Penglipuran Village: Discover the Third cleanest village in the world

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In Bali, the best way to get familiar with the country and its culture is through small villages well connected with its deep traditional roots even in the modern era. 

One such village with typical traditional Bali architecture and culture is the Penglipuran Village, one of the traditional villages in Bali.

Penglipuran Village is located at the Bangli Regency in Bali province. The village has garnered tourist attraction over the years. It has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bali because the village’s residents have preserved and incorporated the ancient Balinese culture into their day-to-day lives. 

The architecture and the land division of the Penglipuran Village in Bali still follow the Tri Hita Karana religion in Bali, the balance of the relations between God, Humans, and nature. 

The striking feature of the village is its cleanliness, even though the town receives hundreds of visitors every day. The reason for the neatness and cleanliness is the fact in Bali that the residents of the Penglipuran Village believe that nature and cleanliness are respectable and valuable parts of society. 

The village is famed for the title of the third cleanest village in the world and has received several awards including Sustainable Destination and Indonesia Sustainable Tourism award. 

The village uses the traditional method of bamboo architecture. Almost everything that you see around the village is made up of Bamboo. The dense bamboo forest in the village is cultivated and preserved by the villagers and is utilized for house construction and other works. 

The village is adorned with three temples that reflect the ancient and unique architectural style.  These temples are the protectors of the village. Although visitors cannot enter the temple they can appreciate the beauty of the carved stones and statues of the temples. 

The major attraction and the real treat for the visitors is the Barong dance of Bali by the Penglipuran villages. The performers dress up in traditional attires and various attractive masks as they get ready for their performances. 

A Visit to the Penglipuran Village offers a unique perspective and an enriching experience to immerse oneself into the rich traditional style of living of the Bali people.  Bali tour packages have more of such traditional villages included in their itinerary for tourists seeking an authentic cultural experience in Bali.

Best time to visit Penglipuran Village


There is no good time to visit the village. The Penglipuran village in Bali can be visited throughout the year. The weather and people of the village are welcoming throughout the year.

The village is open from 8:15 AM to 6:30 PM every day. Since the charm of the village is widespread and tourists want to pay a definite visit to the village, the best would be to visit the village early in the morning to beat the crowd.

However, you could plan your visit to the village around the Penglipuran Village festival Galungan which occurs every 6 months. During the festival, villagers adorn the front area of the house and the street with Penjor, a symbol of prosperity. This colorful addition to the village adds a captivating touch to the culture of Bali Penglipuran village. 

Tourists can also witness the women and girls of the village in their traditional attires roaming around the village and going to the temple with their offerings to the god.

Best things to do in Penglipuran Village

  • Visit the Temple

Even though you are not allowed to enter the temple premises you can adorn the striking architecture of the temple of the village which is located on the stone road and is a place to visit in Penglipuran Village in Bali.

The village has three Bali temples namely Pura Penataran, Pura Dalem, and Pura Puseh. A visit to the temple can give the tourists an insight into the various intriguing traditions of the village in connection with God.

You can visit the temple at the time of the day at which daily rituals and recitals are performed and various ceremonies happen within the temple premises. 

  • Stop for locally brewed coffee

At the end of the village is a small coffee shop that sells the traditionally brewed coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air with hypnotizing swirls and tourists can’t leave the village without sipping a cup admiring the beauty of the village. A coffee break along with a lip-smacking snack can revitalize you to explore the other end of the village.

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  • Walk around the village

It is a sheer delight to walk around the village lanes and get lost in the architecture and beauty of this traditional Penglipuran Village. 

The village is lined with fascinating traditional houses with neatly manicured gardens. The wide brick roads of the village with sculptors add to the charm of the village. The entire village is traditionally constructed with bamboo architecture. 

Cleanliness adds to the beautification of the village. This village has been awarded with the title of the 3rd most clean village in the world. This is because the cleanliness is a part and parcel of the tradition of the Penglipuran village. 

