Pierchic Dubai: The Top Culinary Haven By The Arabian Gulf!

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When it comes to Dubai it gives multiple reasons to visit this iconic desert jewel. From adventure activities to dining at the edge of luxury one thing to be added to your Dubai tour package is the visit to Pierchic Dubai. Not only does this place offer a world-class dining experience but also has picturesque views of the Arabian oceans and bustling city landscapes.

Whether you’re celebrating love, sealing a business deal, or simply indulging in the finer things in life, Pierchic promises an exquisite culinary experience. Complement your visit with a rooftop bar in Dubai to enjoy panoramic views and signature cocktails, making your Dubai tour truly unforgettable in Pierchic Dubai.

Let’s get into insights into reasons to visit, the best time to visit Pierchic Restaurant and the delights to try!

About Pierchic Dubai


Pierchic Dubai is one of the top-notch seafood restaurants nestled at the end of picturesque Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah In Dubai. Dining in Pierchic restaurant is surely a unique experience with the serene views of the Arabian Gulf all around you. Most of the visitors opt for this place especially to arrange romantic dinners, special events like marriage proposals, corporate meetings, and also anniversaries. 

This place’s interiors have a very lavish set-up with an atmosphere that is perfect to blend for any event, for this reason, it got awarded with many various segments like Michelin star rated, food service, reputation, ambience and quality services. Pierchic Dubai restaurant menu is under the quality guidance of a famous chef Beatrice Segoni and a team accompanied by all the world-class level trained chefs which makes the food the right option to try. The food cooked will be the freshest all the time to create that delicacy ensuring a top-class experience.

How To Get To Pierchic Dubai?


Pierchic Restaurant lies within the Madinat Jumeirah Complex, one of the best places to visit in Dubai. You can reach them via public transport to Madinat, the most convenient way for its visitors to reach this place is to take a private taxi or a car. 

The moment you arrive at Al Qasr Hotel, you need to take a complimentary golf cart service that will transport you to the stay amidst the route of the serene pier and the Arabian Gulf. If you are entering with a private car, valet parking is available at the Al Qasr Hotel at Madinat Jumeirah then you can take a walkway.

Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai Menu

Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai Menu has a diverse range of selections under the guidance of world-class chefs to maintain its culinary value. Some of the must try’s are as follows:

Starters At Pierchic Dubai Restaurant

1. Lobster Bisque


This is a rich and creamy soup flavoured with brandy and served with spicy lobster medallions making it a special try in the started menu.

2. Tuna Tartare


Here this is a flavourful starter in Pierchic Dubai with a supple blend of freshly caught Tuna fish mixed with Avocado. The taste is enhanced for this item by the final touch of soy-lime dressing.

3. Oysters


This is a traditional starter item served out from freshly shucked oysters from the Arabian Gulf and accompanied by ice crystals.

Best Items In Maincouse At Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai

1. Lobster Thermidor


Unique cuisine carved out from the Lobster tail cooked in a creamy cheese and mustard sauce with a mix of veggies.

2. Grilled Sea Bass


​This is a grilled fillet with seasonal vegetables and a lemon butter sauce.

3. King Prawns


This item is served with king-sized prawns seasoned with essential sauces, garlic and herb butter. 

You can finish off your dinner with the best desserts like Valrhona chocolate, Passion fruit cheesecake and many more.

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Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai Price

Dining at Pierchic is a luxury experience with premium quality, for a general idea starter here, costs around AED 100-280, the main course is AED 250-500 and desserts are around AED 50-130. These prices can vary with the seasons and the beverages you pick.

Timings Of Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai

Pierchic restaurant in Dubai has specific timing:

  • Lunch: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM(Saturday to Thursday)
  • Dinner: 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM(Regular) 
  • Friday Brunch: 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

Best Time To Visit Pierchic Restaurant

The best time to visit Pierchic restaurant is in the cooler months of October to April. During this frame the weather is pleasant, making the dining experience more flavourful with the hot servings.

Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai Booking

You can confirm your booking at Perchic Restaurant in Dubai online through the official website or by phone call via +971 4 432 3232 to speak with the reservation team. You can also email restaurants@jumeirah.com for advance bookings.

Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai Reservation

Source: Luxury Concierge Service

Pierchic restaurant in Dubai reservation has some stipulated rules where you need to specify guest count, and special event requests prior. As the food comes as a complimentary with the stay you can customise your menu with your preferences and the occasions. With the Michelin star services prior reservations can let you have a memorable experience with the lip-smacking foods in Dubai.

Pierchic Restaurant In Dubai Business Lunch

Pierchic offers a business lunch specially designed for corporate meetups with an eloquent dining setting. This can be reserved prior with the slots available from Saturday to Thursday from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM. This business lunch also comes with the stay option if opted along with the customised choices.

Places To Visit Near Pierchic Restaurant


Here are a few of the best places to visit near Pierchic Restaurant:

  1. Burj Al Arab: Burj Al Arab is a sail-shaped luxury stay best-in-class for food and stroll.
  2. Wild Wadi Waterpark: Very near to the Jumeriah beach this place offers a cool-down time in the water-filled adventures.
  3. Mall Of The Emirates: Being the largest shopping mall with a wide range of fulfilling options this is one of the best places to visit near Pierchic restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring 1-year-old to a Pierchic restaurant?

Yes! You can bring your 1-year-old to a Pierchic restaurant.

Do Pierchic restaurants serve alcohol?

Yes! Pierchic Dubai offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages that includes wine, cocktails and spirits.

Is the Pierchic restaurant halal?

Yes! Pierchic restaurant serves halal food abiding by all Islamic traditions.

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