Explore the Offbeat Places in Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Tirthan Valley, one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh is located in the Kullu district. It is a peaceful and unspoiled destination known for its beautiful natural surroundings. Unlike other popular tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan Valley offers a tranquil retreat and a close connection with nature. 

The Tirthan Valley village is an excellent place for people who want to take a break from technology and spend time in nature. It has beautiful natural surroundings and offers adventure activities. Tirthan Valley is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring the less popular places of India. If you’re looking to explore offbeat places in Tirthan Valley, consider booking some great Himachal pradesh tour packages!

Here are some unique offbeat places In Tirthan Valley that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Best Offbeat Places in Tirthan Valley

1. Gushaini: The Gateway to Tirthan


Gushaini is often called the gateway to Tirthan Valley and also one of the offbeat places In Tirthan Valley. It’s a small village located on the banks of the Tirthan River. Tirthan River is one of the top places to visit in Tirthan in one day. Gushaini is the perfect place to start exploring the valley. The village is known for its beautiful landscape, with traditional Himachali houses, green fields, and apple orchards.

Activities in Gushaini

  1. Fishing: The Tirthan River is famous for trout fishing. You can spend a relaxing day by the river, trying your hand at fishing.
  2. Nature Walks: Taking a leisurely walk through the village and its surroundings is one of the most beautiful offbeat things to do in Tirthan Valley. The serene environment and the friendly locals make it a pleasant experience.
  3. Camping: There are several campsites near Gushaini where you can enjoy a night under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

2. Great Himalayan National Park


The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must visit place in Tirthan valley Himachal Pradesh. Covering an area of over 1,171 square kilometres, the park is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including some that are in danger of disappearing. There are many paths for hiking in the park that will take you through thick forests, high meadows, and valleys with glaciers. This is one of the best offbeat places in Tirthan valley you must visit.

Trekking in GHNP

Tirthan Valley offers some of the best treks in Himachal including

  1. Rola Trek: A moderate trek that takes you through beautiful landscapes, ending at the Rola meadows. The trek offers stunning views of the snow-capped peaks.
  2. Shilt Hut Trek: A challenging trek that rewards you with panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.
  3. Tirthan Valley Trek: This trek takes you deep into the heart of the park, offering a chance to spot rare wildlife and enjoy the pristine beauty of the region.

3. Pekhari Village


Pekhari Village is a great place to experience the traditional Himachali way of life. It’s an off-beat destination near Tirthan Valley, known for its traditional wooden houses, terraced fields, and warm hospitality. The village offers a glimpse into the simple yet rich cultural heritage of the region.

Experiences in Pekhari

  1. Cultural Immersion: Stay with a local family and experience their daily life. Participate in traditional activities such as farming and cooking local dishes. Cultural immersion is undoubtedly one of the most offbeat things to do in Tirthan Valley.
  2. Village Walks: Explore the village on foot, interacting with the locals and learning about their customs and traditions. This is the best adventure activity in Tirthan valley. 
  3. Local Festivals: If you visit during a festival, you can witness and participate in the vibrant celebrations that showcase the local culture.

4. Chhoie Waterfall


Deep in the forests near Gushaini, you can find Chhoie Waterfall, a beautiful natural wonder that is not well-known to tourists. The journey to the waterfall is an adventure in itself, leading you through dense forests and across streams. 

The sight of the waterfall flowing down the rocks is truly mesmerizing, and the peaceful surroundings make it a perfect spot for relaxation. This waterfall is one the most beautiful unexplored places in Tirthan Valley and also one of the top photography spots in Tirthan Valley.

Tips for Visiting Chhoie Waterfall

  1. Trekking Gear: Wear sturdy shoes and carry a trekking pole as the path can be slippery and uneven.
  2. Pack Essentials: Carry water, snacks, and a first aid kit.
  3. Respect Nature: Ensure that you do not litter and respect the natural environment.

5. Sarchi Village


Sarchi Village, an off-beat destination near Tirthan Valley offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The village features traditional wooden houses and terraced fields, adding to its charm. Located at a higher altitude, it’s a unique destination worth exploring.

