Dive Deep into the Magic of Nui Sam- The Wonderland of Vietnam

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Thinking of exploring the enchanting wonderland of Vietnam? 

I must tell you it’s a wonderful place filled with love and laughter at every corner of the city, So don’t think twice before including the city in your Vietnam itinerary. Located in the scenic Mekong Delta, Nui Sam offers a fascinating combination of natural beauty, serene spirituality, and deep-rooted cultural heritage. 

Whether you are just a traveler or not looking for a peaceful getaway, Nui Sam promises an experience like no other. So let’s embark on a sweet trek through the mysterious nature of Nui Sam and find out why it deserves to be at the top of your travel wish list! 

Nui Sam in Vietnam, also known as Sam Mountain, is a center of spiritual belief and cultural significance located near the beautiful town of Chow Doc in Ann Giang Province. This spectacular mountain rises a whopping 284 meters above the Mekong Delta plain and is adorned with pagodas and temples, making it one of the best places in Vietnam

The green landscapes that attract pilgrims and pilgrims, the scenic vistas, and the tranquil peaceful atmosphere combine to form a luxurious paradise for those who desire it be immersed in soulful Vietnam.

 Best Time to Visit Nui Sam city in Vietnam


Planning a trip to Vietnams Nui Sam requires careful timing. Some of the best times to visit are during the dry season from December to May. The weather this season proves ideal, creating perfect conditions for outdoor activities. It is best to stay away from the rainy season, such as visiting Vietnam in June to November as this period often brings wet and muddy conditions, reducing the enjoyment of camping and outdoor adventure.

How to reach Nui Sam?

Ho Chi Minh offers the easiest way to start the journey. You can take a bus, which is the cheapest option. Several bus companies run daily to Chau Doc, the nearest town to Nui Sam, with an average journey time of 6-7 hours. 

Alternatively, for a quick and comfortable trip, you can fly to Can Tho International Airport, about a three-hour drive from Nui Sam. Once in Can Tho, you can choose between a bus or a taxi to Chau Doc. 

From Phnom Penh, Cambodian travelers have a unique and exciting option: taking a ferry that takes you directly to Chau Doc along the Mekong River, from there you can head to Nui Sam. This route not only offers spectacular views but also makes your journey more enjoyable. 

Once you reach Chau Doc, Nui Sam in Vietnam is just a short drive or motorbike ride away. Whichever route you choose, the Nui Sam tour offers panoramic views and snapshots of local life, making for a wonderful getaway

Places to Visit in Nui Sam


Nui Sam’s exotic appeal presents its beautiful blend of landscapes, rich heritage, and peaceful spiritual atmosphere. Whether you indulge in hiking, visiting age-old temples, or sampling local delicacies, Nui Sam city in Vietnam promises an incredible adventure. So pack up, rush to welcome the refuge, and let the charm of Nui Sam tug at your soul.

Some of the top places to visit in Nui Sam in Vietnam that you can enjoy are- 

1. Ba Chua Xu Temple

Nui Sam’s exotic appeal presents its beautiful blend of landscapes, rich heritage, and peaceful spiritual atmosphere. Whether you indulge in hiking, visiting age-old temples, or sampling local delicacies, Nui Sam city in Vietnam promises an incredible adventure. So pack up, rush to welcome the refuge, and let the charm of Nui Sam tug at your soul.

Some of the top places to visit in Nui Sam in Vietnam that you can enjoy are- 

2. Tay An Pagoda


The Tay An Pagoda at the foot of Nui Sam is a wonderful example of Vietnamese Buddhist architecture. The pagoda town has a mixture of Indian and Islamic architectural styles, with beautifully decorated interiors and serene gardens. It is the perfect place for meditation and inner peace.

3. Sam Mountain Cable Car

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Mekong Delta with the Sam Mountain Funicular. The drive offers panoramic views of the green countryside, winding rivers, and mountains in the distance. At the top, you will find observation decks and a cafe where you can relax and enjoy the views.

