30 Best Places To Visit In Krabi: A Complete Guide

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Are you planning a trip to Thailand and landed on this page? We are guessing that Krabi is on your list too! Well, that is wonderful! You made the perfect choice! But out of so many places, are you searching for the best ones? Whether you’re exploring on your own or looking into Thailand tour packages, we are here to tell you the best places to visit.

Krabi, the capital of southern Thailand’s Krabi Province, is a beautiful resort town near the Andaman coast.It sits in a region filled with limestone cliffs and mangrove forests and is known to be one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand.

There are countless reasons to visit Krabi, so many that you can’t count them on your fingers! Krabi is a hub for stunning beaches, thrilling watersports, soothing hot springs, best waterfalls in Krabi town, vibrant night markets, and so much more. And the best part? Nothing I mentioned is ordinary. Every single thing is unique and totally worth visiting. Krabi is full of incredible experiences just waiting for you!

So let’s explore some of the best places to visit in Krabi for the most amazing trip! Here are the top 30 places to visit in Krabi, categorised by type:


  1. Phi Phi Islands
  2. Hong Island
  3. Poda Island
  4. Chicken Island
  5. Bamboo Island
  6. Tup Island


  1. Railay Beach
  2. Ao Nang Beach
  3. Noppharat Thara Beach
  4. Tonsai Beach
  5. Phra Nang Cave Beach

Historical Places

  1. Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave Temple)
  2. Wat Kaew Korawaram
  3. Khao Khanap Nam
  4. Ban Ao Luek


  1. Thung Teao Forest Natural Park
  2. Krabi Mangrove Forest
  3. Ao Thalane

Hot Springs

  1. Klong Thom Hot Springs
  2. Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot)
  3. Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat

Natural Attractions

  1. Than Bok Khorani National Park
  2. Khao Phanom Bencha National Park
  3. Mu Ko Lanta National Park
  4. Khao Ngon Nak (Dragon Crest Mountain)
  5. Susan Hoi (Shell Cemetery)
  6. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Unique Places

  1. Krabi Town Night Market
  2. The Mud Crabs Sculpture
  3. Ko Klang Village

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Must-Visit Islands in Krabi

1. Phi Phi Islands


Remember the island shown in the movie “The Beach”? Wasn’t it so beautiful that it made you want to go there?  Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh is one of the most renowned islands in the Phi Phi archipelago. 

The Phi Phi islands are an archipelago of 6 islands, with the 2 main islands being Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. The islands are well-known for their beautiful landscape, which includes perfect white sand beaches, stunning limestone cliffs, and turquoise oceans. 

Get ready to dive into some of the best places to visit in Krabi for the most amazing trip, including the Phi Phi island tour from Krabi!

2. Hong Island


Have you ever dreamt of white sand beaches so soft they feel like powdered sugar towering limestone cliffs framing a hidden lagoon? If so, then Hong Island is one of the best hidden gems of Krabi.

Hong Island, also known as Koh Hong, is part of a four-island group located in Krabi Province. Its name “Hong,” meaning “room” in Thai, hints at its main attraction which is a hidden lagoon surrounded by tall cliffs. This spot is popular for day trips from Krabi, offering beautiful views, clear waters, and a relaxed atmosphere.

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3. Poda Island


Poda Island, also known as Koh Poda, is a small paradise in Krabi Province. It’s part of the Poda Group Islands and one of the popular Krabi travel destinations for day trips from Krabi Town, Ao Nang, or Railay Beach.

What makes this island special is that it has two sides. On one side, you’ll find vibrant restaurants in Krabi, hotels, bars, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. On the other side lies untouched natural beauty that is pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. It’s like having two experiences in one place!

4. Chicken Island


You might be wondering why “Chicken Island” is named that way. Is it because they serve chicken there? Well, not quite! The island got its name because of its famous rock formation that looks like a chicken’s head. 

You can take some fun photos with the chicken-shaped rock and enjoy swimming or snorkelling in the clear waters around it. It’s unique and one of the best places to visit in Krabi for your adventure!

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5. Bamboo Island


Bamboo Island, also known as Koh Pai in Thai, has some unique features that make it stand out in the Phi Phi archipelago. Despite its name, it surprises visitors with a heart-shaped silhouette when viewed from certain angles, adding a romantic charm. 

Contrary to its name, the island isn’t covered in bamboo but has Casuarina Equisetifolia trees that offer natural shade. Its calm waters are perfect and its secluded ambiance provides a peaceful escape from the Maya Bay, making it as one of the most amazing places to visit in Krabi.

