Nehru Science Centre: A Paradise For The Inquisitive Mind

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The Nehru Science Centre located in Worli, Mumbai is one of the largest science centres in India. It was inaugurated by Rajiv Gandhi in 1985. The Centre is named after the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. If you want to explore everything then come within the Nehru Science Centre timings, possibly come early as the centre is massive and has a lot of things to explore.

The Nehru Science Centre has a sprawling 8 acres with a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs. The major objective of this Centre is to educate the students about science and its applications in human life and industry. The Centre has five major parts including Science Centre, Science Odyssey Film, Science On A Sphear, 3-D Science Show, and Motion Simulator. 

And now an important thing to disclose, Nehru Science Centre and Nehru Planetarium are two different Centres. Both are in Worli but they are different. So make sure you understand when asking someone about Nehru Science Centre and do not confuse it with Nehru Centre.

History Of Nehru Science Centre

Source: Google Arts & Culture

The History of Nehru Science Centre dates back to 1977. The National Council Of Science Museum is the parent body of the Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai. In 1977, the Centre started its first semi-permanent exhibition ‘Light and Sight’, followed by the world’s first Science Park in 1979. By 11 November 1985, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi publicly opened the full-fledged Science Centre. 

Places To Visit In Nehru Science Centre In Mumbai

The Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai is spread across 8 acres. It is one of the largest Science museums in India with beautiful architecture. Following are Some places to visit in Nehru Science Centre Mumbai

1. Garden


Near the entrance of the Nehru Science Centre is the garden full of science-based objects that will help your children to gain a basic understanding of science and kids can get hands-on experience on practical physics more than the theory that they learn in school.

2. Science Centre


Science Centre is one of the buildings in Nehru Science Centre. In this section of the building, many activities are showcasing various activities and the science behind those gadgets. Ball Sculpture showcasing how potential energy and kinetic energy are generated, a sample of Vortex in a small cylindrical glass, rising arc, etc. 

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There is another section in the same building of the Science Centre known as Science for Children. It will take an ample amount of time to explore every activity here. So, take your leisure time out to explore here.

3. 3-D Science Show

Source: Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai

The visitors to the 3-D Science show will experience an experience where the objects on the screen will appear to come out of it. The show is conducted every hour at the Science Centre Building. 

In this show, they will show you the world under the water. Being a 3-D show you will feel like the Dolphin will leape anytime on you. 

4. Motion Simulator

Source: Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai

A simulator is a machine designed to provide realistic images of the controls inside the cockpit of an airplane or any other complex machine. It creates and makes you feel the same visuals like riding on a rough road, moving in space, etc. 

Currently ‘Great Wall Of China’ is the film. You are guided by an old man with a rocket power chariot. Here, the ride is going to be bumpy and the thrilling experience is shown on a 65” screen monitor. The duration is 10 minutes. 

5. Science Odyssey Film

Source: Mumbai Live

This one is my favorite. So, the Science Odyssey building has a dome on the top. Once you enter the main all to watch the film the screen is not in front of you but the film is projected on the dome. You have to look up and watch the film. Don’t worry your neck won’t hurt as the seats in the theater are arranged in such a way that you can see the ceiling by lying back on the seat. 

The 40-minute film having incomparable large format images, is an example of merging education with entertainment.

6. Science On A Sphere 

Source: Science On a Sphere

The state-of-the-art educational visualization tool patented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA, is the first of its kind in the western part of India. The Science On a Sphere provides real-time atmospheric and climatic data that is projected on the 1.8-meter Spheric. 

The spear shows the real timing of planets and stars including Earth, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. The show was completed in 10 minutes.

This is just a glimpse of some of the places and things you should go and experience at Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai there are many things you can get your hands on and experience it. 

Nehru Science Centre Timings

The Nehru Science Centre Timings is from 09:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. The opening of Ticket Counter timings is from 09:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. The Nehru Science Centre timings are the same for all days including Sunday.

Nehru Science Centre Tickets Price

Nehru Science Centre tickets price varies on what you want to do. If you want to just visit the Science Centre then the price is different and if you want to visit Science Odyssey the price will be different. The tickets will on average cost you INR 125 to INR 200. 

Parking fees for 2 wheelers is INR 20 and 4 wheelers is INR 40.

Hotels Near Nehru Science Centre


As it is one of the famous tourist spots there are many hotels near Nehru Science Centre. It is advisable to pre-book your hotels near the centre if you are planning to stay. As pre-booking will help you save money and give you the best deal near Nehru Science Centre. 

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai
  2. St. Regis Mumbai
  3. Comfort Inn Heritage
  4. Sea Green Hotel

Street Food And Restaurants Near Nehru Science Centre

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Being in the heart of Mumbai city there are many options for restaurants near Nehru Science Centre. There is also a canteen available in Nehru Science Centre. It is said that any city’s culture is found in the street food it offers, Mumbai being the capital city of the state offers multiple Mumbai street food options as well as restaurant options. Following are some of the best and famous street food and restaurants near Nehru Science Centre. 

Restaurant And Street Food

  1. Bougain Villa
  2. Starboy Pizza
  3. Masala Kitchen
  4. Oven Story Pizza
  5. Angrezi Dhaba
  6. Toit Mumbai
  7. Copper Chimney

How To Reach Nehru Science Centre


Via Rail

The nearest railway station to reach Nehru Science Centre is Mahalaxmi Railway Station on the Western Line. The railway station is around 1.2 km from the centre. Just outside the railway station is a Taxi Stand and a little further is a bus stand. You can either walk or get a bus or taxi. Bus No. 125 will take you to Nehru Science Centre. It will cost you 5 Rs. 

Via Road

The Nehru Science Centre is well connected with the other parts of the city. You can conveniently travel from any part of the city in a short period. 

Via Air

The nearest airport to Nehru Science Centre is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. The airport is around 16 km from the centre. You can take a cab from there or opt for a local train. The nearest railway station to the airport is Ville Parle Railway Station.

Places To Visit Near Nehru Science Centre


There are many places to visit near Nehru Science Centre. As in the heart of Mumbai, It is well connected to the other parts of the city. Some of the places to visit near Nehru Science Centre are as follows

    1. Nehru Planetarium
    2. Haji Ali 
    3. Shivaji Park
    4. Dadar Chowpatty
    5. Siddhivinak Temple
    6. Mahalaxmi Race Course

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Nehru Science Centre?

Nehru Science Centre is among the initial museums that are entirely dedicated to Science. It is an important landmark of Mumbai having a significant importance.

What is the price of the Nehru Science Centre?

The price of the ticket including everything will cost you around INR 200

Which is the nearest railway station to Nehru Science Centre?

Mahalaxmi Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Nehru Science Centre

How much time is required to see the science Centre?

It will take 5-6 hours if you fully want to explore the Nehru Science Centre.

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