Authentic Delight 2024: 18 Must-Try Places To Eat In Kerala

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Kerala, The God’s Own Country on the southwestern coast of India, is a tropical paradise that captivates visitors with its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and rich heritage. Fondly known as “God’s Own Country,” Kerala’s lush landscapes, pristine beaches, tranquil backwaters, and lively festivals create a tapestry of experiences that leave an indelible mark on every traveller. Kerala Trip Packages promises you an amazing experience to relish for life.

With its diverse ecosystems, Kerala offers a symphony of sights and sounds. Verdant tea plantations carpet rolling hills, while serene backwaters across the land invite you to embark on leisurely houseboat cruises. You can visit the best places in Kerala for a fantastic experience. The state’s pristine beaches stretch along the Arabian Sea, providing idyllic relaxation and water sports spots.

Kerala’s cultural heritage is equally beautiful. Its harmonious blend of religions, traditions, and languages is showcased in its festivals, art forms, and architecture. From the iconic Kathakali dance to the soothing strains of classical music, the state exudes a creative spirit that has withstood the test of time. There are a number of offbeat places in Kerala which you can explore.

Whether you’re savouring the flavours of spicy cuisine, exploring ancient temples, or rejuvenating your senses with Ayurvedic therapies, Kerala promises a sensory-rich adventure that lingers in your memory long after your visit. With its lush landscapes, cultural treasures, and deep-rooted connection to nature, Kerala truly lives up to its moniker as a slice of heaven on Earth.

18 Places to Eat in Kerala

1. The Rice Boat, Kumarakom: 


The Rice Boat, Kumarakom is Set amidst Kerala’s tranquil backwaters, The Rice Boat offers a culinary voyage through the region’s seafood delights. Places to eat in Kerala are lot, but only some have their original taste. Sail on houseboats and relish a symphony of flavours, from fragrant rice dishes to fresh catches, all while immersed in the serene beauty of Kumarakom’s waterscape.

Cost for 2: 1500-2000 INR

2. Arippa Restaurant, Trivandrum

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Known for its delectable range of Kerala-style fried snacks, a perfect spot for a quick and tasty bite. Arippa Restaurant gives the taste buds its selection of traditional Kerala snacks. The restaurant’s casual ambience complements its array of crispy delights, showcasing the essence of Kerala’s street food culture with every savoury bite. This place is a real Kerala food paradise.

Cost for 2: 500-800 INR

3. Dhe Puttu, Kochi

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A popular place to eat in Kerala is dedicated to serving different variations of puttu, a traditional steamed rice cake. Dhe Puttu, Kochi is heaven for puttu options in Kochi. Specialising in this steamed rice cake, it serves an inventive range of puttu variations, each a tribute to Kerala’s culinary heritage and a delightful journey for the senses. Places to eat in Kerala highlight the rich flavours of this place.

Cost for 2: 1000-1200 INR

4. Paragon Restaurant, Thiruvananthapuram

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Known for its delectable Kerala-style seafood dishes and biryanis, Paragon Restaurant, Thiruvananthapuram is a culinary institution. Paragon Restaurant in Thiruvananthapuram invites patrons to savor its Malabar cuisine. From aromatic biryanis to delectable seafood, it embodies Kerala’s flavors, making every visit a mouth-watering adventure. There are a number of places to eat in Kerala where tourists come to visit for a delightful experience.

Cost for 2: 800-1000 INR

5. Rahmathulla Hotel, Kozhikode

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Famous for its flavorful and spicy biryanis and traditional Malabar cuisine. Rahmathulla Hotel, Kozhikode is the culinary cornerstone of Kozhikode, Rahmathulla Hotel embraces the essence of Malabar cuisine. With various flavoursome biryanis and regional delights, it weaves a taste that reflects Kerala’s coastal culture and spices, offering a true treat for the senses.  This is one of the best restaurants in Kerala.

