Exploring the Hidden Wonders of Gurez Valley: Top 13 Places to Visit in Gurez Valley

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Gurez Valley is about 127 Kms from Srinagar, lies peacefully in the northern region of Kashmir. This is a destination that remains largely unexplored by mainstream tourists. Its pristine beauty, dotted with quaint villages along serene landscapes, and rich cultural heritage make it a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. 


In this blog, we’ll delve into the best places to visit in Gurez Valley and many things to do here, offering a comprehensive guide with our Kashmir tour packages for travellers looking to experience the untouched splendour of this region. Here is a Travel Guide for Gurez Valley which will help you.


The Gurez valley is isolated geographically from the rest of the world and is surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. It is the homeland and the last sanctuary for the Dardic people in India. Historically, Gurez was part of ancient Dardistan and the local inhabitants are from the ethnic Dard-Shin tribe. 

Travellers must check Kashmir travel tips while planning their trip here. Additionally, tourists will find amazing Places to stay in Gurez Valley as there are many hotels in Kashmir with the best scenic views to enjoy a hassle free journey.

Gurez Valley in Jammu and Kashmir is recognized as the best offbeat destination in India. There are many beautiful places to visit in Gurez Valley Kashmir across India. It is based at the end of Kashmir, this picturesque valley has the best serenity and charm in entire India.

13 Best Places to Visit in Gurez Valley Kashmir

13 Best Places to Visit in Gurez Valley Kashmir

13 Best Places to Visit in Gurez Valley Kashmir

Gurez Valley in Kashmir has plenty of amazing attractions that put you in the middle of nature and provide you with vivid activities. Exploring the places to visit in Gurez valley will make your tour at the place the most memorable one. There are so many top places to visit in Gurez Valley, which you will love to explore. On the Gurez Valley Tour, you will explore the best things to do in Kashmir, a hidden paradise based away in one of the most unexplored regions of the Kashmir valley. 

1. Dawar

As the main town, Dawar is a cultural hub. The local market showcases the vibrancy of daily life and offers a chance to explore traditional Gurez handicrafts. Dawar is the capital of Gurez. It is one of the Best places to visit in Gurez Valley.

Dawar is the main town and administrative centre of Gurez Valley. It is surrounded by majestic mountains, it offers stunning views and a glimpse into the daily life of the local population. Visitors can explore traditional wooden houses, visit local markets, and interact with the friendly residents.

2. Habba Khatoon Peak

Named after the famous Kashmiri poetess, Habba Khatoon, this peak is one of the most iconic landmarks in Gurez Valley. It is one of the Best places to visit in Gurez Valley. The conical peak provides a breathtaking backdrop to the valley and is a favourite spot for photography enthusiasts. A hike to the base of the peak offers amazing views of the surrounding landscapes.

Tulail Valley

Tulail Valley

3. Tulail Valley

Tulail Valley features breathtaking landscapes and charming villages, which offers tranquillity and calm. You can also experience Tulail valley trek. Tulail is a paradise for nature lovers. The lush greenery and wildflowers, surrounded by majestic mountains, create a picture-perfect setting. It is one of the Best places to visit in Gurez Valley.

A short drive from Dawar, Tulail Valley is known for its verdant meadows, crystal-clear streams, and charming villages. It’s the best spot for camping, picnicking, and trekking. The untouched beauty of Tulail Valley makes it a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

4. Kishanganga River

The Kishanganga River, flowing through Gurez Valley, is not only a source of life for the region but also a hub for various water activities. Travellers can enjoy fishing, riverside walks, and even river rafting in certain sections. The river’s beautiful ambiance provides a perfect setting for relaxation and contemplation. It is one of the best places to visit in Gurez Valley Kashmir.

The serene Kishanganga River flows through the valley, adding to its charm. A stroll along the riverbanks or a boat ride offers moments of tranquillity. The Kishanganga River, also known as the Neelum River, flows through the valley, enhancing its beauty. There are other best places to visit in Kashmir as well which you can check.

The clean and beautiful river serves as a lifeline, providing nourishment to the fertile land and giving birth to the valley’s vibrant flora and fauna. It is like a freshwater lake. The water from the river is gathered in this dam which is a famous tourist attraction here. You will see camps around this dam and some water sports activities performed here.

Sheikhpora Village

Sheikhpora Village

5. Sheikhpora Village

Sheikhpora is a calm village that offers a deep dive into the traditional lifestyle of the people of Gurez. Visitors can explore traditional wooden architecture, local crafts, and enjoy home-cooked meals with local families. It’s a great way to experience the culture and hospitality of the region.

6. Razdan Pass

Situated at an elevation of approximately 11,700 feet, the Razdan Pass presents breathtaking views of snow-capped tops and verdant valleys, which offers a memorable drive through the terrain. You will have to cross this pass to embark on places to visit in Gurez valley

You will cross this pass twice on your Gurez valley tour. This pass connects Gurez Valley with the rest of Kashmir, Razdan Pass is a high-altitude pass that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The journey through the pass is an adventure in itself, with winding roads and breathtaking scenery at every turn.

