Nomadic Hijabi Rider Travels 9000 km Across India On Her Bike

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Against all odds, Reshma Kasim Noor, popularly known as the lone Hijabi rider, has broken all stereotypes by riding on her classic 350 bike and has travelled across India, covering a total of 9000 km all alone, and is now planning a trip to Saudi Arabia on her bike.

Her love for solo travel began in Bengaluru, explored Karnataka, and went on to discover the beauty of Maharashtra. She has also covered Pune, Daman and Diu, Gujarat, Bihar, Delhi and even Uttar Pradesh, all on her bike. 

Reshma’s tale is about solo travelling, breaking the norms and encouraging other women to travel solo. It is also a tale of courage and empowering women across the country that they can do anything they want. 

These trips are not just trips for Reshma but an experience, as she did not stay in any deluxe hotels or resorts, instead, she found shelter in unconventional places and survived there, and sometimes she would take shelters in Gurudwaras and Petrol Pumps. 

Her journey has been an adventurous and courageous one, and she empowers other women. Reshma is currently planning a trip from Chennai to Saudi Arabia on her bike. 

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