Top 20 Party Places in Lucknow – Weekend Parties, Wedding, Birthday, etc

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The city of Nawabs is a city of luxury and royalty so you will find a lot of party places in Lucknow. Lucknow parties are amazing! This vibrant city blends tradition and modernity to create a living environment like no other. 

There are a lot of things to do in Lucknow, thus this city knows how to throw a party in style. Be it conventional events like weddings and festivals filled with music, dancing, and delicious food, or exploring trendy clubs, restaurants, and restaurants. Lucknow has it all for socialising and entertaining.

5 Best Weekend Party Places in Lucknow

Known for its cultural heritage, there are a lot of the best party places in Lucknow. If you are looking for a place to enjoy weekend parties you will get some amazing places where you can enjoy the fullest. Some of the best places to party in Lucknow this weekend are-

1. Sky Bar in Hotel Levana


The main attraction of this place is its sophisticated rooftop setting that offers a panoramic view of the city. So it’s not just the fun but also the view that attracts customers to its sophisticated ambiance. 

The ambiance of this bar cum restaurant is very trendy and stylish making it the best weekend party place in Lucknow. You will also get to see elegant parties and corporate gatherings happening here.

Location: Hotel Levana at Hazratganj


2. L-14 Lounge, Lebua Lucknow


This place also comes among some of the best weekend party places in Lucknow because of its luxurious and opulent ambiance. The interior of this place will steal your heart, the decor is amazing, and they offer plush seating and an overall sophisticated atmosphere. 

If you are looking for a place to hold upscale parties for your weekends then this should be your choice. The lounge of this place offers a premium section of drinks, gourmet cuisines, and many more making it one of the most famous places to enjoy nightlife in Lucknow. 

Location: Lebua Lucknow, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar


3. Club Ramala in Ramada Lucknow


If you are looking for not just a bar or restaurant but a nightclub filled with music and fun then this is the place for you. Ramala is a famous nightclub known for its spacious dance floor, DJ nights, special theme parties, beverages, and many more. 

This is the perfect place for party enthusiasts who are looking for a fun night at a nightclub. Now what makes this place one of the best weekend party places in Lucknow is its energetic crowd, once you enter you can feel the vibe sweeping in you. 

Location: Ramada Lucknow in Faizabad Road


4. Farmhouse Garden Resto and Lounge


If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere where you can sit, relax, and enjoy good food but also have a good ambiance then this is the place for you. Here you will get a good outdoor area with lush greenery and cosy seating. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones then this is the place. 

The natural setting of this place makes it one of the best weekend party places in Lucknow. You can also host themed parties, peaceful gatherings, quiet corporate meetings, and many other outdoor events for your family and friends here. 

Location: Gomti Nagar


5. Zero Degree Resto Lounge


This amazing lounge boasts modern decor with amazingly comfortable seating arrangements making it one of the best party places in Lucknow. The lounge offers a wide range of cuisine that you can enjoy. The ambiance of  Zero is something that you will remember, thus making it one of the best weekend party places in Lucknow.  Here you can get everything from Indian to Chinese to continental. 

You will also get to enjoy DJ music that fills the place with joy and wonder. This Best party place in Lucknow is great for those seeking a lively party scene with good food, drinks, and music.  

Location: Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar


5 Best party places in Lucknow for Wedding parties

Next comes the best party places in Lucknow for wedding parties, whether you are looking for an affordable place or a luxurious place you will get it all here. 

Some of the best party places in Lucknow to host a wedding party are-

6. Hilton Garden Inn


If you are looking to hold a modern and sleek wedding, then this place could be on your list of hotels. The decor of this luxurious place in Lucknow is contemporary, featuring stylish furnishings and a neutral colour background that creates an elegant vibe within the place. 

Some of the things that make it one of the best party places in Lucknow are its spacious banquet halls and well-lit interior. It has large windows that allow natural light and also add to its beauty. The hotel’s modern facilities and attentive service make it a standout choice for a chic and memorable wedding celebration.

