A Food Lover’s Guide- 10 Places to Eat in Kargil

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Visited Kargil? Now confused about where to eat? No worries, let’s discuss together the top places to eat in Kargil where you can taste everything from international to local ladakhi dishes. Kargil is often celebrated for its breathtaking scenery and rich cultural heritage, its culinary scene is a journey waiting to be explored. 

Whether you are an experienced traveller or a first-timer on your Ladakh package, finding good restaurants in Kargil is an experience that will make you happy and the craving for more will disappear. 

So here in this blog let’s go on a gastronomic adventure at Kargil as we unveil the top restaurants in this charming city. From quaint hidden gems serving traditional local viharas to bustling restaurants serving a variety of international dishes, Kargil has it all, so prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable culinary experience. Without further ado, let’s explore the fascinating world of Ladakhi food on this Kargil trip!

Finding the right Places to eat in Kargil 


Venturing into this enchanting city, one discovers that its delightful cuisine is as delicious as its stunning scenery. Blending scenery with flavours influenced by the rich cultural fabric of the region. 

Kargil’s restaurants offer a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Let’s embark on a journey for do not focus on Kargil’s top restaurants, and we guarantee that your culinary experience is as rewarding as you feel like exploring.

Poyen Restaurant

This elegant restaurant is known for its inviting atmosphere and welcoming staff. At Poyen, you can enjoy a delicious selection of food ranging from local specialities to Indian and Chinese delicacies.

 It is an ideal place to relax and unwind after a day of exploring the wonders of Kargil. A classic dish at Poyen that you absolutely must try is their buttermilk chicken served freshly baked. The tender chicken mix with a sweet and creamy sauce is simply irresistible and will definitely leave you wanting more.

Shubham Hotel and Restaurant


Shubham Hotel & Restaurant shines brightly for vegetarians and meat lovers. It is a culinary haven with a wide variety of food options to please everyone. Their tandoori specials and kebabs stand out as crowd favourites, perfectly garnished with a rich blend of spices, making it one of the best restaurants to eat in Kargil. 

Whether you’re craving a filling vegetarian meal or a mouthwatering meaty dessert, Shubham has just the right menu to satisfy your cravings. Let’s talk about the menu at Shubham – it’s quite a sight to behold! 

They have a wide variety of foods that can satisfy almost any craving you have. Whether you’re in the mood for a heavy vegetarian feast or prefer juicy or savory meats, you’ve got you covered. 

Now let me tell you that their tandoori specials and kebabs are all the rage among customers, and it’s no wonder why. These desserts are presented with such elegance, blending a variety of spices that really bring out each ingredient.

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Hotel D’Zojila

Enjoy a culinary adventure blending local and global flavours at Hotel D’Jozila in the heart of Kargil. Attracting a mix of locals and tourists, this Restaurant in Kargil offers a menu that includes authentic Kaldakhi cuisine, favourite Indian specialties, and popular Chinese delights.

This place can be considered as one of the best dinner restaurants in Kargil District. The atmosphere exudes warmth and hospitality, and it creates a great atmosphere where you can relax while enjoying delicious food. Don’t miss their sweet momos and sweet spitpa which are highly appreciated for their authentic comforting taste.

Pasgo Hotel and Restaurant in Kargil


Located in Kargil, Pasgo Hotel and Restaurant is widely acclaimed for its elegant hospitality and delicious food, solidifying its position as a major travel destination The establishment serves a wide range of tastes with a varied menu of Ladakhi, Indian and continental delicacies. 

A highlight is their biryani which is known for its burst of flavours and aromatic spices which has earned a special place in the hearts of patrons. This culinary delight is compounded by the friendly and welcoming attitude of the staff, and it enhances the overall dining experience with a warm, luxurious touch thus making it best when you are on a family trip to Ladakh.

Hotel Chhutuk Heights

Located in the scenic surroundings of Kargil, Hotel Chutuk Heights not only offers breathtaking views but also offers a culinary journey like no other. If you combine traditional Kaldakhi cuisine with the best of Indian cuisine, this restaurant allows you to taste local flavours in awe-inspiring surroundings. 

One of the standout items on their menu is the delicious grilled trout, known for its freshness, flavour and flawlessness. Eating at Chutuk Heights is more than just food; It is an emotional journey that captures your taste buds and more.

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New Siachen Hotel and Restaurant


Nestled within the cosy embrace of New Siachen Hotel & Restaurant, a soft warm feeling surrounds you, attracting locals for many reasons – from its intimate setting to its menus encompassing daily fare and special occasions around. 

Whether dining alone or with partners, the welcoming service and elegant atmosphere promise an unforgettable experience. The main highlight of their menu is the Mutton Rogan Josh, a dish that boasts of succulent meat in a sweet and savoury gravy, carefully crafted to arouse your taste buds. 

