Top Photography Spots In London: Capturing London

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The city of London is full of Instagram-able places, exploring the city of London through the lens of a camera is a charming experience, offering a variety of photogenic spots that showcase the city’s rich history, diverse culture and stunning architecture. From royal palaces to modern houses, there are plenty of photographic opportunities waiting to be captured, listing the best places to visit in London

Join us as we travel the streets where the echoes of street performers blend with the scent of fresh bloom or climb up into the heights of shards for a beautiful view of the horizon. Each location offers its unique perspective on the vibrant life in the capital.

Whether you are an experienced photographer looking to capture the city’s most photogenic sports or a casual enthusiast looking to explore its visual delights there is something here for everyone.

So grab your camera and prepare to be inspired as we commence our visual journey through the heart of London, where every frame tells a story and every click of the shutter captures a moment of duty that will last a lifetime through Europe tour packages!

The top 15 photography spots in London

  • The Big Ben & Westminster Bridge
  • King Charles Street
  • The London Eye from Waterloo Bridge
  • The city of London from St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tower Bridge & Tower of London 
  • Canary Wharf
  • Notting Hill
  • Covent Garden & Piccadilly
  • Shoreditch & Brick Lane 
  • Buckingham Palace 
  • Shad Thames
  • Millenium Bridge
  • Regent Park
  • Columbia Road Flower Market
  • The Serpentine Gallery

1. The Big Ben & Westminster Bridge


The Big Ben and Westminster Bridge is a great location to capture a cool bridge shot leading you across the river Thames to the Elizabeth Tower. The best time to photograph in the spot is after sunset or during summer when the sun sets on either side of the tower only reducing the dynamic range just enough to capture the colours of sunset and architecture on the far side of the river. Start at the Houses of Parliament, then follow the river Thames to Big Ben for a tour of London’s most iconic monuments. Stop at a classic red telephone booth along the way for a must-have Instagram photo.

2. King Charles Street


Situated just a few steps across Westminster Bridge, the famous Kings Charles Street is the real underdog photography spot in London. It has been used in many Hollywood movies, such as Sherlock Holmes, Avengers and many more. This is a great spot to capture the field of old central London and is conveniently located near the tube with a lovely vantage point of the London Eye, parliament buildings and Big Ben.

3. The London Eye from Waterloo Bridge


It’s always good to find different and unique views of iconic locations. The London Eye is the third location of the best photography spots in London. You get a fantastic view looking down the river Thames and slightly behind the London Eye provides a different perspective. This location is also fantastic for long-exposure shots. Sunsets are the right time to capture the beauty of this spot from Waterloo Bridge.

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4. The city of London from St. Paul’s Cathedral


This is the oldest viewpoint in London. The best thing about this location is the 360° view you get around London. You can capture the city, the shard and around the other side you capture Tate’s modern and London eye. To get to the top of the Cathedral storm you need to be fit and be able to climb 528 steps. Although it costs around £17 to visit the Cathedral it is surely worth it.

5. Tower Bridge & Tower of London


Tower Bridge is an iconic structure that you can simply admire from the outside. Be sure to walk over the bridge too! It’s also possible to visit inside, where you can see Victorian engine rooms or walk over the glass walkway and admire nice views of the river and the city. Photographers can capture stunning shots of the bridge from various viewpoints along the river banks, especially during sunrise or sunset when the sky is filled with colours.

6. Canary Wharf


The spot has an epic view of the Canary Wharf over The Isle of Dogs and the best photography spots in London. It’s a great spot to capture the high-rise buildings such as one Canada Square and with the still waters in the Blackwall basin, you can capture some cool reflections which is not normally possible along the river Thames due to its choppy waters. An early morning shoot is a good time to capture this scene as the sun will light the front of the buildings.

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7. Notting Hill


The famous Portobello Road runs almost the entire length of Notting Hill, and it is a must-visit on Saturdays when it is overtaken by stalls selling everything from pastries to vintage clothing antiques in one of London’s most famous street markets. St. Luke’s Mews has the famous pink house from the motion picture, Love Actually. Notting Hill certainly does not disappoint with the rows of colourful houses in an area of eastern colours that offers an incredible variety of Instagram-worthy photography spots in London.

