What Makes Nine Arches Bridge in Sri Lanka Special?

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The Nine Arches Bridge stands as a testament to colonial Architecture in Ella, Sri Lanka. There are many amazing and renowned places to visit in Sri Lanka and the Nine Arches Bridge is one of them. 

You can plan a personal itinerary or take a fully planned Sri Lanka tour package and explore these amazing places. Once you visit Sri Lanka, you realize, that this island has much more to offer than just exotic beaches and markets. 

From discovering the historical sites of Ramayana to fun touristy places, you can simply get lost in the splendor of Sri Lanka.

The Nine Arches Bridge in Sri Lanka is an architectural marvel, it is built entirely with stone and brick. No steel was used in the construction and the bridge still stands tall even today.

This iconic bridge stretches 91 meters lengthwise and is 24 meters high, showing its engineering brilliance; it almost looks like a bridge in the sky in Sri Lanka.

The Nine Arches Bridge stands like a monotonous structure with neutral tones, against a vibrant green tea plantation and dense forest backdrop, the bridge offers heavenly views and angles and is loved by artists, photographers, and visitors alike. 

What’s the best time to visit the Nine Arches Bridge?


It is, early in the morning around 10 AM, especially when a train is passing over the bridge. The beauty of this fairytale-like building increases a thousandfold. It’s almost like you are watching a fiction movie. 

The best time to visit Ella in Sri Lanka is from October to February, the weather is clear, and temperatures are moderate. Taking a hike across the Nine Arches Bridge would also be fun, during that season. 

How to visit Nine Arches Bridge in Ella? 

The best answer to this question ‘How to reach Nine Arches Bridge in Ella’ is ‘ By hiring a tuk-tuk, from Ella City. We recommend covering all the fascinating places in Ella first and setting out on the Nine Arches Bridge Expedition after Ella’s exploration.

Another pro tip, when you hire a tuk-tuk, tell the driver in advance to drop you off at the end of the tunnel and you can explore the bridge by walking, it is the best way to explore the scenic views and panoramic scenes here. 

A quick overview of the best things to do in Ella 


The Nine Arches Bridge is one of the many attractions in Ella. Here are a few things to do in Ella alongside visiting this iconic bridge.

  • Visiting the Historic Raavana Falls
  • Little Adam’s Peak Hike
  • Exploring the Tea Gardens
  • Discovering amazing wildlife at Horton Plains National Park
  • Behold the Fantastic Baker’s Fall
  • Meet the locals of Ambewala Village
  • Get hypnotized by the beautiful landscapes of Ella
  • Set out on an idyllic train journey from Ella to Colombo

Ella is a happening city in Sri Lanka and houses many historical monuments, temples, and other tourist attractions. Visiting Nine Arches Bridge is only a small part of the various things to do in Ella, so plan your trip accordingly. 

Let’s learn about the Nine Arches Bridge History and what makes it so unique

The Nine Arches Bridge is a masterpiece in its respect. Why?

It was supposed to be built in 1941, but significant challenges were faced in its construction work, due to the outbreak of World War I. 

As a result of the war, all the steel and metal procured for the bridge was used in the war effort. 

Subsequently, the Nine Arches Bridge was constructed purely out of solid blocks of stone and cement, without steel or metal of any sort. 

Building a mammoth structure like this bridge, without any metal was truly a remarkable display of expert architectural skills. 

The structure showcases nine symmetrical arches, which look like nine tall gateways amidst verdant mountainous ranges. 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Tourists often wonder, if there is an entry fee for Nine Arches Bridge.

The answer is no, there is no entry fee to visit this historic site. Photographers, historians, and tourists can visit this place alike. You don’t any permission or pay a price to visit this place. 

However, you must enquire about the train times and walk the tracks of this railway bridge, only when there is no train scheduled to pass the bridge. 

Are there any restaurants on the Nine Arches Bridge?

Surprisingly, yes, there is a cafe located close to the bridge, known as the Nine Arches Bridge Cafe. You can grab a nice cup of coffee and snacks after you’re done exploring the bridge. 

Is the Nine Arch Bridge worth visiting?

Yes, the Nine Arches Bridge is worth visiting. Whenever you visit Ella in Sri Lanka, this historic bridge is a must- visit.

What is special about the Nine Arch Bridge?

The Nine Arches Bridge is a huge structure built with only stone and cement and no metal was used in the construction. It showcases nine gigantic arches and is a beautiful example of colonial architecture. This fact makes it special.

What are the cheapest hotels near the Nine Arch Bridge?

One of the cheapest hotels near Nine Arches Bridge is Relax Inn Ella and Misty Mount Homestay.

Why is the Nine Arches Bridge famous?

The Nine Arches Bridge is famous for its architectural marvel. It is a gigantic structure that was built with only stone and cement and no steel was used in the construction. This fact makes it famous.

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