Cost for 2: 500-800 INR

6. Aryaas, Various Locations

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Aryaas, scattered across various locations, celebrates South Indian vegetarian cuisine with a modern twist. Its diverse menu boasts an array of dosas, idlis, and flavorful dishes, embracing the region’s rich culinary heritage while catering to the contemporary palate. Offers a wide range of South Indian vegetarian delicacies, including dosas and idlis. It is also known to be Kerala food Paradise.

Cost for 2: 600-800 INR

7. Kayees Rahmathulla Café, Kozhikode

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One of the best Restaurants in Kerala, Kozhikode, Kayees Rahmathulla Café invites patrons to indulge in the flavours of Malabar. Known for its iconic biryanis and traditional delicacies, it crafts a culinary experience that echoes the culinary heritage of Kerala’s northern coastline. Renowned for its sumptuous Kozhikode-style biryani and snacks.

Cost for 2: 1000-1200 INR

8. Fusion Bay, Kochi

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Offers a blend of Kerala and European cuisine in a charming ambience. Fusion Bay, KochiFusion Bay in Kochi harmoniously melds Kerala’s essence with global flavors. It offers a diverse menu that bridges cultures, inviting diners to embark on a delightful gastronomic journey where East meets West in a charming waterfront setting. These places to eat in Kerala are a feast for the tastebuds.

Cost for 2: 1800-2200 INR

9. Paragon Restaurant, Kozhikode

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Another branch of the famous Paragon serves mouthwatering Malabar dishes. Paragon Restaurant, Kozhikode outpost, continues to enchant with its Malabar specialties. There are several places to eat in Kerala that sweeps you with coconut flavours. Amidst a warm ambience, patrons can relish a symphony of regional flavours, including succulent biryanis and a seafood medley, painting an authentic culinary picture of Kerala.

Cost for 2: 1500-1800 INR

10. Chakara, Kochi

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Chakara in Kochi is a heaven for those seeking a contemporary twist on traditional Kerala fare. With its innovative dishes and modern presentation, it invites diners to savor the nostalgia of flavors while embarking on a culinary adventure that pays homage to the state’s rich heritage. It focuses on traditional Kerala vegetarian dishes with a modern twist. Kerala food paradise? Yes you heard it right.

Cost for 2: 1600-2000 INR

11. Saravana Bhavan, Kochi

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Part of a popular chain offering authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine. Saravana Bhavan, Kochi is a friendly place called Saravana Bhavan where you can enjoy yummy South Indian food. They serve things like dosas, idlis, and thalis – all made with tasty ingredients. It’s a clean and nice place where families and friends can go to have a good meal together without spending too much money. You’ll like the flavors and the cozy atmosphere of all the places to eat in Kerala.

Cost for 2: 800-1200 INR

12. Brisbane Buhari Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram

Image Source : News18

Are you in Thiruvananthapuram and looking for some delicious food? Well, you should check out Brisbane Buhari Hotel. They make super tasty fried chicken and other fast food that you’ll enjoy. The restaurant has lots of different dishes that are full of flavor, so it’s a great spot for a quick and satisfying meal. Known for its fried chicken and other delicious fast food, these places to eat in Kerala are experiences to be relished. 

Cost for 2: 1000-1200 INR

13. Ginger House Restaurant, Kochi

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Imagine eating on a houseboat while looking at the beautiful backwaters of Kochi. That’s what Ginger House Restaurant offers! They have a mix of Kerala and European food, so you can try different yummy dishes in a really special setting. The views are amazing, and the food is delicious – a perfect combo for a unique dining experience! This is the best Restaurant in Kerala offering a unique dining experience on a houseboat featuring Kerala cuisine.

Cost for 2: 1200-1500 INR

14. Malabar Café, Kannur

Brooklyn Central – Best Cafe and Bar in Patiala
Image Source : Justdial

If you’re in Kannur and craving some tasty snacks and meals, head over to Malabar Café. They make traditional Malabar dishes like samosas, parottas, and biryanis that will make your taste buds happy. The café is a cozy place where you can try authentic Kerala flavors and have a satisfying meal. Delights in serving traditional Malabar snacks and meals. You can find a number of the best restaurants in Kannur for authentic Kerala cuisine.

