus or local bus to reach Indore, and from there, you can book any public transport like taxi, auto-rickshaw, or private vehicle which is easily accessible.

2. By Railway:

Suppose you plan to visit Indore by train. In that case, the nearest railway station is Indore Junction Railway station, and from there, you can take any taxi or auto rickshaw to reach the park.

3. By Airlines:

Land your flight at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, and you can book any app-based ride and take a cab at your convenience to reach the park.

Things To Do Near Nehru Park-Indore

There are various things to do near Nehru Park-Indore; there are several attractions that you can visit nearby, and you can taste some local delicacies and much more. You can visit Rajwada Palace, Gommatagiri, Lal Bagh Palace etc.

Places To Visit Near Nehru Park

It’s not possible for you to just visit the park and come back home, so here are some of the places that you can visit nearby:

1. Rajwada Palace, Indore


If you are interested in visiting historical places, In that case, you can visit in Rajwada Palace of Indore, which is one of the best places to visit near Nehru Park. The Rajwada Palace, or the Holkar Palace, was established by Malhar Rao Holkar for administrative work and residence for the royal family in the 18th century. The Rajwada Palace is known for its Maratha, French, and Mughal styles of architecture; it is a seven-story building with the lower floors of stone and the upper four floors of wood.

2. Central Museum, Indore


The Central Museum is another place that you can visit near the park, which stands as a beacon of cultural conservation and historical prestige. It is one of Indore’s renowned places showcasing India’s cultural background. If you are interested in history and artwork, this museum will always satisfy you; it has various sections that tell the hidden history of India. The museum holds an extraordinary collection of Madhya Pradesh copper memorandums, coins, and armour. You can also find the mesmerizing set of sculptures designed in the Parmar Style that are characterized by using well-proportioned stone figures. Other figures include a red-brick version of a Vishnu temple and Jain Tirthankara Adinath from the 13th century.

Restaurants Near Nehru Park


While exploring the park and the nearby places, you may get hungry, so here are some places that you can visit:

1. Shreemaya Celebrity, Indore

The Shreemaya Celebrity is one of the best restaurants near Nehru Park, and it is known for its excellent services and delicious food; this restaurant offers a comfortable setting for families and groups

2. Chhappan Dukan, Indore

If you are more into street foods, you can visit the Chappan Dukan, which is known for its delicious food. From Spicy Chats to delectable sweets, this place offers many local delicacies. 

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Hotels Near Nehru Park


1. Hotel Crown Palace, Indore

Hotel Crown Palace is one of the best hotels near Nehru Park. This mid-range option combines comfort and affordability. This place offers clean and well-maintained rooms with all the amenities for a pleasant stay.

2. Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Sayaji Hotel is another luxury hotel that offers top-notch amenities and exceptional service and is close to Nehru Park. Sayaji Hotel provides spacious rooms with all modern amenities.


Nehru Park is another hidden green space in Indore, which offers a perfect environment for nature, recreational activities, and relaxation. So whenever you are in Indore, remember to visit the park for a delightful experience.

What is Nehru Park famous for?

The Nehru Park is the oldest park built by Britishers known for its lush greenery and serene landscape.

What is the time of Nehru Park?

The operating time of Nehru Park is from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm everyday

Is picnic allowed in Nehru Park?

Yes, picnics are allowed in Nehru Park, however you have to take permission from authorities.

How big is Nehru Park?

The Nehru Park is spread over an area of about 4000 square feet.

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