15 Best Places To Eat In Begalkot: A Foodie’s Top Picks

 In Bagalkot, karnataka, places to eat

Bagalkot, a single district with a variety of features, is situated along the banks of the River Ghataprabha. Containing a range of historical and scenic views, the district provides you with stunning food joints and eateries, where you can satisfy your food palette, along with your adventurous nature. Places to eat in Bagalkot are varied, and you can choose from Bagalkot vegetarian restaurants to Bagalkot non-vegetarian restaurants. 

Among the wide number of Places to eat in Bagalkot, below are the top 15 Places to eat in Bagalkot, which you can avail of during your trip

1. Food Mama

Food Mama in bagalkot

In the Bagalkot Locality, Food Mama offers a range of North Indian, Maharashtrian, and Chinese dishes. This is one of the famous Bagalkot cafes that offers a fusion of local and international flavours. From shawarma to combo meals, the restaurant is one of the main places to eat in Bagalkot. Accompaniments like mixed, boondi, jeera raita and other forms of refreshing dishes are also provided by these types of Bagalkot eateries. 

Location: 21st Main Rd, Opp. beside of Panjurli hotel, Vidayagiri

Special Food: Maharashtrian cuisines 

Price for Two: ₹400-₹500

2. Rajadhani Restaurant

It serves as a Bagalkot vegetarian restaurant, and capturing both the North Indian and the Chinese dishes at Bagalkot, Rajadhani Restaurant provides in house, dine in and delivery services in the region. Being one of the places to eat in Bagalkot, the restaurant offers mouthwatering dishes containing a variety of options for you to choose your own desired items, and opt for the various offers. Bagalkot vegetarian restaurants is gemmed with this place. 

Location: Sector 4, Nava Nagar, Bagalkot

Special Food: Gobi Manchurian with Mushroom Soup, Veg Schezwan Fried Rice, 

Price for Two: ₹300-₹400

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3. KAMAT Annaleela – A Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

KAMAT Annaleela in bagalkot

KAMAT Annaleela provides pure vegetarian food among the huge variations of the Bagalkot restaurants and Bagalkot eateries. Both local cuisine, Chinese and North Indian options are available in its dining options. You can also opt for delivery from the food joint, while you rest in the luxury of your homes and hotels at this place to eat in Bagalkot.

Location: Below Akshaya Lodge, Sector 22, Nava Nagar

Special Food from Bagalkot food outlets: North Indian thalis, Jolada Rotti Meal, Kamat Special Veg Biryani

Price for Two: ₹200-₹400

4. The Same Place

The Same Place, a Bagalkot non-vegetarian restaurant, is one of the key food joints and eateries in Bagalkot The Pure Veg Restaurant will provide you with North Indian, Chinese and lip smacking biryanis. You can savour the cuisines at a low cost while enjoying both the open air and the indoor option in the food joint. This place provides pure vegetarian food among the huge variations of the Bagalkot restaurants

Location: 3rd Cross Rd, opp. v block, Vidayagiri

Special Food: Veg Fried Rice, Manchow Soup, Paneer Pahadi

Price for Two: ₹350-₹400

5. Pakwann Restaurant

Pakwann Restaurant in bagalkot

Pakwann Restaurant is a major food joint and chain and hails to be one of the key places to eat in Bagalkot. It contains vegetarian options, and you will be able to enjoy a range of beverages, pizzas, Chinese dishes, Bakery items and Indian cuisines. The fresh food and the delicious dishes from the Bagalkot food outlet of Pakwann Restaurant are a favourite of both the locals and the tourists.

Location: Hotel Pakwann, Vidyagiri, Bagalkot

Special Food: Strawberry ecstasy, Candied hazelnut, Cheese pav bhaji, Paneer noodles

Price for Two: ₹200-₹400


This one of the famous Bagalkot food joints offers a variety of cuisines, such as Chinese, Punjabi and South Indian, with SeaFood, Barbeque options. However, it is a key restaurant to visit in Bagalkot as the Bagalkot local cuisine and the delicious Andhra cuisine are served by the food stall, at this Bagalkot non-vegetarian restaurant. 

Location: 19 main cross, road, Engineering College Cir, Vidayagiri

Special Food: Biryani, Palak chicken, Guntur chicken

Price for Two: ₹400-₹600

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7. I-Scream

I-Scream in bagalkot

I-Scream is a major Bagalkot food joint to offers pizzas, fast food, burgers, snacks, and beverages. The joint is seen to offer mouthwatering junk food to consumers, and you can consider this to be a key place to eat in Bagalkot. This Bagalkot food outlet also offers Shravan Special options such as Mango and Strawberry Mild Milkshake. This place is listed as one of the famous Bagalkot food joints. 

Location: Vidayagiri, Bagalkot

Special Food: Burger, Gelato, Shakes, Coolers,Joy Box

Price for Two: ₹600-₹800

8. R R Bar And Family Garden Restaurant

R R Bar And Family Garden Restaurant is one of the mesmerising restaurants to visit in Bagalkot, which will capture your senses with their sensational food, a variety of alcohol, beer, and finger food options. It serves as a food joint providing international cuisine such as Spanish and European styles of dishes.

Location: Lokapur, Bagalkot Belgaum Road, Lokapur Bagalkot

Special Food from Bagalkot food outlets: Chicken tandoori, polao, 

Price for Two: ₹800-₹1000

9. Surabhi Restaurant

Restaurant in bagalkot

Being one of the places to eat in Bagalkot, Surabhi Restaurant is a food outlet serving both North Indian dishes and the local cuisine of Karnataka. This Bagalkot restaurant provides you with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, such as meat, fish, and vegetables, which will ravish your food palette.