Do not stick to the main road of the village. Make your way through the narrow lanes and walk in between the silver linings of the village. 

  • Visit the traditional houses

Enter any of the houses of the village and you are welcomed with the warmth of the residents of the house. The villagers are delighted to show you around the village and let the tourists have a glimpse of the traditional village life. 

The utmost beauty of the village lies in the houses that are built with the traditional Balinese architecture with bamboo. Each of the house entrances is built with a unique gateway known as “angkul-angkul” that marks the entrance of each of the houses.

Each of the houses has a nicely manicured garden and sells souvenirs and hand-crafted products a part of which is put up for the development of the village.

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  • Explore Bamboo forest

Penglipuran has the most beautiful and enormous bamboo woodland. This forest is managed by the villagers of the Penglipuran Village and is a farmed forest, not a natural forest. 

This forest has more than 15 native bamboo species. The bamboo from the forest is used by the village inhabitants for their house construction and more. The 45-hectare bamboo first is the ultimate place to visit in Penglipuran Village. 

Since the forest is used and cultivated by the villagers it holds great religious significance to the Penglipuram Village. The people work tirelessly throughout the day to conserve the forest and maintain harmony between the forest and humans.

  • Taste local cuisine

As you walk around the village tourists will be attracted by the various small shops and even houses that sell the local and authentic cuisine of the village. 

Two of the must-try local food in Bali Pemhlipuran village are the tipat cantok and loloh cemcem. These dishes are prepared from Indonesian rice cakes and mixed with various boiled vegetables and sausages. 

The trip to the Penglipuran village cannot be considered complete without deflecting the taste buds with the local cuisine of the village. 

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  • Learn about Bamboo Weaving

Except for relying on farming and cultivation the villagers of Penglipuram are heavily dependent on the income for the sale of handmade handicrafts especially crafted of bamboo. These include various home decor products, miniature of Penglipuran Village, bamboo masks, and other traditional woodcrafts. 

The craftsmen sell these traditional items in front of their houses and tourists can even watch them making one and try their hands on the bamboo weaving.

  • Spend a night

To witness the living style of the people of the Penglipuran Village, tourists can choose to spend a night at the accommodation of the village. Tourists can with the locals at their homes. 

The village offers various stay options for tourists ranging from small-sized to medium-sized guest houses and Penglipuram village homestays. 

While you spend a night make sure you follow the rituals and certain rules that the villagers swear by in connection with God. 

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Entry Fee for the Penglipuran Village Bali


To enter the Penglipuran Village Bali, tourists will have to acquire an entrance ticket. The charges are different for adults and children. 

Adults: 50,000 IDR

Children: 30,000 IDR

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What makes Penglipuran village unique among other destinations in Bali?

The unique architectural style of the Penglipuran Village and the fact that the village life is still based on ancient traditions and cultures attracted hoards of visitors to the village. The widespread bamboo forest conserved by the locals of the Penglipuran Village is the major attraction of the village that makes the village unique among the other destinations.

How can I experience the traditional weaving culture of Penglipuran village?

Each house in the Penglipuran Village in Bali is dependent on the traditional style of traditional bamboo weaving and creates various handicraft products. Tourists can take a chance to witness the process that goes beyond the traditional weaving process and even try their hands at crafting something from bamboo.

What are some must-see attractions or activities in Penglipuran village?

The must-see attractions of the Penglipuran village are the three village temples that have their unique architecture. Tourists must also visit the house of the village as well as the bamboo forest that is cultivated and conserved by the Penglipuram village people.

How do I get to Penglipuran village, and where can I stay during my visit?

The village is situated only 45 kilometers from Denpasar which is the capital city of Bali. Tourists can book a taxi ride to reach the Penglipuran village alternatively they can also opt for a scooter ride to the village since the village is not far away. Tourists have the option to spend a day or two within the village as there are ample Penglipuran village homestays and guesthouses for the tourists.

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