Experience Phone Free Europe As It Encourages Tourists For Digital Detox

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We spend hours on our mobile phones, because we want to capture everything that exists, especially when we are on a vacation in a place that is full of impeccable views and stunning backdrops because what’s better than flexing your vacation pics on social media. 

However, sometimes it’s important to take a break from your digital world and enjoy the marvel of nature. 

Taking it seriously, one of the beautiful places, along the coast of Finland is encouraging people to put down their phones and admire the beauty of nature. The Island Ulko Tammio is a European island which is promoting digital fasting, so that the tourists can enjoy the island and take a break from social media. 

It’s not like there is no network or anything because there is a proper network, for those who are against the idea. This digital fasting is completely voluntary, and there are no compulsions. 

However, it is a good way to improve one’s well being and it also gives you a chance to see something else besides your social media. 

The trend of flexing over social media has been going on ever since the inception of Facebook and Instagram. 

If you are up for such digital detox, then its time to explore this island to witness beauty beyond social media. 

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Image Source : httech
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