No Visa Required For Sri Lanka For Indians

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Passport holders from India, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia can now travel to Sri Lanka visa-free, effective immediately till 31st March 2024. These nations can obtain visas from Sri Lanka without any visa fees. 

In March 2023, the Cabinet Minister stated that the country’s relationship with India had been an important part of its foreign policy. India has always been a primary source of Sri Lanka’s inbound tourism. 

As per the reports, India led with 30000 arrivals in September alone, followed by China with 8000 arrivals. 

In 2019, after the Easter Sunday Bombings that caused 270 casualties, the island nation witnessed a significant decline in the number of tourists visiting the country. It has also been under severe economic challenges after gaining independence from Britain in 1948. Currently, it undergoing massive protests calling for the resignation of President Rajapaksa. 

Thus, to boost tourism in the country, Sri Lanka is going visa-free for some countries till 31st March. 

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