National Highway NH-17 Horror Story: Uncover The Haunting Mysteries In Goa

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As we all know Goa is all about celebrations, nightlife, beaches, and cathedrals and it’s the ideal location for short holidays. This is a location well-known for its parties. But have you ever tried to know more about this small state, where truths are still buried? If you are interested in finding the hidden mysteries and haunted places in Goa, then you must start your journey by uncovering the NH 17 horror story.

In these modern times, if we ever talk about the NH-17 Mumbai Goa Highway horror story people make fun of us, don’t they? But deep down some of us know that spirits do exist. If you ever cross this NH-17 Mumbai Goa highway horror story. Then you’ll definitely believe in spirits. Locals here still gossip about the NH-17 horror story. Apart from haunted stories NH-17 in Goa, there are multiple things to do in Goa.

The National Highway 66 which was once referred to as National Highway 17 horror story is one of the most haunted places in India. The NH-17 Mumbai Goa Highway horror story is said to be home to witches, who’re always on a hunt for meat and flesh. Locals here suggest to avoid carrying any type of meat or non-vegetarian food while crossing the national highway NH-17 horror story. Especially after 2 a.m., after listening to all of these haunted stories NH-17 in Goa. For many years this advice has been followed by travellers. 

Over the years, people who regularly take the highway like bus and truck drivers avoid carrying any kind of meat while they journey. Most of them have reported that their cars got out of control when the people tried to carry non-vegetarian food items across the national highway NH-17 horror story after sunset.

Haunted History In NH-17 Horror Story


Haunted history in the NH-17 horror story is famously called the NH-17 Mumbai Goa highway horror story road. NH-17 will deliver you a scenic drive of the lush green valley and water bodies through it and it’s very famous in the whole country. But a haunted history in NH-17 is related to this national highway (Mumbai Goa Highway). 

Haunted history in NH-17 horror story believed that you can’t carry non-vegetarian food items while crossing this national highway mostly after sunset. According to many citizens, it’s considered that this Mumbai Goa highway is haunted by hungry ghosts and witches, who will definitely chase you if you are carrying any kind of non-vegetarian food items like meat, chicken, fish, etc in your car while crossing through national highway NH-17.

After sundown, all starving ghosts and witches come out in search of food. It is believed that these ghosts and witches are those people who were killed in accidents on this highway. Many of the people have declared their vehicles getting out of hand while the people risked carrying non-vegetarian food items across the highway after sunset. A real incident did happen and when you pay a visit to Goa, everyone here still talks about the NH-17 haunted story in Goa.

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Real NH-17 Haunted Story In Goa 


If you still don’t believe in the NH-17 haunted story in Goa, so here’s a real incident that happened on this highway that will make your heart skip.

This is the most popular incident that happened earlier a real NH-17 haunted story in Goa, where a couple was travelling to Goa, and post nighttime the headlight suddenly started to flicker and something seemed to be wrong with the car. So, the couple managed to stop the car at the corner of the highway and they stepped out to check what was wrong with the car.

Just within a few minutes after they strolled out of the car, automatically, all the doors of the car got locked. Despite trying continuously they couldn’t open the door. You might probably wonder ‘That’s just a coincidence or mishappening or maybe the car is dysfunctional.’

But then all of a sudden something spooky did happen. The black smoke started coming out of the car and unexpectedly the doors were unlocked. At that moment the husband got into the car and he noticed that the thief witches had taken all their meals. Then he heard his spouse screaming, and as he stepped out he saw a big scratch on his spouse’s face. The two of them failed to figure out how it happened! They quickly drove off and later it was told that they were carrying nonvegetarian meals. People here still talk about this real NH-17 haunted story in Goa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NH-17 Horror Story based on true events?

Yes, people often hear that they experience paranormal activities while travelling on highways, especially at night.

What is the NH-17 Horror Story in Goa about?

NH-17 Horror Story in Goa about, some witches roaming around this highway in search of meat.

What inspired the creation of the NH-17 Horror Story?

People, regular accidents, spooky environments, and local beliefs inspired NH-17 horror stories in Goa.

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