4. Cave Pagoda


The Cave Pagoda, or Chua Hang, is another must-visit site on Nui Sam. This unique pagoda is built into a limestone cave, offering a cool and tranquil escape from the heat. Inside, you’ll find Buddhist statues, altars, and intricate carvings that add to the mystical atmosphere of the place.

5. Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau

The Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau, located on the slopes of Nui Sam, is a historical site dedicated to a famous Vietnamese general. The tomb complex is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a peaceful setting for reflection and admiration of Vietnam’s history.

Things to do in Nui Sam

Vietnam outdoor activities offer many exciting things that are waiting to be explored. When you go out you will have a lot of options, some of the most common things to do in Nui Sam are-

1. Go Hiking or Trekking


Embark on adventures and adventures as you explore the green spaces. The trail passes through dense foliage, presenting a variety of challenges. These trails reveal hidden temples and pagodas that fill your journey with spirituality and excitement. Don’t forget to pack comfortable hiking shoes and plenty of water, especially if your trip falls in the heat. 

2. Go Bird Watching

Immerse yourself in the wonder world of birds with Nui Sam birding. The area is full of biodiversity and is a great place to watch birds in their natural habitat. Grab a pair of binoculars and a field guide to help you identify the myriad species of birds that inhabit the area. Early morning or late afternoon is a great opportunity to see this winged wonder in action.

3. Go Cycling


Cycle the land around Nui Sam and explore by bike at leisure. Walk through dense rice paddies, quaint villages, and scenic roads that give you an insight into local life. Stop at various attractions, interact with hospitable locals, and take incredible photos of your surroundings.

4. Take a Boat Trip

Sail to Nui Sam on the Mekong River for a tranquil watercraft. Take a boat trip from Chau Dock and cruise the calm waters to enjoy the floating scenery, exciting fishing activities, and lush vegetation that adorns the river banks This relaxing tour offers you a relaxing opportunity to spend the afternoon surrounded by natural beauty, as well as with a unique view of the region.

Shopping in Nui Sam

Shopping in Nui sam can be a delightful experience for you if you are looking to get close to the local culture, buy some local handicrafts and many more. So let’s get some highlights of what you can explore on your shopping spree-

1. Craft Village


If you are looking to explore some local craft that you can take home as memoriesof Vietnam then this should be your starting destination. This village is unique on its own, as the name suggests this village is home to artisans who create beautiful handicrafts such as woven baskets, lacquerware, and embroidered textiles. You can watch the artisans at work and if you are lucky enough you can even learn about their techniques adding a personal touch to your purchases.

2. Floating Markets

If you want to try something different then try exploring one of the floating markets in the Mekong River. The beauty of these markets are these are accessible on boats, offering a variety of goods, handicrafts , etc. The loathing markets are not just beautiful but are also some of the best places to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Chau Doc Market


If you are looking for a place where you would find everything inside one single market then this is the place for you. This bustling market offers everything from fresh produce to traditional Vietnamese clothing. When you wander through the vibrant stalls pf this market, you can find exotic fruits, an array of street food and fragrant spices, that will tempt your taste buds. The market is also a great place to buy traditional Vietnamese outfits, known as ao dai, and other textiles.

What are the places to Stay in Nui Sam?

 Luxury place to stay in Nui Sam

Victorial Nui Sam Lodge

The amazing hotel is famous for its view, located in the slopes of the Sam Mountain this place offers amazing views of the surrounding. Also here you will find luxurious amenities such as infinity pool overlooking the rice fields, and many more. The lodge also has a restaurant serving delicious local and international cuisine.

Victoria Chou Doc Hotel

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This place is famous for its colonial charm, the French colonial architecture of this place, combined with modern amenities, creates a comfortable and elegant atmosphere for guests. In this hotel too you will get a swimming pool, spa, fitness center, and a riverside restaurant serving delicious local and international cuisine.

Affordable Places to stay in Nui Sam

Little Sai Gon Hostel

Little Saigon Hostel offers a budget-friendly stay with a cozy and friendly atmosphere. It is an ideal place for backpackers and travelers looking for basic amenities and a comfortable place to rest.Situated in a convenient area, making it easy to explore local attractions and markets.