6. Tup Island


Tup Island, also known as Koh Tap or Tub Island, is a tiny island paradise near Chicken Island. It’s a popular stop on many 4-Island tours in the Krabi island location.

During low tide, a magical sandbar connects Tup Island to Chicken Island, creating a picturesque scene. The waters around the island are perfect for teeming with vibrant marine life. Tup Island offers a serene atmosphere, ideal for sunbathing and enjoying beautiful scenery.

Top Beach Destinations in Krabi

7. Railay Beach


Railay Beach is famous for its stunning limestone cliffs, clear turquoise waters, and beautiful sands. Railay Beach is divided into four main areas: Phra Nang Beach, West Railay, East Railay, and Ton Sai.

Phra Nang Beach is famous for its iconic Phra Nang Cave. West Railay offers luxury resorts and upscale restaurants, while East Railay is lively with a vibrant nightlife, numerous restaurants, bars, and shops. Ton Sai is known for its backpacker vibe, budget-friendly accommodations, and rock climbing.It’s like a buffet where you can pick whatever suits your taste.

  • Location: Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand
  • Things to do: rock climbing, longtail boat tours, kayaking
  • Entry fees: Free of cost ( Costs vary by activity/tour )

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8. Ao Nang Beach


Ao Nang Beach is the go-to spot for island hopping adventures, with lots of longtail boat tours to choose from. It’s special because it’s peaceful during the day, perfect for relaxing and swimming. But as night falls, it transforms into a lively hub with a buzzing nightlife scene. The area surrounding Ao Nang Beach offers local dishes to try in Krabi.

9. Noppharat Thara Beach


Noppharat Thara Beach, also known as Klong Haeng Beach, stands out in Krabi for its peaceful atmosphere and vast coastline stretching 3 kilometres. At low tide, you can walk to nearby islands like Koh Jum and Koh Klang, enhancing the beach-hopping experience. 

As part of a national park, it maintains its natural beauty and offers budget-friendly accommodations, making it one of the ideal Krabi sightseeing places.

  • Location: Krabi 81180, Thailand
  • Things to do: kayaking, longtail boat tours, swimming
  • Entry fees: 400 baht for adults and 200 baht for children

10. Tonsai Beach


Tonsai Beach is special because it combines two different worlds. It’s famous for rock climbing, attracting climbers of all levels with its towering cliffs. At the same time, it’s a relaxed spot for budget travellers, with affordable places to stay and eat.  This unique mix of adventure and relaxation makes Tonsai Beach one of the best places to visit in Krabi, standing out from other famous viewpoints in Krabi.

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11. Phra Nang Cave Beach


Phra Nang Cave Beach in Krabi, Thailand, is one of the famous viewpoints in Krabi known for its beauty and cultural significance. The cave shrine inside, filled with fertility symbols, adds curiosity to the beach.

Depending on the tide, the beach area changes, offering unique photo opportunities. Whether you prefer peace or a lively atmosphere, Phra Nang Cave Beach has it all.

  • Location: Krabi, Thailand
  • Things to do: sunbathing, rock climbing, kayaking
  • Entry fees: Free of cost ( Costs vary by activity/tour )

Best Historical Sites to Visit in Krabi

12. Tiger Cave Temple


The Tiger Cave Temple, or Wat Tham Suea, in Krabi, Thailand, is a unique landmark known for its religious significance and stunning natural beauty. To reach the temple, you must climb 1,237 steps, which reward you with breathtaking views of Krabi.

The temple’s name comes from legends of tigers once living in the caves. Visitors can explore these caves, see Buddha statues, and witness monks practising their religion. The temple is also a place for reflection and merit-making,a core Budda concept, making it a special experience for all.

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13. Wat Kaew Korawaram


Wat Kaew Korawaram is a serene temple on a hill overlooking Krabi Town, offering a peaceful escape with city views. Visitors ascend via a grand staircase lined with naga serpent sculptures, making it one of the best places to visit in Krabi.

The temple is less crowded, featuring vibrant murals and a golden Buddha statue inside. Well-maintained and culturally significant, it provides a glimpse into local religious practices, making it a unique and one of the best places to visit in Krabi.

14. Khao Khanap Nam


Khao Khanap Nam, also called Khao Khanab Nam or the Twin Mountains, is a unique landmark near Krabi Town, Thailand. These tall limestone mountains mark the entrance to Krabi Town, with a long history dating back centuries. 

