Nepali Sherpa On Top Of The World For The 26th Time

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We have all dreamed of climbing Mount Everest at least once in our life. Taking dreams to the next level Pasang Dawa, a Sherpa from Nepal, has created a record as he is the second man in the world to climb the highest peak in the world 26 times! 

He shares the record with Kami Rita, who is currently climbing Everest; if he succeeds, he could set another world record.

Sherpas are people from the mountain who make their livings by guiding tourists in the mountains. The Sherpa Pasang climbed Everest with a client in Hungary, and as per reports, they are in good shape and are descending from the top. 

According to official data, a total of 467 permits have been issued for foreign climbers this year for climbing Everest. As per records, Everest has been climbed approximately 11000 times ever since the first climbers, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, scaled it. 

Source : thestandard
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