Location: Navanagar, Bagalkot

Special Food: Baby Corn Manchurian, Mutton Chilli, Chicken Lemon

Price for Two: ₹500-₹600

10. Hotel Gurupriya

Among Places to eat in Bagalkot, Hotel Gurupriya, a key Bagalkot food joint, is a restaurant to visit in Bagalkot as it offers vegan options, with Indian dishes, South Indian, and regional specialities. The spacious Bagalkot eatery helps in supporting Bagalkot local cuisine, as they specialise in delicacies made from ragi, jowar, and rice. This Bagalkot dining option also serves alcohol, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian bites, which will help you relax and fulfil your tummy. 

Location: Lokapur, Bagalkot

Special Food: Dosa, Idli, Butter naan 

Price for Two: ₹300-₹400

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11. Shivasagar Hotel

Shivasagar Hotel

Bagalkot dining options are presented with mouth-watering dishes that make you feel delighted and are served at Shivasagar Hotel. Impressive dining tables, an interior equipped with amazing lights are present in the restaurant, which offers a range of Bagalkot local cuisine. The eatery also provides North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese options, which will attract you to try out a variety of their dishes. 

Location: Simikeri, Karnataka

Special Food: Spring roll, Fried Rice, Idli, Vada pao

Price for Two: ₹200-₹300

12. Hotel The Second Wife

From this hotel, Bagalkot dining options include Biryani, Punjabi, South Indian, Mughlai, Barbeque, North Indian, Bengali, Indian, Tandoori, Continental and an extensive range of food options are available here, at The Second Wife. Vegan choices are available at this Bagalkot food joint, which even offers a Midnight Buffet to quench your midnight food cravings. Take-aways are also available, which will help you to traverse their delicacies at your trips from this place to eat in Bagalkot.

Location: Mudhol, Bagalkot

Special Food: Polao, Biriyani, Chicken tandoori, chicken steak

Price for Two: ₹600-₹700

13. Hotel Annapurneshwari Family Restaurant

Hotel Annapurneshwari Family Restaurant

This Bagalkot restaurant offers multi cuisine choices to you, such as North Indian, South Indian and Chinese dishes. The Bagalkot food stall incorporates both the modern and the traditional vibes at Bagalkot, where the food is served in banana leaf, and you can relish the food with the local style of eating. It is a Bagalkot vegetarian restaurant, and the beverages are served to quench your thirst Breads, Rolls and noodles, with thali options can fill your stomach. 

Location: Muragod residency, Jamkhandi 

Special Food: Veg Kerala Soup, Veg Banjara, Paneer Tikka Masala

Price for Two: ₹300-₹400

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14. Meat and Eat

Amongst the places to eat in Bagalkot, this Bagalkot food stall is a prime Bagalkot eatery and food joint. Offering junk and fast food options, you can even go for biryanis, if you want to. Being a major one amongst the Bagalkot non-vegetarian restaurants, the eatery will capture your palette with their Grillicken Flamy Wings, Chicken Bucket, Mixed Veg Momo.

Location: Near Engineering College Circle, Vijay Nagar

Special Food: Burger, Chicken Bucket ( Peri-Peri Glazed )

Price for Two: ₹300-₹500

15. Royal Family Dhaba

Royal Family Dhaba

Royal Family Dhaba is one of Bagalkot’s prime dining options and one of the main places to eat in Bagalkot. Among the Bagalkot restaurants which serve both vegetarian and non- vegetarian food, this Bagalkot food joint provides a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, South Indian, North Indian and local cuisines of Karnataka. Offering decent food at reasonable prices, the Royal Family Dhaba promotes home-style cooking with fresh ingredients and traditional flavours.

Location: Gaddankeri,Bagalkot 

Special Food: Butter chicken, Tandoori chicken, Chicken Manchurian 

Price for Two: ₹300-₹400

For you to capture the essence of Bagalkot, trying out the Bagalkot food stalls and the Bagalkot restaurants as the prime places, outside bakeries and cafes, as places to eat in Bagalkot will help you to enrich your palette with South Indian cuisine. The culinary adventure will excite your taste buds and make you unravel the South Indian cooking style, traversing through Dosa, idli, and Bisi Bele Bath. The rich blend of flavours and spices will surely promote their rich cultural heritage and exotic food culture. 

What are the best restaurants to try local cuisine in Bagalkot, Karnataka?

The key restaurants which can be availed by you, when you visit the northern part of Karnataka, at the mesmerising scenes of Bagalkot are Pakwann Restaurant, Hotel Annapurneshwari Family Restaurant, and Kamat Annaleela. These places have been seen to offer a variety of spicy and tangy food options and capture your palette.

Are there any vegetarian-friendly options available in Bagalkot?

Same Place: The Find Dine Pure Veg Restaurant, Hotel Shanti Nagar and The President Hotel are the vegetarian-friendly options available in Bagalkot, where you can meet your dietary cravings.

Can I find international cuisine restaurants in Bagalkot?

Bagalkot offers a variety of cuisines, ranging from local cooking to international dishes. AMOGHAM multi cuisine Family Restaurant, Food Mama and Food Heritage have been seen to provide international cuisine to the consumers. You will be able to satisfy your needs for a multi-cuisine style of cooking and entitle your palette to the distinct flavours of abroad.

Where can I enjoy the best street food experience in Bagalkot?

Basaveshwara Market and Gandhi Chowk Market are the two key markets in the town for you to avail the best kind of street food experience, as they are filled with local delights such as Tattida Rotti, Khara Pud, Nucchina Undi and similar others.

Are there any famous food stalls or food markets in Bagalkot?

Among Bagalkot food stalls, Basaveshwara Market and Gandhi Chowk Market, are a treasure trove of street food delights, offering a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget, where you can indulge in the exquisite flavours of street food.

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