12 Popular Photography Spots in Kanpur: Capturing City’s Essence

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A city deeply rooted in history and cultural richness, Kanpur has a lot to offer especially when it comes to picturesque backdrops for couples. You will be amazed to see the best photography spots in Kanpur. You heard it right, so let’s dive into this with our India tour packages and explore more. 

While there are so many places to click amazing pictures for couples and friends, Kanpur stands out for its enchanting locations. There are so many photography places to visit in Kanpur.

So, if you are planning a dreamy pre-wedding shoot in Kanpur or some other shots for any events, then we have found the ultimate locations for you. There are plenty of outdoor photography in Kanpur wherein you can indulge yourself and capture perfect pictures like most photographed places in the world.

Scenic Parks and Natural Spots

1. Phool Bagh


It is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur. Phool Bagh has a lot to offer like a historic garden, greenery, and beautiful flower beds. You can indulge yourself in the garden and click some beautiful shots. It is also amongst the best destinations for photography in Kanpur.

Situated near the railway station, this is the perfect destination if you want historic backdrop pictures. It is one of the free photography spots in Kanpur. 

2. Bithoor Ghat


If you are looking for photography places to visit in Kanpur? Then do visit here. It is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur.

It is located on the banks of the Ganges, the Bithoor Ghat provides a tranquil and scenic environment that will be perfect for your photo shoot in Kanpur. It is considered as one of the best photography locations in Kanpur. 

3. Nana Rao Park


If you are looking for  top photography spots in Kanpur? Then your search ends here.

Nana Rao Park provides a refreshing setting with its sprawling lawns, vibrant flowers, and serene water bodies where you can capture the best sunset in the world. It is considered as one of the best destinations for photography in Kanpur. One of a kind, this park is perfect for couples who want vibrant and romantic pictures! It is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur. 

4. Kanpur Zoo


Ah, the beauty of wildlife! It is one of the indoor photography spots in Kanpur.  It Is one of the best photography locations in Kanpur. The Kanpur Zoo is another great photo shoot location in Kanpur for couples and others who want an adventurous feel. It is amongst the best destinations for photography in Kanpur. Head here to get the most unique pre-wedding shoot pictures. It is also one of the top photography spots in Kanpur.

5. Moti Jheel


Moti Jheel is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur. People who are fans of the river should consider the Moti Jheel as their amazing picturesque location. It is one of the best photography places in Kanpur for couples and friends.  Do explore other best things to do in Uttar Pradesh to indulge in other activities.

With a scenic backdrop and boating facility, this location will be perfect to get unique pictures with your other half. It is recommended to visit here, if you are looking for Top Photography Spots in Kanpur.

6. Massacre Ghat


It is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur. Head to the Massacre Ghat during the sunset to get magical pictures with the love of your life. It is highly recommended if you are searching for the best photography places in Kanpur. Overlooking the Ganges, this location is ideal for those who want heartwarming images.

7. Gautam Buddha Park


It is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur. For an elegant vibe, head to the Gautam Buddha Park for your pre-wedding shoots and other shots. You can also visit Agra, which is one of the historical places in India. It is amongst the top photography spots in Kanpur. A tranquil location, you and your other half will fall head over heels when you head there! It is one of the best photography places in Kanpur.

Urban and Cultural Spots

1. Blue Lagoon Water Park


If you want to add a splash of fun to your lifetime memories from Kanpur with top photography spots in Kanpur. Then you must visit the Blue Lagoon Water Park. The park is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur, it has so many things to offer like vibrant water-themed settings that are perfect for creating playful and romantic photo opportunities.

2. Connaught Place (CP) Market 


Connaught Place in Kanpur is a bustling market area perfect for capturing local culture. Among top photography spots in Kanpur, from early morning to late evening, its vibrant streets are alive with shoppers, vendors, and commuters. The market offers a dynamic mix of traditional Indian shops and modern retail outlets, making it a cultural melting pot. Connaught Place is a photographer’s paradise, showcasing the city’s rich cultural diversity.

Historical Landmarks

1. ISKCON Temple


For a spiritual ambiance, ISKCON temple will be the right place for you as it is one of the best photography spots in Kanpur. The temple’s mesmerising architecture will act as the perfect backdrop for your divine photo shoot in Kanpur! While you can occupy yourself religiously, you can click some amazing shots.

2. Kamla Retreat


It is located on Kamala Nehru Road, Kanpur, which is an exclusive state-owned property of the renowned Singhania family. It is a beautiful spot for leisure and relaxation, greatly admired by tourists and their families, you can click amazing pictures at the sight.

One may admire the estate’s royal fountains, skilled architecture and make use of facilities such as a swimming pool, zoo and informative museum to enhance the experience of Kamla Retreat and make it one among best photography spots in Kanpur.

3. JK Temple


JK temple is called Juggilal Kamlapat temple which is located on the Govind Nagar road of Sarvodaya Nagar in Kanpur. It is a beautiful combination of both ancient and modern architecture which is best for your photography desires. There are nearby lakes and greenery such as the popular Moti Jheel.

It was constructed under the supervision of the Singhania family in 1953, the JK temple is largely managed by the JK trust, even till today. 