Hotel Bao Quan

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Hotel Bao Quan is a mid-range hotel offering comfortable accommodations and essential amenities at reasonable prices. It is suitable for both solo travelers and families. Centrally located, providing easy access to nearby tourist spots and dining options.

Phu Si Homestay va Seafood Nui Cam

Phu Si Homestay và Seafood Núi Cấm offers an authentic local experience with homely accommodations and delicious seafood. It’s an excellent choice for travelers wanting to immerse themselves in local culture. The homestay is renowned for its fresh and tasty seafood dishes.

Tips on Visiting Nui Sam

Some of the top things to keep in mind while visiting Nui Sam are-

  1. Plan your visit properly 
  2. Dress appropriately for the weather and the location you will be visiting
  3. Stay hydrated carry water bottle wth your while you are out on visit
  4. Carry sub protection, it may be a hat or sunscreen, the sun of vietnam can be cruel and gruelling. 
  5. Never miss the local cuisine of Vietnam, try a wide variety of seafood and even the other local cuisines could be as delicious. Also don’t miss out on trying street food of Vietnam.
  6. Visit the local market, buy local souvenirs and get close to the lifestyle of the people. 
  7. Interacting with locals, Vietnamese are generally known for their kind nature, so you won’t be disappointed. 

What is the History of Nui Sam?


The history of Nui Sam unfolds like a colorful tapestry, combining spirituality, colonial heritage and fascinating local stories. This majestic site has ancient cultural and spiritual significance, with a story stretching back through the French colonial era to its current status as a major pilgrimage and tourist destination. 

Getting to know Nui Sam is nothing more than appreciating its scenic charm; it delves into the rich fabric of historical and cultural heritage for a truly enriching experience.

What to Eat in Nui Sam?

When you visit Vietnam, trying local food is a must. The rich culinary heritage of the Mekong Delta is reelected in their every dish. 

What are the famous local dishes?

Some of the dishes that you can try while you are here in Vietnam are- 

1. Bánh Xèo


It is a crispy, savory pancake made with rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric, then stuffed with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts. It is one of the best dishes in Vietnam, they are tasty and healthy at the same time as they are served with fresh herbs and different type of sauces. 

2. Cá Lóc Nướng Trui

This is grilled fish that has a unique flavour to it. The whole Snakehead fish here is marinated with a mix of spices, wrapped in banana leaves, and grilled until tender. It’s often served with rice paper, fresh herbs, and a dipping sauce.

3. Bánh Cống


It is a deep fried snack made of mung beans and it is a famous street food, it is healthy and tasty. So you can’t miss this amazing place while you are out hunting for food on the roads of Nui Sam. 

4. Lẩu Mắm

If you like hotpot dishes then you should absolutely try this one, this amazing dish is a fish hotpot that gives very strong and distinctive flavours. It’s cooked with a variety of vegetables, fish, shrimp, and other seafood. Served with rice noodles and fresh herbs, it’s a communal dish perfect for sharing.

5. Chè Thốt Nốt


If you have a sweet tooth or u want to try something sweet from the Vietnamese cuisine then this could be the best dish to try. It is a sweet soup made from palm sugar, coconut milk, and pieces of palmyra palm fruit. When served cold, it’s a refreshing dessert.

Hope this helps you with most of the tings you will be doing at Vietnam’s Nui Sam. So what are you still waiting or pack your bags and explore the depths of this amazing city of Vietnam. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the best times to visit Nui Sam?

Dry season are the best time to visit Nui Sam.

How can I reach Nui Sam and what should I expect during the journey?

The entire route to reach Nui Sam is explained in the blog and also the journey to this city is very scenic and beautiful.

What are the main attractions at Nui Sam?

Some of the main attractions of Nui Sam are its local markets and its historical monuments.

What is Nui Sam and where is it located?

Nam sui is a part of the Mekong Delta and is located close to Chau Doc.

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