Places to visit in Demul Village: A total guide

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A charming remote village in a cold desert region with an interesting backstory as to how it came into being will surely pique your interest. About 200 years ago, a yak named ‘ Demo’ ventured too far from its usual grazing spot. Its owner, looking for his precious yak, was pleasantly surprised to ‘discover’ such lush pastures in the midst of a cold desert. He was so overjoyed that he decided to settle there and eventually also invited his friends and family to live along with him in the same village. That’s how Demul Village, which is named after his yak, ‘Demo’ came into being.

Spiti Valley has some of the most fascinating landscapes- rugged snowy mountains with brown stuccos surrounded with some lush green pastures sprinkled here and there with crisp mountain air. It almost feels like treading on the moon with some oasis strewn along the path. Spiti Tour Packages are a wonderful way to plan your summer holidays in Spiti Valley.

Demul village has a little over fifty houses where one can find solitude, simplicity, and remoteness in this small village of Spiti Valley. The village has a very well-organized system of sustainable community living. Here the entire village comes together and shares the benefits of tourism and all homes are homestays where each house is allocated to each traveler visiting this village by a village representative so that there is equality and prosperity amongst all in the village. Demul village sets an example of a strong community-based enterprise that supports sustainable tourism and brings sustenance to locals which even most developed countries have failed to achieve. 

Flat-roofed mud houses and green pastures make up most of the village and you will be transported back to the times when we all lived a simple yet satiated life where we were happy with whatever little we possessed and were thankful and appreciated our lives the way it was.

  • Demul Village Attractions

With only 53 odd houses and a handful of people, Demul Village has an old village charm. If you are planning to do a lot of things in and around here, you will be disappointed because the best thing to do around here is just explore the landscapes and soak in the peace and tranquillity that comes along with visiting this part of the country. However, there are a couple of things that one can do while visiting Demul Village.

  • Trek to Belari Top

Ever wondered how the entire Spiti Valley looks from the mountains? If yes, then you must visit Belari Top, most often known as Palari Top. Standing at a height of 4953 m, it is the vantage point and you will get a bird’s eye view of the entire valley from here. This site will totally enthrall you and you will also see the meeting point of 3 rivers Pin River, Lingti River, and Spiti River.

The hike will take you 3 hours and although a fairly easy trek, it is a long one and will definitely tire you out. However, the view and the surrounding landscape will overcompensate all your efforts and you will be overwhelmed with joy. This is definitely the Top places to visit in Demul Village.

  • Visit to the local temple

Unlike most villages in Spiti Valley, Demul Village has a temple instead of a monastery, which further gives an insight into the lives of the people living in this village. It embodies how the lives of the local people are interconnected with religion and traditions which they follow in their daily routine and practices.

  • Go stargazing at night

Spiti Valley is only one of those places where wherever you have an open space, you can just spread a blanket or a sheet and lie down to observe the myriad colors of the night sky. You can go Stargazing in Spiti Valley, almost anywhere and you will not be disappointed at all.

The milky way against the clear dark night skies is a sight to behold and will be etched in your memory forever.

  • Explore the village on foot and get to know the local people

What better way to explore a place than knowing its people closely? The people living in these villages are an example on how one must find a purpose and happiness amidst all adversities in life. Even after facing extreme weather conditions for almost 8 months of the year and being cut off from the mainland for those winter months, these simple yet most hospitable people open their doors to everyone with the warmest of smiles and share whatever little they have and still remain happy.

It is a lesson in life itself!

  • Go on a Yak Safar

If you are tired from all the explorations and trekking and hiking and want to have a taste of the local life, you can also go Yak Safari in Spiti Valley. You can speak to any of the local people in the village and they will be more than happy to cater to your request and take you riding on their Yaks.

  • Trek to Hikkim Village

You can also visit Hikkim Village from Demul which is 29 km away via Demul Road. Hikkim Village at an altitude of 4401 m, has the highest post office in the world and has been manned by the same person, Mr Rinchen Chhering, who was appointed as the postmaster in 1983.

Here you can also go Fossil hunting in Spiti Valley.

  • Explore Komic Village

Komic Village is also another remote village in Spiti Valley which you can visit near Demul Village. It is the highest village to be connected by a motorable road at an altitude of 4587 m. 

Komic Village is well known for its Tangyud monastery which belongs to the Sakya Sect. It is also one of the highest monasteries in India. It is one of those villages which offer a unique blend of both cultural and natural beauty.


Best Time to visit Demul Village

June to September are the best months to visit Demul and the nearby villages of  Spiti Valley in general. You will find snow during the months of May to June and in September the entire Valley of Spiti bursts out in a myriad of autumnal colors.

The summer months are generally the peak tourist season because it is a hassle-free trip to travel during June, July and September. 

How to reach Demul Village

If you are driving from Kaza to Demul, it is a one-hour drive from Kaza. An uphill diverged track from the main road along the Spiti River, just before Lidang village will take you to Demul Village. This is a 20 km stretch of tarred road, called Demul Road. 

Another way to drive down to Demul is from Komic Village, but the road is just a dirt track 

for most of the way. There is a local bus from Kaza to Demul which leaves at 5:00 pm, and the same bus returns the next morning at 7:30 am from Demul to Kaza. Demul is connected to all villages of Spiti Valley. Some travelers choose to trek to Demul from Komic or Hikkim Village as well as part of their Spiti Valley Trek .

How can tourists reach Demul Village?

Tourists can visit Demul Village via Kaza, which is the sub-divisional Headquarters of Spiti Valley. It is an hour’s drive from Kaza. You can also reach Demul Village en route to Komic Village.

Is Demul Village a family holiday destination?

Yes, Demul Village can be visited by families on a holiday to Spiti Valley.

How can I reach Demul Village from the nearest town or city?

Demul Village is well connected by motorable roads from Kaza. You can either hire a private car or come here by bus which leaves Kaza at 5pm.

Are there any historical sites or monuments to explore in Demul Village?

You can visit the local temple situated in the village and also hike to Belari Top.

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