Penataran Sasih Temple in Bali

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Let’s talk about this magnificent beauty, the Penataran Sasih Temple in Bali that precedes the spread of Hinduism to Bali. The translation of “Sasih” in English is “Moon” and it is supplied with the “moon of Pejeng” who is the god of the moon! These incredible things make the Penataran temple more unique and beautiful. You shall definitely explore this temple as it comes out to be one of the best places to visit in Bali

The Penataran temple in Bali is famous for a myth of the “Moon of Pejeng”, there were thirteen moons in ancient Bali. It is said that one of them fell in the village when it was caught in the coconut tree. 

The thief was embarrassed,  as the moon was bright day and night, so he tried to turn off the moon’s light and tried to put a piddle on the moon, but turned out that the moon exploded. So, the thief died and the moon slumped to the floor, which is an attached myth with the Penataran Sasih temple in Bali. 

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Penataran Sasih History


This ancient temple is located inside the village of Pekutatan, in the Badung Regency on the island of Bali! Also, this famous temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, one of the three gods in the Hindu trinity. 

Dating back to the fourteenth century, the Penataran Sasih temple is unique for its architectural style and comprises both Indonesian and Indian influences in the whole temple. The Pura Penataran Sasih temple is a very popular pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees from around the world and is visited by them, as it comes out to be one of the most popular temples in Bali

Worship Method in Penataran Sasih Temple in Bali 


The worship method in Penataran Sasih Temple in Bali is based on traditional Hindu rituals. The devotees come and offer their prayers such as flowers and incense sticks to the gods in the temple. 

People come and chant their mantras, ring bells, and burn incense which are the most popular methods of worship in Hindu culture. There are some ceremonies, barong dances, marches, and processions done in the temple where devotees can also participate. There are many unique experiences in Bali that you would cherish for a lifetime! 

How to reach Penataran Sasih Temple in Bali?


As the Penataran Sasih temple is located in East Bali, it can be easily reached by car, scooter, taxi, or bus. You can take a highway from the Denpasar and follow the signs to the temple. It would take around 30 minutes to reach the temple from here, but you would have a fruitful journey throughout! 

So, get your transportation booked and make your way through the green forests of Bali and visit the most amazing temple. 

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What is Penataran Sasih Temple in Bali?

Penataran Sasih Temple is a famous temple in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a special place where people go to pray and worship their gods. The temple is very old and has a lot of history. 

It’s also a beautiful place to visit, with its traditional Balinese architecture and stunning views of the surrounding area. People come from all over the world to see this temple and experience its spiritual energy. It’s a must-visit for anyone traveling to Bali!

What distinguishes Penataran Sasih Temple from other temples in Bali?

It was once the state temple of the Pejeng Kingdom, and there is a huge bronze drum known as the “Fallen Moon of Pejeng” which makes it unique from the other temples in Bali! The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu and is known for its serene atmosphere and beautiful carvings. Visitors can explore the temple grounds and learn about its history and significance in Balinese culture.

Are there any special ceremonies or rituals held at Penataran Sasih Temple?

One of the most important rituals is the Purnama Sasih Kapat ceremony, which is held every 210 days according to the Balinese calendar. This ceremony is a way to honor the gods and ancestors, and it involves offerings, prayers, and traditional dances. People from all over Bali come to the Penataran Sasih Temple to participate in this ceremony and seek blessings from the gods.

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