8. Covent Garden & Piccadilly


The perfect stop to discover along Covent Garden and Piccadilly route, Trafalgar Square is the central hub of London’s cultural west end. Is just a short walk from Leicester Square cinemas and theatres, as well as home to the beautiful National Gallery. This is also a perfect spot to walk towards Buckingham Palace with a view of the London Eye along the way. Photographers can explore its lanes, and streets and capture candid moments of everyday life against the backdrop of colourful shop fronts and street art.

9. Shoreditch & Brick Lane


For unique vibes in central London, we recommend Shoreditch, filled with colourful graffiti, gritty streets and lively buzz. Don’t miss Spitalfields Market, a covered market – perfect for browsing local arts, vintage items, and more. Creative types and tech heads have recently breathed new life into this unique corner of London where curry houses, street art and trendsetters coexist in a uniquely vibrant scene. The Barbican centre is the perfect addition to Brick Lane and Spitalfields route.

10. Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace is not only the official residence of the British monarch but also a symbol of the nation’s monarchy and heritage and a must-visit photography spots in London. When you look at the spectacular building, check out the flagpole on the top. When it flies day and night, it implies that the Queen is at home. 

If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of her or other members of the royal family on the central balcony. When the Queen is away, especially when she visits her summer Palace in Scotland, you may visit the Queen’s Gallery and staterooms. The best place to be is Victoria Memorial, which is located right in front of the main gate of Buckingham Palace. From here, you can take a few obligatory pictures of the palace. Photographers can capture the palace’s grand facades, ornate gates and the iconic changing-of-the-guard ceremony, which takes place in the forecourt.

11. Shad Thames


One of the most iconic symbols of London, Tower Bridge boldly spans the river Thames, but if you dig a bit deeper you will discover one of the favourite London spots on Tower Bridge Road, Shad Thames which is the best photography spot in London.

It has the super industrial old London look and feel because the buildings along this historic street are all original and date back to the 1900’s. Kings and the bridges that connect them were once used for manufacturing and shipping tea leaves. When the tide is low you can get some cracking low shots close to Tower Bridge.

12. Millenium Bridge


Remember the final movie of Harry Potter where the bridge was destroyed? The real bridge is as perfect as ever, offering a picturesque view of St Paul’s Cathedral from the bridge. Whether capturing the bridge’s graceful curves or the waters of Tales, the Millennium Bridge serves as a focal point for photographers. From dawn’s soft hues to golden glow, each moment offers a new perspective of this landmark, making it a must-visit photography spot in London.

13. Regent Park


Situated between the city of Westminster and the borough of Camden lies a picturesque park in the middle of an urban metropolis. Regent Park is one of the many royal parks in London and has beautifully manicured landscaping and regal touches with flowing fountains and winding pathways. If you are looking for an intimate and Sweet Escape of the city feeling this is the place.

14. Columbia Road Flower Market


Columbia Road Flower Market is a riot of colours and scents situated in London’s east end and is a photographer’s paradise brimming with energy and visual delight. Every Sunday, the narrow street bursts into life as traders display their blooms. From close-up shots of delicate petals to candid portraits of bustling crowds, there is endless inspiration to be found among the floral displays and bustling atmosphere. The market mix of flowers, plants and foliage offers a rich variety of textures and colours to explore and the best photography spots in London.

15. The Serpentine Gallery


Situated in the Kensington Gardens, the Serpentine Gallery called Saud to the photographers with its striking architecture and dynamic art exhibitions. Designed by renowned architects, the gallery’s sleek lines and minimalist design provide a captivating backdrop for photography, offering endless opportunities to capture the interplay of light, shadow and space. From thought-provoking installations to striking sculptures each exhibit offers a unique narrative waiting to be explored through the lens of a camera and is one the best photography spots in London.

Can you recommend the top photography spots in London?

The top photography spots in London are Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Notting Hill, and Covent Garden.

What is the best time of day for photography in London?

The best time of the day for photography in London depends on the scene you want to capture. Early morning provides Soft light, ideal for capturing pictures without distractions. The golden hour which is shortly before sunset is perfect for creating atmospheric shots. 

Do I need permission to photograph in London?

Generally, permissions are not required to photograph in public places. However, if you want to photograph inside museums or privately owned buildings it is advisable to check their photography policies.

What photography equipment should I bring to London?

When visiting London for photography, bring out what’s the tile camera with interchangeable lenses. A wide-angle lens is great for capturing expensive landscapes while a telephoto lens allows you to zoom in on distant details. Don’t forget to bring spare batteries, memory card lens cleaning equipment and a sturdy tripod.

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