Location: TCG -7/7 Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar


7. Clarks Avadh


Combining traditional elegance with contemporary flair, Clarks Awadh is an ideal wedding venue. With its beautifully decorated halls and variety of culinary delights, this place makes for a wonderful feast. Monday gardens add elegance to your special day. 

Location: 8, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Hazratganj


8. Taj Mahal Lucknow


Taj Mahal Lucknow offers a royal atmosphere for wedding celebrations with luxurious decorations and world-class service. The hotel offers excellent parties and a range of food suitable for all tastes. The beautiful setting and elegant setting make it a desirable location for any wedding. 

Location: Vipin Block, Gomti Nagar 


9. General Lucknow Hyatt Regency


Lucknow offers a stunning contemporary wedding venue. The hotel’s elegant interiors, spacious theatre, and multiple culinary options ensure a memorable occasion. Attentive staff and modern amenities make it the best place to party in Lucknow.

Location: Vibhuti Block, Gomti Nagar


10. Renaissance Lucknow


Hotel Renaissance Lucknow Hotel offers a luxurious setting for your wedding celebration with luxurious rooms and a grand ballroom making it one of the best places to party in Lucknow, especially having a wedding party. The hotel offers a variety of dishes to give the guests a memorable dining experience. Beautiful views and exceptional service make it the perfect wedding venue. 

Location: Vipin Block, Gomti Nagar


5 Best Birthday places to party in Lucknow

Next comes some of the spots to host birthday parties in Lucknow, the city of Lucknow is filled with amazing hotels, restaurants, bars, and many more. So you may get many best party places and restaurants in Lucknow which will give you a memorable experience. 

Some of the best birthday places to party in Lucknow are-

11. Royal Sky


If you are looking for a casual and stylish place to celebrate with your loved ones then this could be the perfect place for you. The rooftop seating area of this hotel provides a lively atmosphere for social gatherings. You can have fun while enjoying the mesmerising view of the night sky.

This amazing place even offers live music to entertain guests sometimes and also there is a diverse menu featuring various cuisines making it one of the Best Party places restaurants in Lucknow.

Location: Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj

12. The Grand Radiant


The Grand Radiant is a contemporary place with stylish decor and modern facilities that create an overall appealing ambiance for parties. The banquet hall of this amazing hotel is very spacious and perfect. 

The most amazing thing that makes this hotel one of the best party place restaurants in Lucknow is its diverse cuisine options and great staff. This place can be considered ideal for small to midsize birthday gatherings. 

Location: 36, Cantonment Road, Latouche Road

13. La Place Sarovar Portico


If you are looking for a comfortable and inviting place then this could be a great choice for you. This hotel offers amazing customer service, the hotel is also centrally located making it easily accessible for people so you don’t have to look far if you want a good place to stay.

The hotel also has well-appointed rooms perfect for small-sized gatherings and also offers delicious cuisine at a very reasonable price. Here you can experience luxury on a budget, also the ambiance of this amazing place makes it the best party place restaurant in Lucknow.

Location: 6, Shahnajaf Road, Hazratganj

14. Hotel Golden Tulip


The Hotel Golden Tulip provides an affordable birthday party with the essence of elegance. If you are looking for a place that won’t weigh down your savings too much then this could be the best party places restaurants in Lucknow. 

The hotel’s decor is chic and welcoming. Also the ambiance will make you feel more relaxed. The hotel has spacious event and banquet halls that can be decorated according to your needs. The on-site restaurant of the hotel also serves a variety of cuisines at a much affordable price. 

Location: 6, Station Road, Hussainganj

15. Hotel Charans Plaza


This is also an amazing choice to host an affordable and private birthday party. Here in Charans, you will get to enjoy the well-maintained banquet halls that are ideal for having closed and intimate birthday parties. 

