Parimal Garden Ahmedabad: House Of Bougainvillea And Lotuses

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Celebrated for its rich textile industry, Ahmedabad is well-known as Manchester Of India. Although Ahmedabad is a modern city it has still preserved its heritage. A deep admiration of architecture and the preserved heritage can be seen in the edifices and other monuments. 

Although the essence of a well-planned city lies not only in the towers and roads, public parks with ample greenery also depict a well-planned city. The park consists of a pond, a walkway, an amphitheatre, a gym, and a sports facility.

Parimal Garden is one such magnificent garden. You could see a beautiful artificial lake covered with lotuses and the arbour is covered with bougainvillaeas. The Parimal Garden entry fee is zero.

About Parimal Garden Ahmedabad

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Located in the city of Ahmedabad Parimal Garden officially known as Pari Trikamlal Bhogilal Municipal Recreation Park, is one of the most famous places among young and adults. The park sprawls across 10 acres  

Many Gujarati movies and TV shows have been shot here at Parimal Garden Ahmedabad as the garden provides a stunning backdrop. When you visit Parimal Garden in the early morning or evening you will see many young adults exercising. Also, don’t freak out if you see people laughing uproariously, they might just be doing laughing therapy, yeah just like Dr. Asthana from Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. 

And please try to come into this garden only when you have an ample amount of leisure time because if you come into the Parimal Garden Ahmedabad in a hurry then you need to understand that this garden is going to make you stay with the enchanting beauty. 

Just like Vastrapur Lake, Parimal Garden also has an artificial lake where you can spot countless lotuses, an arbour of bougainvillaea, a children’s playing arena, spacious seating arrangements for young and elders, and an amphitheatre.

History Of Parimal Garden Ahmedabad

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It was 1950 when the first Mayor of Ahmedabad Chinubhai Chimanlal famously known as Chinubhai Mayor proposed to build a city park in the textile hub of the nation. He was a well-traveled man and wanted to create a garden where people could socialize. He then secured funds from many members of the public including one the famous industrialists at that time Jayantilal Bhikabhai, and K. M. Katawala, M. D. Rajpal.

The Parimal Garden was established in 1960, and the vicinity was named Ambewadi after many mango trees were planted. The Parimal Garden Ahmedabad initially was maintained by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation until 1995 when it was taken over by Torrent Group. A new sitemap was structured in 1998 and was redeveloped in February 2000.

Later the restoration of the garden began in 2021, led by the UN Mehta (UNM) Foundation associated with the Torrent Group and with support from AMC. The garden was opened to the public on 9 August 2022 and inaugurated by Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupendrabhai Patel.

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Architecture Of Parimal Garden Ahmedabad

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The garden has an artificial lotus pond and a walkway. Spread across 10 acres Parimal Garden Ahmedabad has a yoga and meditation pavilion and a natural corner. There is a two-storey gymnasium with one floor reserved for men and the other for women only. It also has a children’s park. 

For theatre artists, there is a huge amphitheatre with a holding capacity of 250 people at a time. A bridge that connects either side of the pond has an arbour with beautiful bougainvillaea decorated on it.

The brick chimneys in the garden with monkeys on them represent the long history of the textile industry of the city. 

Best Time To Visit Parimal Garden

The best time to visit Parimal Garden is in the early morning or evening when the sun is not that harsh. People during this time come to exercise, be it jogging, yoga, or weight training.

Many workshops and competitions are happening regularly, which makes it the best time to visit Parimal Garden.

Parimal Garden Timings

Parimal Garden timings are from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm, it is open on all days except Sunday. 

Parimal Garden Entry Fee

The Parimal Garden entry fee is nil. 

Restaurants Near Parimal Garden


Being in the heart of Ahmedabad city there are many restaurants near Parimal Garden. 

Following are some of the restaurants near Parimal Garden

  1. TandoorworkZ Cafe And Restaurant
  2. P. Vashu Food Court
  3. Bucky Gallery And Diner
  4. Alinea Restaurant
  5. Shree Marutinandan Restaurant
  6. Toritos Restaurant
  7. Jay Malhar Restaurantt
  8. Gajanand Pauva House
  9. Ajay’s 
  10. Radhika’s Authentic South Indian Food
  11. Mahalaxmi Pavbhaji manekchokwala
  12. Buddy’s pizza cg road
  13. Treat Cafe & Restaurant
  14. Spice Zone
  15. Nini’s Kitchen – Panchvati
  16. The Great Kabab Factory
  17. Bole To Vadapav

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Hotels Near Parimal Garden


If you plan to stay near the garden then there are many options for Hotels near Parimal Garden

Following are some of the curated hotels near Parimal Garden

  1. Radisson Blue Hotel
  2. Hotel Mukand
  3. Hotel Karnavati
  4. Hotel Stay Inn
  5. Hotel Parimal Lake
  6. Hotel Madhav
  7. Hotel The Lotus Park Ellisbridge
  8. Atithi The Hotel
  9. Treebo Trend Hotel Prince Plaza
  10. Hotel Le Grande Residency

Places To Visit Near Parimal Garden

Located in the heart of Ahmedabad city there are many places to visit near Parimal Garden. 

Following are some of the curated places to visit near Parimal Garden.

1. Riverfront Flower Park


Riverfront Flower Park is around 2 km from Parimal Garden Ahmedabad. It is the first themed park in the city and one of the best Ahmedabad Riverfront Parks. It is located near Ellisbridge. 

There are almost 72 varieties of flowers of species in the garden. Some of the areas are the Flower Terraces, Flower Valley, Tricone Vatika, Lake Valley, Plant showcase gardens and Rose Garden, a Greenhouse showcasing shade-loving and exotic plants, and a food court.

2. Vastarapur Lake


Vastarapur Lake is around 3.3 km from Parimal Garden. Vastrapur Lake was built in 2002 by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) which was later renamed ‘Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sarovar’. Kavi Narsinh Mehta also known as Narsinh Bhagatwas, was a poet and a saint born in Gujarat in the 15th century. 

The round pathway is built for health enthusiasts to jog and work out. A small outing at Vastarpur Lake in Ahmedabad with children on one of the weekends is a must-try place. Also, the Vastrapur Lake ticket price is 0 so you can enjoy the Lake view for free. 

3. Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition Center

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Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition Centre is around 4.4 km from Parimal Garden Ahmedabad. The kid-friendly exhibition center in Ahmedabad is the vision of scientist and astronomer Vikram Sarabhai. A science playground, laboratories, workshop, and even a science shop are engaging components of the entire center

The museum is famous for its 3D television and GSLV animation. This exhibition is an attempt to share with the general public our achievements, hopes, and concerns through the media of working models, live panels, static displays, 3D theatre, and interactive multimedia presentations.

4. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque


Sid Saiyyed Mosque is around 3.1 km from Parimal Garden. It is one of the famous mosques in Gujarat. It is famous for its ‘Tree of Life Jali’. The Jali or latticework accomplished on semicircular arch windows has come to signify the metropolis and its grandness. There is a hidden History of Sidi Saiyed Mosque. 

Chroniclers believe that this is due to the existence of the mosque could not be finished according to the initial plan because the Mughals intruded on Gujarat and the technique had to be abandoned midway.

What is the area of the Parimal Garden?

Parimal Garden sprawls across 10 acres. 

Who is the architect of the Parimal Garden?

Kamal Mangaldas was the architect of the Parimal Garden

Who built the Parimal Garden?

The first mayor of Ahmedabad Chinubhai Chimanlal famously known as Chinubhai Mayor built the Parimal Garden.

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