This 500 Year Old Banyan Tree Is The Oldest In The World

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So far, we were aware of the fact that the oldest Banyan tree in the world is in Kolkata at the Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanic Centre, located in Howrah, but the crown of being the oldest banyan tree has shifted from Kolkata to Uttar Pradesh. 

In a recent floristic survey, a team of scientists from Prayagraj Center, Johannesburg Lab, and Botanical Survey of India were working on Upper Ganga Ransar in UP’s Bulandshahar. 

Through the radiocarbon results, the tree’s age was determined to be somewhere between 450 to 500 years. 

The upper surface of the newly found tree is approximately 4069 square meters,  making it among the 10th giant Banyan tree in the world, and the largest being Thimmamma Marimanu in Andhra Pradesh, covering an area of 19107 square meters. 

A senior scientist from the Botanical Survey Of India said the tree has four roots supporting the main trunk, which is a bit of a surprise. 

Talking about its significance, the Banyan tree is of utmost importance to Hindu mythology and culture. The tree has spiritual significance, indicating eternal life and fertility. People are asked to plant Banyan Trees, also known as “Kalparviksha”, which means wish-fulfilling trees.

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