The in-house restaurant of this hotel serves a diverse and well-prepared menu in a very affordable range. You will enjoy both the delightful dining and the great ambiance of the hotel. This hotel has a centrally located venue and is much easier to find.  

Location: 11, Habibullah Estate, Hazratganj

Top 5 Affordable Party Places in Lucknow

16. Hotel Piccadilly


Piccadilly is one of the affordable yet elegant hotels with a relaxed atmosphere making it a place to enjoy nightlife in Lucknow. This is a great option if you want a high-quality setting without the high price tag. 

The elegant interior and relaxed atmosphere of the hotel make it an ideal venue for parties. It has a wide range of business classes that you can tailor to your liking. Budget packages and quality food on offer add to the fun.

Location: Kanpur Road, Sector B, Bara Birwa, Charbagh

17. Hotel Mangalam Palace


Hotel Mangalam Palace offers an affordable birthday party with a casual atmosphere. This is a great option for budget parties. The simple and relaxed atmosphere of the hotel is suitable for events. The hotel offers well-decorated banquets and a restaurant with affordable restaurants.

Location: 92-93, Krishna Vihar, Kanpur Road

18. Hotel Gemini Continental


Hotel Gemini Continental provides a pocket-friendly and sophisticated location for all types of celebrations, making it a fantastic option for those seeking an exquisite setting without breaking the bank.

With its contemporary decor and laid-back ambiance, the hotel sets the stage for enjoyable gatherings. It boasts of being the most affordable party place in Lucknow as it has flexible event spaces and a dining establishment serving up a variety of delectable yet budget-friendly meals.

Location: 10, Rani Laxmi Bai Marg, Hazratganj

19. Hotel Amanda


Hotel Amanda offers the perfect blend of affordability and excellence while providing a classy atmosphere for a birthday celebration. With its elegant yet modest decor, fully equipped banquet facilities, and culinary options, it stands out as the best choice for those who want to enjoy luxury without breaking the bank.

The hotel’s simple yet elegant interior and tranquil setting made for a welcoming setting for events. Its decor is tasteful and subtle, making it versatile with a variety of themed and individual décor. 

Additionally, this popular party place in Lucknow has curated the best celebration ideas that you can customise. The homey restaurant at Hotel Amanda offers a variety of delicious food at reasonable prices. Their menu incorporates a mix of local and international ingredients, resulting in a variety of delicious dishes.

Location: 3/11, Vibhav Khand, Gomti Nagar

20. Hotel Deep Palace


Hotel Deep Palace has great banquet rooms, perfect for all big events. The venue comes under affordable party places in Lucknow with its timeless sophistication, creating the ideal venue for your event. With traditional charm, plenty of party venues, and a variety of food choices, this is a unique choice for those who want to celebrate in style without going over the budget. 

The interior of this popular party place in Lucknow offers a serene and luxurious atmosphere. Decorated with an abundance of lush vegetation and well-kept gardens, the hotel is serene and charming—perfect for a memorable experience. 

Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, the hotel’s halls are flexible and can be customised to suit their theme and needs and equipped with modern amenities such as sound systems, lighting, and full air conditioning in full for a comfortable and joyful celebration

Location: 10, Jopling Road, Butler Colony

So now that you have all the information on some of the best hotels in Lucknow, hopefully, you will be able to enjoy your special days to the fullest without having to worry about good party places in Lucknow.

What are some popular party places in Lucknow?

Most of the popular party places in Lucknow have been mentioned in the blog in detail.

Are there any rooftop party venues in Lucknow?

Yes, there are multiple rooftop party venues in Lucknow such as Sky Hotel and many more.

Can I find party places with live music in Lucknow?

Yes, some restaurants hold live music for their guests. Also, you can enjoy bars with DJ nights in Lucknow.

What are some budget-friendly party places in Lucknow?

Some of the budget-friendly hotels in Lucknow are Hotel Amanda, Hotel Deep Palace, Piccadilly, etc.

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