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Practical Tips for Photographers

  • Best Time to Visit: Early morning or late afternoon is ideal for capturing the best view without the harsh midday sun. These times also offer softer, more flattering light.
  • Essential Gear: A versatile lens, such as a 24-70mm, is great for capturing both wide shots and close-up details specially of vendors and products.
  • Engage with Locals: Interacting with the local people, vendors and shoppers can lead to more authentic and candid shots. Most people are happy to share their stories and have their photos taken.

Some Tips for Photography

Photography is an amazing hobby, and it’s nice to see image quality improve as you sharpen your photo taking skills. Here are some straightforward tips, you can learn how to take better photos and see immediate improvement.

  1. Invest in quality equipment
  2. Pick your focal point
  3. Use the rule of thirds
  4. Change your angles
  5. Pay attention to framing
  6. Use ideal lighting
  7. Use filters and settings
  8. Take lots of shots
  9. Use simple backgrounds, especially when taking portraits
  10. Take your time when editing.

5 Best Things to Experience While in Kanpur


Apart from so many photography Spots in Kanpur, you can look for amazing things to do in Kanpur. Here is the list of some –

  • Pay homage to the Jain Glass Temple: You can visit the beautiful Jain Glass Temple. Marvel at the intricate glass work adorning the walls and ceilings of this stunning Jain temple. The temple’s serene ambiance makes it a perfect place for quiet contemplation. It is amongst the top day trip ideas from Kanpur.
  • Take a boat ride on the Ganges River: Experience the serenity of the Ganges by taking a leisurely boat ride along its banks. Watch the sunset over the river and soak in the peaceful atmosphere. You Can visit here and indulge yourself in amazing boat rides on the Ganga River. You can also check other places to visit in Uttar Pradesh in order to get the most out of your journey.
  • Kanpur Museum: It is one of the best places to visit in Kanpur. You can also click some beautiful pictures in the museum. Immerse yourself in Kanpur’s rich heritage at this museum, which houses a diverse collection of artefacts, including ancient sculptures, coins, paintings, and textiles.
  • Picnic at Moti Jheel: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a relaxing day amidst nature at Moti Jheel. Pack a picnic basket, rent a paddleboat, and soak in the scenic views of the lake. While you enjoy a picnic with your family members, you can click some family Pictures as well.
  • Allen Forest Zoo: If you are a nature enthusiast and wildlife lover, then Allen Forest Zoo is a must-visit destination in Kanpur. It is best if you are looking for something to make your summer vacation adventurous like other summer vacation places in the world. It is spreaded across lush greenery, this sprawling zoo is home to diverse animal species like majestic lions, monkeys, and deer.

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Things to Keep in Mind if Planning a Trip to Kanpur

Planning a trip to Kanpur requires consideration to guarantee a pleasant and memorable experience. 

Firstly, check and look for the best time to visit, considering the weather patterns and local festivals or events that might enhance your trip. Next, decide how you want to get there -by air, train, or road – and make all the necessary arrangements in advance in order to avoid any hassle. 

Lastly, find accommodations that suit your needs and budget, from luxury hotels to affordable guesthouses.

Some Amazing Desserts to Enjoy in Kanpur

1. Thaggu ke Laddoo


Thaggu ke Laddoo shop is a famous sweet shop in Kanpur. It has a very famous tagline, ‘Aisa koi saga nahi, jise hamne thaga nahi!’ is so unique that this line has been used multiple times in Bollywood movies. 

Their best and main product is dry fruit ladoos, which is prepared by mixing the chopped dry fruits in the batter of sweetened semolina & flour.

2. Sultani Dal


If you are a foodie, you will love Sultani Dal of Kanpur. The Sultani Dal will be served with wheat-based pieces of bread (rotis).

In short, Sultani Dal is the remix version of the simply prepared dal with some additional ingredients. 

3. Badnaam Kulfi


The ‘Badnaam Kulfi’ in Hindi translates to ‘Defamed Ice Cream’. The founder of Badnaam Kulfi had named ice cream like that to warn people about the effects of white sugar. 

Don’t miss out on this awesome kulfi on your next trip to Kanpur & schedule a day-use hotel in Kanpur for your interim stay.


Yes there are so many photography spots in Kanpur where you can visit and click the Best pictures. If you are looking to click the pictures with your friends or family then don’t worry, Kanpur has a lot to deliver you. There are so many places in Kanpur which are best for couples. So, Hurry up and plan your trip Today to Kanpur.

What are some popular outdoor photography spots in Kanpur?

Some amazing outdoor photography spots in Kanpur are Moti Jheel, Kanpur Zoo, Nana Rao Park and many more.

Are there any historic sites in Kanpur that are good for photography?

Yes there are so many historic sites in Kanpur like- Mahatma Gandhi Park, Shri Radhakrishna Temple, ISKCON Temple and so many others.

Where can I find good indoor photography locations in Kanpur?

Yes there are so many photography locations like- ISKCON Temple, Nana Rao Park and so many others.

Are there any unique or lesser-known photography spots in Kanpur?

Most of the sites are famous in Kanpur for photography. But lesser is Mahatma Gandhi Park, and so many more.

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