7 Places In The World Where Taking Selfies Is Forbidden

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We have been taking selfies since the invention of front cameras on our smartphones. Selfies are the best way to capture the moment with you in it. Little do people know that taking selfies is banned in some places. Found it strange? Well, it’s true. Some events that included people dying while taking selfies led to banning it. In some places, they are banned to protect people and, in some, to preserve the beauty of the place by not confining it in a picture. Here is a list of some places where it’s completely illegal to click selfies.

Saudi Arabia


Seeing the recent trends among people capturing selfies in front of Mecca, the Saudi Government has banned clicking pictures in Masjid-al-Haram, the Grand Mosque in Mecca and Masjid-an-Nabawi. The government has stated that it is a holy journey and taking pictures to flex on social media is disrespectful. Thus, if required, anyone caught taking pictures at the holy site will have their phones confiscated.

Lake Tahoe In California

Image Source : wikipedia.org

Seeing the rise in tourists taking pictures with wild bears, officials have banned taking selfies to protect the tourists. These restless travellers have been seen rushing towards the bears to take some good pictures to post on the internet while risking their lives. The ban has been imposed keeping in view the safety of the people as they have been getting very close to the wild animals, which could be life-threatening.

The Japan Railway


Taking selfies with selfie sticks has been banned across West Japan Railway Company. It is said that people could get electrocuted by using the selfie stick even if it doesn’t touch the wire. The Railway Company has imposed a ban on 1195 stations out of 1222 stations for the safety of the people. Apart from being electrocuted, you could also fall on the tracks while taking selfies on a crowded platform. 

The Angry Running Bulls In Spain

Image Source : BBC

We have all heard of the Running of the Bulls Event in Spain or at least seen it in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. If you are clueless about it, then let me tell you it is a popular event that takes place in Spain where some very adventurous bunch of people run in front of the angry bulls who are after their lives. The one who lasts till the end is considered the winner. Thus taking Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara seriously, Spain officials have banned taking pictures at the event of the running bull because of the chaotic surroundings, and most of the time, people who are not careful and want to take selfies with the bull often fall and lose their life. To avoid such accidents, anyone caught taking selfies at the event will be charged a hefty fine of €3000.

Garoupe Beach In France

Image Source : tripadvisor

Like all anti-social people who don’t like posting pictures and videos of themselves on social media to let everyone know what they are up to and where they are travelling, the authorities banned people from taking pictures at Garoupe Beach in Southern France. The authorities of Garoupe Beach in France have stopped people from bragging about their holiday because the beach is a haven, and it’s not something to brag about; instead, just enjoy and live in the moment and breathe in as much beauty as you can while you are still there. So give your cameras some rest and live in the moment.

Tower Of London

Image Source : wikipedia.org

The Tower of London is famous for housing the jewel house that contains the famous Kohinoor Diamond, which has been a controversial matter in countries such as India, Iran, Afghanistan, and the Taliban have claimed ownership of the Kohinoor Diamond. Photography at the Jewel House is strictly forbidden for security risks. There are approximately 100 CCTV cameras and several guards who watch your every move. No one can click pictures or take videos at the jewel house with the precious gems; doing so would land you in big trouble. 

New York 

Image Source : wikipedia.org

New York, the dream of many travellers, is the tourist hotspot, for it has plenty of things to offer. However, with the rising number of selfies over the internet with big cats at zoos, carnivals, etc., the authorities have banned clicking pictures with the animals, keeping in view the safety and security of the people.


So before visiting a place, try doing a little background check of the place and see what’s allowed and what’s not. Taking selfies at places where it’s illegal will land you in trouble, and you may end up paying a fine for it, making your peaceful holiday a nightmare. Thus, give your pouting duck face some rest and keep the camera away for a while and capture a few things in your eyes, which by the way, is better than any camera in the world. 

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