Perfume River Vietnam: Explore The Unexplored in 2024

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Once upon a time, a visitor while exploring the places to visit in Vietnam stepped into Hue, and after his Vietnam tour said that ‘ if you’re visiting Hue and did not visit the Perfume River, then your trip is incomplete’. Now, that raised the question, what’s so special about the Perfume River? Well, that’s what this blog is about, so scroll down and find out what makes this place so special. 

About The Perfume River Vietnam


The Perfume River, also known as Huong River is a river that crosses the capital city of Hue. The river is about 80 kilometres long and got its name from the fact that it passes through numerous forests of aromatic plants. 

The river has two starting points, both of which begin in Truong Son Mountain Range and meet at Bang Lang Fork. The river, towards the end flows slowly through the villages alongside the river, some of the famous attractions include Hue Citadel, pagodas, the temples in Vietnam and the Truong Tien Bridge. 

The Meaning Of Perfume River


The river, originally named ‘ Huong’ which in English means ‘ Perfume’ got its name from the fact that scented flowers from secret gardens used to fall in the river living a scent in it. The river, however in the modern day does not have the same floral scent because of modernization and the movement of boats. 

The Perfume river apart from this also has a lot of other names like Linh Giang River, Lo Dung River, Huong Tra River, and the Yen Luc River. 

Best Time To Visit Perfume River 


The best time to visit Perfume River or Huong River is from January to April, which is also one of the best times to visit Vietnam. The temperature of Hue during this time revolves around 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. 

Due to the pleasant weather and climate, Hue becomes the perfect place for travellers who want to just relax and casually stroll around the other historical places in Hue. Moreover, travellers can also visit the river to attend some of the best carnivals and festivals in Vietnam that take place around the river. 

How To Reach The Perfume River


The Perfume River flows alongside some of the major relics and tourist spots. With that being said have a look at the may ways to reach the Perfume River or the Huong River. 

By Boat Cruise: When you rent a Perfume River tour boat, you get the opportunity to enjoy Hue folk songs, and can also relish some traditional Hue Cuisine while you release some flowers lanterns along the river. Besides, renting you can also take public boats for your transportation. 

By Cyclo: A three wheeled rickshaw, which takes you some of the best sites in Hue, and let’s you admire the beauty of the city. 

By Taxi: The most secure way to reach the Perfume River, although you’ll have to make sure that you tell the correct address to the driver. 

Best Things To Do At The Perfume River 

There are a lot of things to do in Vietnam especially at the Perfume River, scroll down and have a look at them. 

1. Experience The Perfume River Boat Trip


This officially does not qualify as one of the best adventure activities in Vietnam, but a boat trip on the Perfume River is actually one of the best things to do when visiting the Huong River or commonly known as the Perfume River. 

The boat Perfume River tours take you to the Truong Tien and Phu Xian bridges, where visitors can enjoy Hue’s signature folk performance and book a royal dinner to get back the King and Queen banquet. 

2. Enjoy Traditional Hue Songs


Over hundreds of years- the Hue Songs or Imperial music is still preserved and developed by Hue’s Cultural Society. Just imagine you’re floating on the Hue river, and finding yourself deep into the melodies of the folk songs. 

3. Take A Walk On The Trang Tien Bridge


The moment the sunsets and nightlife in Vietnam comes to life, the Trang Tien Bridge stands tall in all its glory with bright lights making it stand out. The lights laying their shadow on the waters of Perfume River make it even more pretty, making it worth your while. 

Other Attractions Nearby The Perfume River 

1. Thien Mu Pagoda


A must see attraction on the way to the Huong River or the Perfume River. The Thien Mu Pagoda, one of the oldest temples in Vietnam is perfect for those looking for a spiritual time in Hue. Visitors can take a boat ride to reach this attraction. 

2. Phu Van Lhau Wharf


Established near the Perfume River, this place despite the lack of space holds some of the most valuable pieces of historical value like artwork, scriptures, statues and much more. Making it one of the most important places in our list of Vietnam travel tips.

3. Ngu Binh Mountain


Also known as Bai Tho Mountain, the Ngu Binh Mountain, located in An Cuu Ward, 3 kilometers from the south of the Perfume River. Visitors can even take part in trekking in Vietnam to reach the mountain or take a car/ rent a cab to reach there, but either way you take to reach there, you’ll be mesmerised by the panoramic views from the mountain. 

4. Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street


Located between the Trang Trien Bridge and Phu Xuan Bridge, this ordinary street becomes a sight to behold as the lights light up and add various colours to the street. Not just that, you can even try out some Vietnamese cuisine via the stalls on the street.

The Perfume River, one of the most offbeat attractions in Vietnam is one of the best places to visit in the country that can take your tour to the next level. With that being said, make sure to add it your itinerary of your 7 Days Vietnam tour from Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Perfume River?

The Perfume River got this name because of the fact that it flows though forests of aromatic plants, and flowers usually fall into the river, adding their fragrance to the river. 

How long is the Perfume River?

The Perfume River is about 80 Kilometres which starts from Truong Son Mountain Range and meets its other source at the Bang Lang Fork. 

What to Do at Perfume River?

Visitors can do a lot of things at the Perfume River like taking the boat tour in the evening, try out street food at the stalls near the river and even explore the nearby attractions like the Thien Mu Pagoda and more. 

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