Nobu Restaurant In Dubai: A Fusion of Luxury And Excellence!

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Dubai’s diversified food options and luxury restaurants are always in a buzz for their quality and ambience. One such restaurant that is specially highlighted in the Dubai Tour Package is the Nobu Restaurant. This restaurant sweetly rests in the Palm and also in the DIFC. 

With high-quality food and top-notch services, eating in Nobu restaurant is considered to be one of the best things to do in Dubai without a miss. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai any time soon, consider adding Nobu restaurant to your itinerary.

So, let’s find out why Nobu Restaurant is a worthy addition, its menu, locations and also the best time to visit Nobu Restaurant.

Nobu Restaurant Locations


Nobu Restaurant in Dubai is revered for its best amalgamation of Japanese as well as Peruvian cuisine styling. This famous restaurant has two locations in Dubai, one is at Atlantis, The Palm which is located in the iconic Palm Jumeirah of Dubai. This place is strategically located to enjoy a glimpse of panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf amidst world-class dining. 

The second location is in the Nobu Downtown at the Four Seasons Resort, which is sweetly located in the Dubai International Financial Centre(DIFC). This place provides a luxury ambience that is ideal for any kind of food arrangement from family outings to business meetings. Both locations offer a top-class quality of food and ambience along with their award-winning services.

How To Reach Nobu Restaurant In Dubai

Firstly, check which Nobu Restaurant is nearer to the location you are staying and en route to the respective location.

To Reach Nobu Restaurant at Atlantis, The Palm:

You can take a private car ride along Zayed Road(E11) and take exit number 34 to Palm Jumeirah Dubai. From here on you can simply follow the Cresent Road to the Atlantis, The Palm and enjoy the free valet services. To stay economical you can try taking the Dubai Metro at the Red Line to the Mall of Emirates station and then you can head to the Atlantis to reach Nobu restaurant.

To Reach Nobu Restaurant At Four Seasons Resort in DIFC:

To reach Nobu restaurant at DIFC you need to get to Sheikh Zayed Road(E11) and take exit number 51B towards Al Saada Street (Road D86). With the metro, you can get on at Financial Centre Station and take a short walk to DIFC. 

Nobu Restaurant Menu

Nobu Restaurant Starters:

  1. Yellowtail Jalapeno: This is a freshly cooked Sashimi tipped with thinly sliced jalapenos and the yuzu sauce. 
  2. Tirado: This starter is cooked in the Peruvian style and is often prepared with white fish along with the tangy citrus flavour.
  3. Nobu Tacos: These are miniature tacos that are filled with lobster and Wagyu beef.
  4.  Rock Shrimp Tempura: This starter has a crispy shrimp flavour along with a spicy sauce

Nobu Restaurant Main Course Menu:

  1. Black Cod Miso: This cuisine is considered to be one of the lip-smacking foods of Dubai with the black cod marinated in sweet miso sauce.
  1. Sushi and Sashimi: This is one of the extensive selections of main course dishes with an inclusion of the innovative sushi and the sashimi addition. 
  1. Wagyu Beef: This premium-styled beef food has a special flavouring of the tataki and the teppanyaki.

Nobu Restaurant Desserts Menu:

  1. Mochi Ice Cream: This ice cream has a unique taste which is encased in the chewy mochi shell.
  2. Miso Cappuccino: This unique dessert features layers of miso and expresso flavours, ideal for coffee lovers.

Famous Dishes At Nobu Restaurant

Source:Conde Nast Traveler

Here are a few famous dishes at Nobu restaurant to try without missing out:

1. Toro Tartare with Caviar: This is a luxury dish that is considered to be the chef’s special in Nobu restaurant. This dish includes the finely chopped fatty tuna tartare topped with a generous serving of caviar and lastly complimented with the wasabi sauce.

2. Wagyu Beef with Truffle Teriyaki: This is a premium-styled cuisine where the beef is cooked to perfection and finally paired with the decadent truffle teriyaki sauce which further enhances the meat’s tenderness and creates the exquisite taste.

3. Lobster with Wasabi Pepper Sauce: Here the succulent lobster pieces are stir-fried and served with the bold and tangy wasabi pepper sauce which creates a dynamic and flavourful taste in every bite.

Nobu Restaurant Menu Prices

Nobu restaurant menu prices vary along with the items you pick. Starters can range around AED 50-AED 120 per serving. The main course can start from AED 90 to AED 200 per serving. Desserts can be around AED 40 to AED 100. Chef’s specials here will range from AED 200 to AED 330 per serving. Everything comes with a unique taste and quality here which made Nobu restaurant rank as one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

Best Time To Visit Nobu Restaurant Dubai

The best time to visit Nobu Restaurant in Dubai is during the late evening for dinner. The timings can typically vary from 7 PM to 9 PM. This time shows the live performances and the night ambience of the Nobu restaurant is a notable feature to enjoy the cuisine to the best. If you are visiting this restaurant for the first time consider visiting on the weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Best Restaurant To Visit Near Nobu Restaurant In Dubai

Here is the best restaurant to visit near Nobu Restaurant in Dubai:

1. Zuma Dubai: Situated in DIFC, Zuma is known for its contemporary Japanese izakaya-style dining

2. STAY by Yannick Alléno: Found at One&Only The Palm, this restaurant provides a sophisticated dining experience with innovative French cuisine curated by the renowned chef Yannick Alleno.

Frequently Asked Questions On Nobu Restaurant In Dubai

How much is a meal at Nobu Dubai?

A meal at Nobu Dubai typically ranges from AED 300 to AED 750 per person, depending on the selection of dishes and beverages.

What is the minimum spend at Nobu Dubai?

The minimum spend at Nobu Dubai varies, but generally, it starts around AED 300 per person, especially during peak dining hours.

Is Nobu a luxury restaurant?

Yes, Nobu is considered a luxury restaurant, known for its high-end fusion cuisine, sophisticated ambience, and exceptional service.

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