Adding to this savoury delight is their pillow-soft naan bread, which makes for an unbeatable combination that will surely leave you craving for more. Vegetables offered in New Siachen are equally interesting. The delicious cheese dishes are a true showcase of the restaurant’s culinary prowess. 

Full of fragrant spices and perfectly prepared, these dishes give your palate a sweet and savoury journey. Whether you indulge in the hot and smoky flavours of paneer tikka or crave for creamy, spicy paneer butter, there is a way to satisfy every fan of this culinary gem

Royal Gasho Hotel

If you are looking for an exotic dining experience, look no further than the Royal Gasho Hotel. This place is one of the best hotels in Kargil and has a beautiful location that is especially good for an evening out, enhancing any meal in a sophisticated setting. 

Upon entering the beautifully designed restaurant, guests are met with elegant furnishings and a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that creates an unforgettable culinary journey. Royal Gasho’s menu features an interesting blend of Ladakhi, Indian and Chinese cuisine, and each dish was prepared with great care and attention. 

Each bite is a harmonious blend of well-chosen flavours and fresh ingredients. Whether indulging in a spicy curry or nibbling on a beautiful Chinese stew, the culinary offerings at Royal Gasho never fail to capture the appeal of Ladakhi specialties that reflect the cultural flavours of the region while Indian Chinese cuisine offers familiar but elegantly reimagined classics.

Kargil Continental


In the heart of Kargil is a gem called Kargil Continental, a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike with delicious food and an inviting atmosphere As you walk through its doors, you are enveloped in a cosy yet friendly atmosphere that feels like an instant warm hug from home. 

Whether you want to relax with your mates over a healthy meal or clean up between adventures, this cafe in Kargil caters for everyone. The menu at Kargil Continental is an eclectic mix, with a variety of dishes designed to please a variety of palates. Crowd favourites include their thukpa chow men and entertainment. 

Thukpa, a soul-soothing noodle soup stuffed with vegetables and sometimes meat, is the perfect remedy for cold days in Kargil. Its rich and complex flavour, combined with a soul-forgettable broth, makes this a go-to. 

In contrast, Chow Men offers an incredible range of steamed noodles stuffed with a variety of vegetables or meats that explode in your taste buds with every bite, leaving you craving for more culinary adventure.

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Zimskhang Restaurant

Tucked away inside the Zimskhang Hotel, the Zimskhang Restaurant offers an attractive dining experience in Kargil. As you walk in, you are greeted with a relaxed and intimate atmosphere that invites you to relax and enjoy your meal at your own pace. 

The warm atmosphere, with soft lighting and comfortable seating, creates a relaxed dining experience that feels like a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the street The menu of Zimskhang Restaurant is a treasure trove of flavours, showcasing a mix of local and international dishes that appeal to a variety of tastes. 

One of the highlights of this restaurant in Kargil is its yak cheese dishes that offer a unique and delicious flavour of the region’s culinary heritage. Be it the Yak Cheese Momos, melted and delicious, or the Yak Cheese Salad made with fresh local vegetables, these dishes are a must-try for anyone who wants to explore the local cuisine of Kargil. What really makes dining in Zimskhang special is not just the food but also the hospitality. 

The staff is welcoming and attentive, making sure each guest feels cared for throughout the meal. Whether you are a solo traveller looking for a quiet dinner or a group looking to get together for a memorable meal, this restaurant in Kargil offers an atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.

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Saichen Multi Cuisine Restaurant


Saichen Multi Cuisine Restaurant stands out as a paradise for foodies looking for rich and varied cuisine in Kargil. Once inside, you are relaxed and welcome laying the foundation for an unforgettable dining trip. The spacious and elegant layout of the restaurant is ideal for a relaxing meal with your companions. 

What sets Saichen apart is an extensive menu designed to appeal to a variety of palates. Whether you enjoy traditional Indian spices, savoury Chinese dishes, or comforting continental dishes, there’s something to please every taste. Their menu is a feast for them a they tour the globe, offering a stunning selection that highlights the best of each culinary heritage. 

One of Saichen’s star attractions is its aromatic chicken curry, a favourite comfort food that captivates with its elegant and aromatic presentation. Adding freshly baked naan bread makes for an irresistible combination. The Chinese selection is equally impressive, including timeless favourites like fried rice and Manchurian, carefully crafted with authentic flavours that burst with every bite making it one of the best restaurants to eat in Kargil.

Where can I try local Ladakhi food in Kargil?

There are multiple places to try local Ladakhi food in Kargil.

Do restaurants in Kargil accept credit cards?

Yes some restaurants in Kargil accept credit cards but most places don’t carry cash.

Are there any restaurants with a view in Kargil?

Yes there are multiple restaurants with a good view in Kargil.

What are some highly recommended places to eat near popular attractions in Kargil?

Some of the highly recommended places are Pasgo Hotel, Hotel Chhutuk, New Siachen Hotel, etc. 

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