Offbeat Places in Shimla: Exploring the Unexplored

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A new adventure awaits. Here’s a treat for all the wanderlusts out there!

Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for its stiff colonial charms, vibrant markets and splendid views of the Himalayas. However, other than the popularly explored places, there are so many hidden places in Shimla waiting to be discovered. Exploring these offbeat places in Shimla gives a very different and fresh experience for those who like to take a different path and go ahead to explore the unexplored.

That’s when you will be introduced to the beauty and the cultural background of Shimla, which is preserved in these seldom-visited spots. Just imagine that you can enjoy the stunning sight of the waterfalls hidden in the forests. You’d love the drive through the beautiful hamlets surrounded with apple orchards and you would be mesmerized by the feeling of being in the ancient temples sharing the story about a certain era. Be it lush greenery, adrenaline rush, or a serene environment that one may want, Shimla has perfect offbeat places just for you.

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Discovering Hidden Places in Shimla – Shimla Offbeat Travel Guide

1. Craignano Nature Park


Located at Mashobra, Craignano Nature Park is a relatively lesser-known place away from the hustle-bustle of Shimla. It was earlier a villa in Italy but has now transformed into a park providing a wonderful sight of green foliage, flowers and a serene feel hence making it the most beautiful off-beat destination near Shimla.

2. Chadwick Falls


Chadwick Falls, a few kilometres away from Shimla, remains an unexplored tourist destination in Shimla which is situated at a height of of 86 meters. Located in an area characterized by forests and steep hills, it’s an appealing place for nature lovers seeking solitude.

3. Tattapani


The place famous for the hot Sulfur springs is called Tattapani when one decides to make a halt in Shimla, this is a perfect place to spend a night. Situated on the edge of the river Sutlej, this place provides a good combination of tourism of active kind and leisure. Kii-Katsuragi hot springs are useful in the treatment of diseases and thus a centre of attraction.

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4. Narkanda


Narkanda is an off-beat location near Shimla, merely 60 kilometres away from your main destination where tourists get to view snow-clad mountains and apple gardens. Winter sports freaks get the best of this place when the weather is cold while in summer this makes the best centre for hikers and campers.

5. Kotkhai Palace


Kotkhai Palace is the royal offbeat Shimla destination that tourists visiting Shimla must visit for a taste of history and heritage. This palace was constructed in the 17th century and comprises typical Himachali architecture and throws light to the royal backgrounds of the area.

6. Shoghi


Shoghi is a small town situated near Shimla, which is an offbeat destination Shimla tourists often ignore. It is a very serene area located next to pine tree groves and some of the activities that one can undertake include – trekking, bird watching and camping. No doubt, Shoghi is one of the must visit places in Shimla.

7. Chail


It was the summer residence of the Maharaja of Patiala, a beautiful offbeat location near Shimla. This beautiful and relatively unknown place includes the world’s highest cricket stadium and a handsome palace. It is perfect for travellers who seek to avoid crowded places and be with nature.

8. Kiarighat


Kiarighat is a small village which is on the tourist route of the Kalka-Shimla highway and is relatively a calm place. This hidden place in Shimla is one of the best places to go for a retreat, leisure and strolls in the pine woods.

9. Hatkoti


Hatkoti is a place which is still an unexplored place in Shimla and is about 105 km away from the main destination. It’s a must-visit place because it has many old temples along with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. There is the Hateshwari Temple that is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is a major highlight here.

10. Barot


Barot is another off-beat destination near Shimla which gives a full adventurous and peaceful experience. Barot is the kind of place that is famous for getting some of the best trout fish. Barot is a perfect place for nature lovers.

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Offbeat Things to Do in Shimla

Who doesn’t love surprises? Your Shimla offbeat travel diary needs to be adventurous and thrilling! So, get ready to explore a long list of offbeat experiences in Shimla that allows you to connect with cultural heritage and the region’s natural beauty.

1. Camping at Secluded Spots


Some of the good locations for camping are Narkanda, Shoghi and Kiarighat which are relatively away from the city but not in the interior. Offbeat Shimla destinations also include the kind of camping where tents are set up under the stars in the lap of nature.

2. Exploring Local Villages


Various localities such as Mashobra, Kotkhai, and Hatkoti offer a look into the native Himachali culture. Engaging with the indigenous people and getting to feel and taste their way of life is fulfilling.

