Nhan Tower Vietnam: Explore The Ancient Cham Architecture In Tuy Hoa

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Are you planning a trip to Vietnam and looking to explore the rich history and culture of this beautiful country? 

Then you really need to go to the Nhan Tower in Vietnam. Located in the breathtaking coastal city of Tuy Hoa in Phu Yen Province, this ancient tower is a symbol of the Cham civilization offers a glimpse into Vietnam’s fascinating history and is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

Here is a detailed Nhan Tower travel guide for you and why it should be included in your Vietnam tour for an unforgettable experience.

History Of Nhan Tower

Nhan Tower

Nhan Tower was built in the late 11th to early 12th century by the Cham people as a worshipping place for the ancient Cham people. The Cham were highly skilled in constructing temples and towers, often dedicating these structures to their gods and goddesses. Hence Nhan Tower of Phu Yen is also called Cham Tower by the locals. 

Nhan tower was ruined during the French rule and then rebuilt by Ngo Dinh Diem. As Nhan Tower is on the top of Nhan Mountain visitors can see the stunning views of the city and Da Rang River.

Today, Nhan Tower Vietnam is a significant historical and cultural landmark which attracts visitors from all over the world and is one of the best Hindu temples in Vietnam.

Best Time To Visit Nhan Tower

The best time to visit Nhan Tower Vietnam is between January to August. During these months the weather is warm and dry which is perfect for exploring the outdoor site and enjoying the scenic views of Tuy Hoa City from Nhan Mountain where the tower is located. 

Avoid visiting the site during the rainy season which usually occurs from September to December because heavy rains can affect your travel plan.

How To Reach Nhan Tower

Vietnam's local transport

Here is a detailed Nhan Tower travel guide for you on how to reach the temple:

  • By Air – The nearest airport to Nhan Tower is Tuy Hoa Airport. Several domestic airlines operate flights from major cities in Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
  • By Taxi – You can take a taxi or a ride-sharing service directly to Nhan Tower from the airport which is about 10-15 minutes away.

Tips On Visiting Nhan Tower

For a pleasant and enriching visit, consider these useful tips on visiting Nhan Tower:

  1. Nhan Tower is on the mountain which means you have to walk, so wear comfortable footwear to enjoy your journey.
  2. Visit the tower in the early morning or late in the afternoon so that you can watch the sunrise and sunset and take good pictures. 
  3. You can hire a local guide to know the history and cultural importance of the site.
  4. Nhan Tower is a historical and cultural monument so be respectful and avoid touching the carvings.

Things To Do In Nhan Tower

Nhan Tower

Here are a list of things to do in Nhan Tower:

  1. Explore the tower and learn about its historical significance and the Cham civilization that built it.
  2. Climb to the top of Nhan Tower for stunning panoramic views of Tuy Hoa city and the surrounding countryside. It’s a great spot for photography, especially during sunrise or sunset.
  3. Visit nearby museums or cultural centres to deepen your understanding of Cham culture, history, and traditions.
  4. Explore other nearby attractions such as Long Thuy Beach, Mang Lang Church and local markets to experience its culture and natural beauty.

Places Near Visit In Nhan Tower

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary, located near Da Nang in Vietnam is a fascinating historical site known for its ancient Hindu temples. It was built between the 4th and 14th centuries by the Cham people and now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The temples are in a lush green valley which is surrounded by mountains. The intricate carvings and architectural designs of the temple reflect the rich culture and history of Champa Kingdom. My Son Sanctuary is a must-visit place for those who are interested in Vietnam’s history and culture.

Long Thuy Beach

Long Thuy Beach, situated in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam, is a hidden gem known for its serene ambience and beauty. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming and walking along the shore. The lush green surroundings of Long Thuy Beach provide a picturesque view and a glimpse into the local way of life. 

Long Thuy Beach is also a great spot for water adventure activities like Kayaking, snorkelling, and fishing are popular here which allows visitors to explore marine life and enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

Chop Chai Mountain

Chop Chai Mountain
Image Source : Holidify

Chop Chai Mountain located in Tuy Hoa city is a beautiful natural landscape that offers stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. This mountain is famous for hiking and nature walks. Visitors can enjoy hiking through lush greenery and they might see a variety of plants and animals.

Chop Chai Mountain is also home to several pagodas and temples, which add to its cultural significance. These sites show a glimpse of the local spiritual life and are often visited by both locals and tourists.

Da Dia Reef

Da Dia Reef, also known as Ganh Da Dia, is a unique and fascinating natural wonder located in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam. It is a unique rock formation of black basalt columns that look like a giant honeycomb.

The reef is surrounded by clear blue water and white sandy beaches. The black basalt rock with blue sea and sky creates stunning visual effects that are perfect for photography and videography. Visitors can also explore the nearby caves and cliffs.

Mang Lang Church

Mang Lang Church

Mang Lang Church, located in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam is one of the oldest and most historic churches in the country. Built during the French colonial period in the late 19th century, the church has a stunning French colonial architecture style with a tall bell tower and beautiful stained glass windows. The church is also known for its annual festivities, including religious ceremonies and cultural events that attract visitors from across the world.

Phu Yen Museum

The Phu Yen Museum, located in Tuy Hoa city, Vietnam is a museum that preserves and showcases the history, art, and heritage of the region. The museum has a diverse collection of artefacts, exhibits, and displays of various periods of Phu Yen’s history, from ancient times to the present day.

For those interested in history and culture, Phu Yen Museum is a must-visit place because it provides a deeper understanding of the province’s past and present.


Nhan Tower of Phu Yen is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that shows the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam. It is a must-visit destination for any traveller because of its history and stunning architecture. So, pack your bags and follow this Nhan Tower travel guide and discover the most iconic landmarks of Vietnam.

Are there any guided tours available at Nhan Tower?

Yes guided tours are available

What are the visiting hours and entry fees for Nhan Tower?

Visiting hours are 9 am to 6 pm and entry fees are 65 INR.

How do I get to Nhan Tower?

You can take a taxi or motorbike to Nhan Tower.

What is the historical significance of Nhan Tower?

Nhan Tower holds significant historical importance as an ancient Cham architectural marvel, symbolizing the region’s cultural and religious heritage.

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