Cost for 2: 800-1000 INR

15. Grand Pavilion, Kottayam

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In Kottayam, there’s a place called Grand Pavilion that’s known for its special Syrian Christian food. They make a dish called appam and stew, which is really popular in Kerala. When you visit, you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and you’ll get to taste unique Kerala cuisine that’s full of deliciousness! Famous for its Syrian Christian delicacies, traditional appam, and stew. This place is a Kerala food Paradise.

Cost for 2: 1200-1500 INR

16. Broaster Chicken, Kozhikode

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If you’re a fan of tasty fried chicken, then Broaster Chicken in Kozhikode is the place for you! They specialize in making crispy and delicious fried chicken that’s just perfect. Not only that, but they also have a variety of fast food options that you’ll enjoy. It’s a great spot to grab a quick and satisfying meal when you’re in the mood for some flavorful comfort food. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere, making it a good place to hang out with friends or family while enjoying some mouthwatering chicken treats. Whether you like it spicy or mild, you’re sure to find something you love at Broaster Chicken.

Cost for 2: 800-1200 INR

17. Dal Roti, Kochi

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In Kochi, there’s a restaurant called Dal Roti that serves North Indian food that’s full of flavors. They have a range of dishes like rotis, naans, and curries that will make your taste buds dance with joy. The food is prepared with care and the spices they use create a symphony of deliciousness. The cozy ambiance makes it a great place to enjoy a hearty North Indian meal. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, there’s something for everyone on their menu. Plus, the friendly staff will make you feel welcome and ensure you have a delightful dining experience.

Cost for 2: 1500-1800 INR

18. Nalukettu, Thiruvananthapuram


These are just a few of the many delightful dining options available in Kerala. From street food stalls to fine dining restaurants, Kerala offers something for every palate, allowing you to savour the authentic flavours of this beautiful region.

Nalukettu in Thiruvananthapuram is a special place where you can taste the authentic flavors of Kerala. They’re known for their traditional Kerala cuisine that’s rich in taste and heritage. The restaurant’s name comes from the traditional style of Kerala architecture, and stepping inside feels like entering a piece of Kerala’s history. From appams to seafood curries, they offer a variety of dishes that showcase the unique tastes of the region. The cozy and rustic ambiance adds to the experience, making it to be the best restaurants in Kerala.

Cost for 2: 1800-2000 INR

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Eat In Kerala 

1. What is the famous food of Kerala?

The famous food of Kerala is “Sadya,” a traditional feast served during special occasions and festivals. It features a lavish spread of dishes like rice, sambar, avial, thoran, pachadi, and payasam. Another iconic dish is “Appam” – a soft, lacy rice pancake often enjoyed with coconut milk and vegetable stew. The use of coconut, aromatic spices, and locally grown ingredients gives Kerala cuisine its unique and flavorful character. Seafood, especially fish curry, is also a staple, reflecting the state’s coastal culture.

2. Why is Kerala special?

Kerala is special for its lush landscapes, known as “God’s Own Country,” where nature thrives in harmony. It boasts serene backwaters, tranquil beaches, mist-clad hills, and rich biodiversity. The state’s cultural diversity is equally remarkable, with a blend of Hindu, Christian, and Muslim traditions. Kerala’s commitment to education, healthcare, and sustainable practices has garnered global recognition. Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing system, has deep roots here. Warm hospitality, centuries-old art forms like Kathakali, and festivities like Onam make Kerala truly unique and captivating.

3. What is the famous sweet in Kerala?

“Palada Payasam” is a famous sweet in Kerala, often prepared during festivals and celebrations. Made from rice ada (thin rice flakes), milk, ghee, sugar, and sometimes infused with cardamom and saffron, this creamy and aromatic dessert is a quintessential part of Kerala’s culinary heritage. The slow-cooked rice ada absorbs the flavors, resulting in a rich and comforting sweet treat that exemplifies the state’s love for traditional and indulgent delights. Palada Payasam is savored both as an offering to deities and as a joyous finale to a meal.

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