A  boat ride up the Krabi River, which is a relaxing way to explore the caves and other natural wonders inside.The caves have cool rock formations, and there are stories about ancient people and even soldiers hiding there during the war. It’s one of the peaceful, breathtaking places to visit in Krabi where locals like to go to relax and enjoy nature.

15. Ban Ao Luek


Ban Ao Luek in Krabi stands apart from typical tourist places in Krabi with its predominantly Muslim population and authentic local culture. Its diverse landscape includes not only beaches but also lush greenery, limestone formations, and traditional fishing villages. 

While still relatively undiscovered by tourists, it offers eco-friendly experiences like kayaking through natural canals and learning about local fishing techniques, making it one of the best places to visit in Krabi.

If you’re looking for a unique and authentic Krabi experience, look beyond the beaches and head towards Ban Ao Luek, one of the most interesting Krabi cultural sites.

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Mangroves Forest to Visit in Krabi

16. Thung Teao Forest Natural Park


Thung Teao Forest Natural Park offers a serene escape from typical tourist places in Krabi. It features a pristine rainforest, most famous Emerald Pool for swimming and relaxation. 

During the rainy season, you might see glowing bioluminescent plankton at night. The park is also home to the indigenous Khlong Thom people, offering respectful cultural interactions. Conservation efforts here protect the rainforest and its wildlife, making your visit meaningful and impactful.

  • Things to do: hiking, birdwatching, swimming, exploring best waterfalls in Krabi town
  • Entry fees: 100 baht

17. Krabi Mangrove Forest


Krabi’s mangrove forests are hidden gems of Krabi that present a vital ecosystem. Unlike the famous beaches, these forests are home to many plants and animals. Their roots prevent erosion and filter water, making them crucial for marine life. 

You can explore by kayaking through calm waters and see birds like egrets and kingfishers. These peaceful forests offer a break from busy tourist places in Krabi and highlight the importance of protecting nature.

18. Ao Thalane


Ao Thalane is not like the busy tourist places in Krabi. Known for its excellent kayaking routes, it features calm waters, limestone cliffs, and lush mangrove forests. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful environment, spot diverse wildlife, and choose from luxury resorts to budget-friendly stays. Ao Thalane is perfect if you want a calm holiday with nature and adventure in one of the breathtaking places to visit in Krabi.

  • Location: Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand
  • Things to do: kayaking, sightseeing

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Best Hot Springs in Krabi

19. Klong Thom Hot Springs


Krabi’s Klong Thom Hot Springs, also known as Saline Hot Spring Khlong Thom, offer a special experience you won’t find anywhere else. Fed by ancient volcanic chambers deep underground, these hot springs provide natural therapy, easing muscle aches and offering relaxation. 

The water is rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which are great for your skin. The springs have different pools, so you can pick the temperature you like. 

It’s not just about taking a bath, it’s a chance to be close to nature and feel refreshed during your trip to Krabi.This place has one of the best waterfalls in Krabi town

20. Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot)


The Emerald Pool is a famous spot with stunning turquoise water surrounded by green forest. It’s loved by tourists for its beauty and cool water. You can swim, relax, and take photos with the natural rocks around. It’s definitely one of the top places to visit in Krabi

To get there, you walk through the jungle, which is a fun adventure itself. There are three pools to explore, and each offers a different experience.

21. Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat


Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat in Krabi, Thailand, offers a unique blend of relaxation and wellness. Surrounded by tropical gardens, the resort features natural hot springs known for their therapeutic benefits. 

With a focus on conservation and personalised wellness programs, it provides a luxurious yet natural escape. Ideal for those seeking a refreshing experience with nature, it stands as one of the must-visit places to visit in Krabi.

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Natural Attractions in Krabi

22. Than Bok Khorani National Park


Than Bok Khorani National Park’s unique feature is its collection of islands, offering an unforgettable island-hopping experience. Visitors can swim in the emerald-green Than Bok Khorani Pond, explore historical caves, and discover vibrant coral reefs underwater. With diverse wildlife and activities, it’s a perfect destination for nature lovers and history buffs alike.

23. Khao Phanom Bencha National Park


Khao Phanom Bencha National Park includes the virgin rainforest, which is perfect for nature lovers, and the multi-tiered Huay To Waterfall, where you can swim in natural pools. 