Activities in Sarchi

  1. Photography: The village and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities for photography, especially during sunrise and sunset.
  2. Bird Watching: Sarchi is home to a variety of bird species, making it a paradise for bird watchers.
  3. Village Exploration: Walk through the village, visit the local temple, and interact with the friendly villagers.

6. Tinder Village


Tinder Village in Tirthan Valley is a quaint and traditional Himachali village and also one of the most unique unexplored places in Tirthan Valley. Getting there involves a trek through forests and streams, making it an adventurous journey.

Things to Do in Tinder

  1. Village Homestay: Stay with a local family and experience their way of life. Enjoy traditional Himachali meals and learn about their customs.
  2. Exploring Nature: The village is surrounded by lush forests and offers several trails for nature walks.
  3. Local Craftsmanship: Observe and participate in local crafts such as weaving and wood carving.

7. Bathad


Bathad is a small village known for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a great place to get away from city life and enjoy nature. Must add this to your list of the best offbeat places In Tirthan Valley.

Attractions in Bathad

  1. River Walks: The village is located on the banks of a river, making it perfect for leisurely walks along the riverbank.
  2. Star Gazing: Due to its remote location, Bathad offers clear skies that are perfect for stargazing.
  3. Local Cuisine: Try the local Himachali dishes prepared by the villagers using fresh, organic ingredients. Exploring local cuisine in Tirthan Valley is one of the exciting things to do in Himachal Pradesh.

8. Tirth Village


Tirthan Valley’s Tirth Village is a lesser-known destination that combines natural beauty and cultural heritage. The village is famous for its old temples and traditional wooden houses.

Experiences in Tirth

  1. Temple Visit: Visit the local temples, which are known for their intricate woodwork and historical significance.
  2. Cultural Interaction: Interact with the locals and learn about their traditions and way of life.
  3. Nature Trails: Explore the surrounding forests and enjoy the serene environment.

9. Jibhi


Jibhi is one of the most peaceful offbeat places In Tirthan Valley, attracting travelers who prefer calmness and serenity in the mountains. The village is known for its lovely landscapes, traditional architecture, and calm atmosphere.

Activities in Jibhi

  1. Waterfall Visit: Jibhi Waterfall is a must-visit spot. The short trek to the waterfall is through a beautiful forest, and the sight of the waterfall is truly refreshing.
  2. Trekking: There are several trekking routes around Jibhi that offer stunning views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.
  3. Camping: Spend a night camping by the river or in the forest, enjoying the sounds of nature. This is one of the unique things to do in Tirthan Himachal Pradesh.

10. Chaini Kothi


The ancient tower called Chaini Kothi is located in the village of Chaini, near Jibhi. It was built over 1,500 years ago in the traditional Kath-Kuni style using wood and stone. This historical structure is an architectural marvel that provides insight into the region’s architectural heritage. 

Visiting Chaini Kothi

  1. Historical Exploration: Explore the tower and learn about its history and architectural significance.
  2. Village Walk: Walk through Chaini village and experience the traditional way of life.
  3. Scenic Views: The tower offers panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

11. Tandi Village


Tandi Village, not to be confused with the Tandi in Lahaul Valley, is a small and less-visited village in Tirthan Valley. The village is known for its peaceful environment, beautiful landscapes and one of the most amazing offbeat places In Tirthan valley.

Things to Do in Tandi

  1. Nature Walks: Explore the village and its surroundings on foot. The lush green fields and the traditional houses make for a picturesque setting.
  2. Local Interaction: Spend time with the locals and learn about their lifestyle and traditions.
  3. Photography: The village offers numerous opportunities for photography, especially during the golden hours.

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12. Rolla Village


Rolla Village is a unique destination in the Great Himalayan National Park known for its beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife. It’s a perfect place for nature enthusiasts and for travelers looking to explore the offbeat places In Tirthan valley.