3. Trekking and Nature Walks


There are several trekking and nature walk trails in and around Shimla. Stepping paths including the Shali Tibba trek also the Hatu Peak trek and those in Craignano Nature Park are ideal for adrenaline lovers.

4. Bird Watching in Shoghi


Shoghi, one of the southern districts of India, is a bird watcher’s delight. It’s a popular spot to enjoy activities in Shimla like bird watching as there are a variety of bird species at Shoghi.

Beautiful Offbeat Places in Shimla for a Perfect Stay

For all those wishing to experience comfort and a great view, here are some of the offbeat places to stay in Shimla:

1. Aamod at Shoghi


Aamod at Shoghi is an ‘Eco, Cultural and Nature’ resort located amid oak & pine Trees. It provides luxurious cottages and different types of adventurous activities thus it is the best place for a calm and exciting time.

2. Sterling Kufri


At the Sterling Kufri residing in the beautiful town of Kufri guests get an opportunity to capture the view of the Himalayas in winter. The centre offers comfortable accommodation, a number of leisure options, and some interesting sightseeing nearby. All this all together makes it a quite good option for a non-touristy stay in Shimla.

3. Narkanda Cottage


Narkanda Cottage is a perfect place for a homely feel and stay. Located at a distance of 9 kilometres from Shimla, this place is surrounded by apple trees and offers breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayas. It’s a perfect non-commercial and offbeat place to stay in Shimla.

4. Woodstock Resort, Shilon Bagh


Located in Shilon Bagh, Woodstock Resort is a peaceful haven with a beautiful view of mountains and valleys in the distance. The resort has nice and cosy stay options and great food. Along with that, the place has many more things to offer which makes it one of the best offbeat stay near Shimla.

5. Theog Himalayan Escape


Theog Himalayan Escape is a boutique resort which can be reached located 30 kilometres from Shimla up to Theog. The resort provides a rather quiet and comfortable stay. Possessing beautifully made cottages, and many other activities, it’s an excellent place for those people who would want a peaceful respite out of the usual tourist spot near Shimla.

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Offbeat Places Near Shimla for Day Trips

For those wishing to make the most of their trips and explore the wondrous offbeat places near Shimla for a day trip, here are some excellent recommendations for travel heads.

1. Kufri


Kufri is the nearest destination to Shimla located 16 km away from it. This place is famous for its view and adventure sports like skiing and tobogganing. Kufri Fun World which is an amusement park is much favorite among the families.

2. Fagu


Fagu is a small village near Kufri which has excellent views of valleys and snowy mountains. It is an excellent place for excursions to feel the calm and engage in nature trails.

3. Naldehra


Naldehra being a hill station situated near Shimla has the honour of having one of the oldest golf courses in India. It is suitable for a one-day trip to go golfing, horse riding, and even picnicking in the magnificent sceneries.

4. Tani Jubbar Lake


A little ahead of Narkanda is the Tani Jubbar Lake, which is comparatively less crowded and is suitable for a day’s outing. It lies in the region filled with cedars and is popular for having picturesque picnic and strolling space around the lake.

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Shimla is a heavenly place for spending days in nature. All the beautiful off beat places in Shimla discussed in this blog are excellent spots to be on your next trip to Shimla. Be it exploring the charm of the mountainous region, or the fresh air blowing your hair, a trip to Shimla can be a recharge for your mind and body. Thus, the next time you plan a trip with family, friends or even your loved one, pack your bags and head on to the undiscovered gems of Shimla. 

So, what’s stopping you? Set your compass for adventure!

What are hidden gems in Shimla?

Some of the best-hidden gems in Shimla are Chadwick Falls, Craignano Nature Park, Shoghi, and Tattapani. These offbeat places in Shimla are underrated but hold the real wonders.

Where can I find unique attractions in Shimla?

Offbeat destinations in Shimla like Hatkoti, Kotkhai Palace, and Chail, are some of the unique attractions in Shimla. You can experience great historical significance, natural beauty, and cultural wonders at these places.

What is the best time to explore the hidden places around Shimla?

The best time to explore hidden places in Shimla is during the summer months (from April to June) and in the autumn season (from September to November). During these months the weather is perfectly pleasant.

Are there any secluded spots for camping near Shimla?

Places like Narkanda, Kiarighat, and Shoghi are some of the best secluded spots for camping near Shimla. These places are perfect for camping amidst beautiful landscapes.

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