Look out for wildlife like monkeys, birds, and wild boars as you explore. Conveniently located just a short drive from Krabi Town and Ao Nang, the park has well-maintained hiking trails in Krabi for all levels, leading to famous viewpoints in Krabi. 

As one of the best places to visit in Krabi, Khao Phanom Bencha National Park provides a chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy a peaceful, refreshing escape.

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24. Mu Ko Lanta National Park


Mu Ko Lanta National Park includes islands like Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Rok Nai, Ko Rok Nok, Ko Kwang, Ko Haa, Ko Ngai, and Ko Talabeng, along with their surrounding coral reefs and marine life highlighting the best places to visit in Krabi.

Visitors can enjoy pristine beaches, diving and hiking trails in Krabi. The park also offers cultural experiences on Ko Lanta Yai, where you can explore local markets and try traditional Thai cuisine. A must-visit for nature lovers, beachgoers, and divers.

25. Khao Ngon Nak (Dragon Crest Mountain)


Khao Ngon Nak is one of the popular destinations for hiking trails in Krabi which offers a 3.7 km trek which is quite challenging but worth the effort. At the summit, hikers are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of rainforests, limestone cliffs, and the Andaman Sea.

Along the way, there are several famous viewpoints in Krabi that are perfect for rest and photo opportunities. It is one of the best Krabi bucket list places.

The mountain’s name, meaning “Dragon Crest,” is linked to local legends, adding a touch of mystery to the adventure and is one of the best places to visit in Krabi.

26. Susan Hoi (Shell Cemetery)


Susan Hoi or Fossil Shell Beach, is a geological site in Krabi Province. Stretching over 200 metres, this coastline is adorned with fossilised shells and snails that are over 40 million years old. It provides a glimpse into Krabi’s ancient past, presenting geological formations. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a lover of fossils, or simply seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure, Susan Hoi in Krabi promises to inspire visitors with its rich history and natural beauty, making it one of the remarkable places to visit in Krabi.

27. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary


Krabi Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand is a safe place for rescued elephants. Unlike other places that mistreat these animals, this sanctuary focuses on their well-being. Visitors can watch the elephants, feed them, and learn about their lives. It’s a kind and educational experience that supports animal welfare.

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Unique Places to visit in Krabi

28. Krabi Town Night Market


The Krabi Town Night Market opens on weekends, offering a vibrant mix of food, souvenirs, and local culture. With street food stalls serving local dishes to try in Krabi, souvenir vendors, and live music, it’s an affordable and enjoyable way to experience Krabi’s nightlife,thereby making it one of the best tourist places in Krabi. 

29. The Mud Crabs Sculpture


The Mud Crabs Sculpture, also called Lan Pu Dam, stands proudly in Krabi Town, Thailand. It’s not just an art piece, it’s a symbol of Krabi’s identity, representing the region’s rich fishing heritage. People adore taking photos with it against the picturesque backdrop of the Krabi River and Khao Khanab Nam mountains.

30. Ko Klang Village


Ko Klang Village, close to Krabi Town in Thailand, is a peaceful island with a simple lifestyle. It’s known for farming and fishing, offering a break from busy tourist places in Krabi. You can explore by motorbike, enjoy friendly locals, taste fresh seafood, and learn about local customs for an authentic experience.

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To conclude, Krabi is a gem on Thailand’s Andaman coast, offers a diverse range of experiences, from stunning islands and beaches to historical sites, mangrove forests, and hot springs. With its unique attractions like the Mud Crabs Sculpture and ethical sanctuaries like the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary,it offers a variety of Krabi bucket list places.

What is Krabi Thailand best known for?

Krabi, Thailand, is renowned for its amazing beaches along with limestone cliffs and crystal-clear waters, making it ideal for relaxation. Additionally, it’s a rock climber’s paradise thanks to the numerous limestone formations.

What are the top attractions in Krabi?

The top attractions in Krabi include the stunning Phi Phi Islands, Railay Beach, and the Emerald Pool. Other breathtaking places to visit in Krabi are the Tiger Cave Temple, Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, and the famous hot springs.

How many islands are there in Krabi?

Krabi is home to around 150 islands, including famous ones like the Phi Phi Islands, Hong Island, and Chicken Island.

What are the best beaches in Krabi?

The best beaches in Krabi include Railay Beach, Ao Nang Beach, Phra Nang Cave Beach, Tonsai Beach, and Noppharat Thara Beach.

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