Parang La Trek: Your Ultimate Adventure in Spiti Valley

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Are you an adventure enthusiast seeking a thrilling trekking experience? The Parang La Trek in Spiti is the ideal spot for you!

If you take any Spiti tour packages, the Parang La Trek is often the highlight trek. This destination truly deserves all the praise as it’s a unique blend of natural beauty with challenging terrain for that perfect adrenaline rush.

Whether you are a seasoned trekker or an amateur one, the Parang La trek in Spiti Valley promises a breathtaking journey filled with cultural richness, magnificent landscapes, and an unforgettable adventure. 

So get ready adventure seekers! It’s time to trek!!

History of Parang La Trek


There is much more to Parang La trek than an existing new-age adventure. It is an old trading trail over the mountain passing from Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Valley to Ladakh. Traditionally, it connected the traders and the locals and thus, is a historically marked route for people. The trek also provides insight into how people who have lived in these areas have lived and survived for generations.

Geographical Overview

Parang La lies near the northern part of the country and has a height of 5600 meters above sea level. During the trek, one gets to traverse the green Grasslands, right up to a bare high-altitude desert, along rivers of ice and over icy ridges. The most exciting thing about this trek is that you get to experience a diversified view of nature as the views are ever-changing. 

Why Choose Parang La Trek?

If you are thinking what makes the Parang La trek more exclusive and why should one opt for the Parang La trek instead of any other treks? The answer lies in its unique feature. Trekking is one of the most fascinating adventure activities in Spiti Valley that one could embark on and this particular trek is filled with steep climbs, magnificent scenery and interesting cultural encounters. Unlike other popular treks in Spiti, Parang La Trek is less crowded and much more peaceful.

Best Time to do Parang La Trek

The best time to do Parang La trek is from the months of July to September because the weather is not extremely hot but still comparatively good and the paths are also easily passable. During these months trekkers can experience the clear skies and cooler temperatures, which makes it easier to trek.

Parang La Trek Route


The Parang La trek route usually begins from Kaza in Spiti Valley. From here, one proceeds to Kibber which is another beautiful village ingrained with scenic nature and high-altitude wildlife. You then pass through Thaltak, Boroghlen, and Parang La Pass then to the Changthang area of Ladakh.

Things to Do at Parang La Trek

The Parang La trek offers many activities to be carried out. Except for trekking, one is allowed to take photographs, bird watching and even talk to the local shepherds. The area is not devoid of adventure, as during the trek itself one can come across rock climbing and river crossing.

Attractions at Parang La Trek in Spiti Valley

The beauties that one can expect to see at the Parang La trek in the Spiti Valley are numerous and striking. Starting from the majestic mountains crowned with snow right to the lukewarm high-altitude lakes the trekkers are in for a feast of eyes all through the trek. The cultural monuments such as the ancient monasteries in Spiti and traditional villages are a bonus during the trek.

Flora and Fauna


The Parang La trek is a true paradise for people who appreciate the natural beauty of the world. This area is also considered to be bio-diverse and several endangered species are found here such as Snow leopard, blue sheep, and many birds. Flora of this region is diverse too, one can find such rare plants as medicinal herbs and wilderness adorned with stunning wildflowers.

Preparation for the Trek

When planning for a trek, preparation is very vital. It is also desirable to be in good physical condition and equip yourself with additional equipment, including high-quality footwear warm clothing, and a high-quality backpack. It is also recommended to bring a first aid kit & enough food for the trip as well.

Accommodation Options

Tentative resources of rest and shelter during the Parang La trek include everything from the simplest overnight camps to lodging houses in Kibber. It is always fun to pitch tents when you are out for trekking, sleeping under the stars can be another moment of a lifetime.

Local Cuisine

Now that you must be starving after a day-long trek, just hop up to the delicious local delicacies of Spiti like Thukpa, Momos, etc. Don’t miss the butter tea that is a staple meal in places of high altitude.

Cultural Experiences


Another thing that will make you get out of your cut is being able to enjoy this trek while coming across the local Alpine Communities. Being able to communicate with friendly people, get to follow their customs and traditions, and even have a tour of some of the monasteries breathe history and cultural beauty into the trekking experience.

How to Reach Parang La

Reaching  Parang La is a combined route for road and air travel. The nearest airport is Bhuntar, which is 250 km away and after reaching there one can hire a taxi or take a bus to Kaza. Transportation is from Kaza and one can hire a local vehicle or private taxi to the starting point of the trek.

Safety Tips for Trekkers

One must always choose safety first. Altitude sickness is common during treks, so drink a lot of water and prepare well if moving to a higher altitude. Carry some drinks and snacks along with you, and do not go for a trek alone or at least do not go without a guide.


Summing up, the Parang La trek in Spiti Valley is a true blessing for trekkers who wish to explore more than just mountains but are longing to feel the real adventure, experience the beauty of nature and know the culture in Spiti  Regardless of whether you are looking for a crazy adrenaline rush or a leisurely trek, then there is no better place to head to than Parang La. 

Well then, start putting your travel essentials together, put on your hiking shoes, and set off for an incredible adventure!

How difficult is the Parang La trek?

Due to the high altitude and the rough topography the Parang La trek is quite challenging. Some trekking experience and a good physic however are advised.

What should I pack for the Parang La trek?

Some of the essentials required during the trekking include good quality trekking shoes, warm clothing, a good quality bag pack, a first aid box and adequate food stock. And don’t forget your camera to capture the view.

Can beginners attempt the Parang La trek?

Beginners can attempt the trek, but since the trekking route is rough and challenging, it’s advisable to have prior trekking experience.

Are there any medical facilities available on the trek?

On the trek route, there are hardly any medical facilities available. So, you must always have a first aid kit as well as any personal medications if you need them.

What is the highlight of the Parang La trek?

The main attractions on the Parang La trek are the views of Spiti Valley, the beautiful lakes at high altitude, and the fabulous experience of interacting with the locals.

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