A Trip to the Most Haunted Place in Delhi; Nicholson Cemetery

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Do you believe in ghosts and spirits wandering the land because of untimely demise? Imagine many spots in a metropolis like Delhi being home to several supernatural entities, would you visit such haunted places on a Delhi trip in India? Nicholson Cemetery is one such place. 

A faint-hearted would not dare to step foot in it. It is Delhi’s oldest cemetery and has seen innumerable sad days.

Delhi has so many secrets hidden in its bosom. It has witnessed some of the most gruesome battles since the ancient Mughal Era, which continued even during the British Raj. Having borne brutal wars and savage mass exodus, Delhi’s soil reeks of blood and vengeance. 

There are many flashy and happening places to visit in Delhi, but Nicholson Cemetery is anything but fun-filled or joyful. 


What’s the history of Nicholson Cemetery?

The cemetery was built in the colonial era in the year 1857 when the government required a separate patch of land to bury countless soldiers who died in the mutiny against the British Raj. 

Earlier only the British were allowed to be buried here, but post-independence, Indians were also laid to rest on these ancient burial grounds. 

Who is Nicholson Cemetery named after?

The Nicholson cemetery in new delhi is named after one of the finest British officials- John Nicholson, he was a revered historian and soldier in British history. But, the Indian history and Indians remember him as a savage Englishman who butchered hundreds of their brothers. 

Earlier the cemetery was known as ‘Old Delhi Military Cemetery’ but was later named after John Nicholson. It is located near the Kashmere Gate, an important area in Delhi.  

In September 1857, after John Nicholson passed away, succumbing to major injuries inflicted by the Indian rebels. He was laid down at the Nicholson Cemetery along with several other British soldiers who died in the war. 


Things To See at Nicholson Cemetery 

Even though it is not a happy place, this cemetery is adored by history admirers and people who love to explore the past. 

Behold John Nicholson’s Grave: John Nicholson’s grave can be seen, sitting alone in one corner of the graveyard. Covered in white marble and fenced on all sides. The British general was laid to rest here after he got shot during the first war of Independence. 

  • Solemnly visit the ancient graves: Apart from the British soldiers who fought during the First War of Independence the Nicholson cemetery kashmere gate, also gave shelter to the bodies of little infants, kids, and the mothers of the soldiers. 

The oldest grave here is of an infant as young as 13 days old. 

  • Explore the intricate architecture: The cemetery has some masterpieces of architecture, like the old wooden gateway, tombstones, and stone graves. 
  • Hear the urban legend of the cemetery: When you visit this place, don’t forget to hear the story according to which the Nicholson Cemetery in Delhi is Haunted. 

Many people claim to see the headless apparition of John Nicholson, riding a white horse on the moonless night of ‘Amavasya’. It is said that he lost his love and he keeps coming back to the cemetery, looking for her.

  • Photography for memoirs: You can take some good photos at this ancient site, it is never crowded and you can find some great spots for serious photography.

The cemetery holds ancient importance but is in bad shape. Most of the graves here are dilapidated and the grounds are full of overgrown weeds and vegetation. Do not expect manicured gardens or beautifully kept parks here. There are not many Things to do in Nicholson Cemetery, however, there are many places you can visit nearby, such as:

How to Reach Nicholson Cemetery?

By Metro: The best way to reach the cemetery is via the metro. Take a metro and drop off at Kashmere Gate Metro station which is Nicholson Cemetery nearest metro station. Make sure you exit from gate no.4 and then after a short 50 m walk, you will reach your destination.

By Road: You can take a taxi or visit this place by car. Nicholson Cemetery Delhi location is quite central, hence it won’t be hard to spot the place.

What is the Best Time to visit Nicholson Cemetery?

For horror lovers, the best time to visit this eerie place would be after sundown. That might not be a great idea though. You can visit the cemetery any time, but it is advisable to visit the place during the day, before evening, as visibility is good at that time.

What are Nicholson Cemetery Timings?

9 AM to 5 PM between October and March and 8 AM to 6 PM the rest of the year.

Tips For Visiting Nicholson Cemetery:

  1. The Nicholson Cemetery Delhi is not a tourist spot per se. It is a place where people come to grieve the loss of their loved ones and, therefore, behave appropriately when visiting this place.
  2. It is considered one of the scariest and most haunted places in Delhi, however, there is no proof of the same. But, be careful and don’t indulge in any dangerous acts.
  3. There is no entry fee for Nicholson Cemetery Delhi. So beware and don’t pay for entering the cemetery. 
  4. Avoid littering the place and maintain silence when on the premises. 
  5. Many graves are not in good condition and have developed cracks and fissures. Avoid touching or stepping on the graves, be respectful.
  6. While taking photographs, make sure you don’t damage anything in the area. 
  7. There is no option for refreshments in the cemetery, there are many cafes nearby in the Kashmere Gate area, where you can enjoy meals and snacks. 
  8. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear.
  9. Wear sunscreen, as most of the area is open.
  10. Stay hydrated and carry ORS or other energy drinks.

What are the visiting hours for Nicholson Cemetery?

9 AM to 5 PM between October and March and 8 AM to 6 PM the rest of the year.

Who is buried in Nicholson Cemetery?

An ancient British Official- John Nicholson and various other British soldiers are buried in Nicholson Cemetery.

Is Nicholson Cemetery open to the public?

Yes, it is open to the public.

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