7. Gurez Fort

The ancient Gurez Fort stands as a testament to the region’s historical significance. Though in ruins, the fort offers a glimpse into the past and provides an excellent vantage point for panoramic views while exploring places to visit in Gurez valley.

8. Wildlife and Nature Trails

Gurez Valley is home to diverse flora and fauna. While discovering the places to visit in Gurez valley, nature enthusiasts can embark on wildlife spotting tours and nature trails to see species like the Himalayan brown bear, snow leopard, and a variety of bird species that can be seen in different wildlife sanctuaries in kashmir. The valley’s biodiversity makes it a significant spot for ecological tourism.

9. Chakwali Gurez 

Chakwali is the old and traditional place of Gurez. It was part of an ancient route that connected Kashmir to China. And is completely offbeat and untouched by modern impressions. You will get the feel of a completely different place with a calm landscape. 

10. Chorwan Gurez

Chorwan Gurez is a charming village that is a short distance from Dawar. One must visit this village from Dawar during their journey to uncover the best places to visit in Gurez valley. As it falls just towards the Habba Khatoon Peak. The village needs permission from the local authority for any sightseeing or visiting.

11. Fethkutan 

This charming village showcases traditional wooden houses and offers a glimpse into the local way of life, making it an ideal place to experience rural tranquillity.

12. Wular Lake 

The stunning Wular Lake is a short distance away and worth a visit. It is the largest freshwater lake in India and offers excellent bird watching opportunities.

Tragbal Lake

Tragbal Lake

13. Tragbal Lake 

A trek to Tragbal Lake is an amazing experience. Surrounded by meadows and snow-capped peaks, this serene lake reflects the beauty of this offbeat location.

How To Reach Gurez Valley ?

Don’t worry about how to reach Gurez Valley, it can be easily reached by road between April to October. From November to March, when the road gets blocked, the only way to get in and out is by helicopter service from either Srinagar or Bandipora.

Gurez Valley by Road

This entire journey is about 140 kilometres in total depending on where you start from in Srinagar. Total time will be 6-8 hours to reach the destination.

From Srinagar to Bandipora, it is pretty much a flat road and in about average condition. A little after Srinagar, the first lake you will cross will be Mansabal Lake. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Gurez Valley ?

The Best time to visit Gurez Valley is between the changing season from Summer to Autumn, in July and August. Usually, in most of Uttarakhand’s treks during this time of year, the treks are closed due to rain. 

But in Kashmir and on this Gurez Valley trek, it is different because of the Pir Panjal range, which separates Kashmir. In September, the rain slowly stops, the sky becomes visible, and the weather becomes cold, which is delightful weather for trekking.

Activities and Experiences in Gurez Valley

Trekking and Hiking 

The mountainous terrain of Gurez Valley offers numerous trekking and hiking opportunities. Popular trails include hikes to Habba Khatoon Peak, the Tulail Valley trek, Gurez valley trek and various short trails that explore the surrounding hills and meadows.

Fishing and Angling

With its pristine rivers and streams, Gurez Valley is a haven for fishing and angling. The Kishanganga River is particularly famous for its trout, making it a favourite spot for anglers.


Camping in Gurez Valley allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature. Several campsites offer serene spots to pitch a tent and enjoy the starry night skies.

Cultural Experiences

Engage with the local culture by attending traditional music and dance performances, participating in local festivals, and learning about the unique customs and traditions of the Dard Shina community that inhabits the valley.




Gurez Valley, with its untouched beauty and rich cultural tapestry, is a destination that promises a unique and enriching travel experience. There are so many Places to stay in Gurez Valley. There are so many places to visit in Gurez Valley which you can explore with your friends and family members. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Gurez Valley offers something for everyone. Plan your visit to this hidden paradise and uncover the wonders that await in the heart of Kashmir. Additionally, there are so many Places to visit nearby Gurez Valley in Kashmir.

How do I reach Gurez Valley?

Gurez Valley does not house a railway station and hence you will have to take a train to Jammu from your base destination and then a road trip to Gurez Valley, which is around 372 kms away. You can board a train to Jammu from either Mumbai or other parts of the country to reach the Gurez valley.

What is the best time to visit Gurez Valley?

The summer and spring months are ideal in the Gurez Valley. The end of March or the start of April marks when you can access the roads again. From then to October, the weather remains pleasant.

Are there Tracking opportunities in Gurez Valley?

Yes, there are trekking opportunities available which you can explore.

Can I camp in Gurez Valley?

Camping in Gurez Valley during winter is not recommended. The valley receives heavy snowfall, and the extreme cold temperatures make camping challenging and unsafe.

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