Things to Do in Rolla

  1. Wildlife Spotting: The village is located within the national park, making it a great spot for wildlife spotting.
  2. Trekking: There are several trekking routes that start from Rolla and take you deep into the national park.
  3. Nature Photography: The village and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities for nature photography.

13. Shringa Rishi Temple


Located in the village of Baggi, the Shringa Rishi Temple is a significant religious site dedicated to Shringa Rishi, the presiding deity of the region. The temple is known for its beautiful wooden architecture and its serene environment. This religious site is a famous offbeat place in Tirthan Valley Himachal Pradesh.

Visiting Shringa Rishi Temple

  1. Architecture: Admire the intricate woodwork and the traditional architecture of the temple.
  2. Cultural Significance: Learn about the history and cultural significance of the temple from the locals.
  3. Peaceful Environment: Spend some time in the peaceful surroundings of the temple, meditating or simply enjoying the tranquility.

14. Sai Ropa


Sai Ropa is a small settlement that serves as the entry point to the Great Himalayan National Park. It is an ideal place for those looking to explore the park and its surroundings.

Activities in Sai Ropa

  1. Visitor Center: Visit the GHNP Visitor Center to learn about the park’s flora and fauna, as well as the various trekking routes.
  2. Nature Walks: Explore the trails around Sai Ropa, which offer beautiful views of the valley and the river.
  3. Camping: There are several campsites around Sai Ropa where you can enjoy a night under the stars.

15. Shoja


Shoja near Tirthan is a peaceful place away from the busy city life. It offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Situated in Seraj Valley, the town provides great trekking experiences like the popular Jalori Pass and the mystical Serolsar Lake. Must add this offbeat place In Tirthan valley to your itinerary.

Activities in Shoja

  1. Trekking: Shoja Himachal Pradesh has many scenic trails that are perfect for trekking. You can trek to Jalori Pass, and Serolsar Lake, or explore nearby villages and forests while enjoying breathtaking views of the Himalayas.
  2. Bird Watching: The area around Shoja Himachal Pradesh has a wide variety of birds, especially during the spring and summer months. You can spend time observing and photographing different bird species in their natural habitat.

16. Prashar Lake


Prashar Lake is one of the top offbeat places In Tirthan Valley, situated 49 km north of Mandi at an altitude of 2730m. The lake’s depth is still unknown. It is adorned by a three-storeyed pagoda-like temple, adding to its beauty. The serene and tranquil environment at Prashar Lake is unmatched. During the monsoon season, vibrant flowers surround the lake, while it gets covered in snow during the cold winters.

Activities in Prashar Lake

  1. Trekking: One of the most popular things to do is trek to Prashar Lake. The trek has a moderately challenging trail that goes through dense forests, small villages, and beautiful meadows. You usually start the trek from Baggi village, which is about 7.5 kilometers from the lake.
  2. Camping: Camping near Prashar Lake is an unforgettable experience. The serene surroundings and clear night skies make it an ideal spot for camping.

Tirthan Valley is a unique destination with untouched natural beauty, offering a refreshing experience for travelers. Whether you seek adventure, cultural immersion, or a peaceful retreat, the valley has something to offer. Exploring these offbeat places allows you to experience the true essence of Tirthan Valley and create lasting memories.

What are the best offbeat activities to do in Tirthan valley?

The best offbeat activities in Tirthan Valley include trekking to hidden spots, fishing in the Tirthan River, camping in serene locations, exploring traditional villages, and bird watching in the Great Himalayan National Park.

What is special in Tirthan Valley?

Tirthan Valley is special for its pristine natural beauty, serene environment, traditional Himachali villages, and adventurous activities like trekking, fishing, and camping. It’s also home to the Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where can I find unique attractions in Tirthan valley?

In Tirthan Valley, you can find unique attractions in places like Gushaini, Pekhari Village, Chhoie Waterfall, Sarchi Village, and the Great Himalayan National Park.

What are hidden gems in Tirthan valley?

Some of the hidden gems in Tirthan valley are Jalori pass, Shoja, Chhoie Waterfall, Gushaini.

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