Explore the Best Places to Visit in Punjab: Top 9 Picks

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Looking for the best places to visit in Punjab? Look no further! This northern Indian state is rich in history, culture, and hospitality, with something for every type of traveler. From spiritual sites like the Golden Temple in Amritsar to natural wonders like the Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh, and from the historic city of Patiala to the charming Ludhiana, there are 9 must-visit destinations that showcase Punjab’s best heritage, traditions, natural beauty, cultural significance, and the place that celebrates the festivals of India at their best. So, pack your bags for an unforgettable journey through Punjab!

1. The Charm of Amritsar


Amritsar, one of the best places for a weekend getaway from Delhi, the crown jewel of Punjab and one of the top places to visit in Punjab, is a city steeped in history, spirituality, and cultural significance. Home to the iconic Golden Temple, this city attracts millions of visitors from all around the world.

The tranquil beauty of the temple, with its glistening golden exterior, is a sight to behold, especially during the early morning hours and at sunset. But Amritsar has much more to offer beyond the Golden Temple. Let’s explore some of the noteworthy attractions and unique experiences in this captivating city that make it one of the best places to visit in Punjab.

Noteworthy Attractions in Amritsar

Amritsar offers a range of attractions for visitors, making it one of the best places to visit in Punjab, especially for those looking for honeymoon destinations in India. The Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, is a symbol of religious harmony and peace, and should be on any traveler’s itinerary. Jallianwala Bagh is another must-visit place to learn about the history of Punjab.

At the Wagah Border, one of the most unique places to visit in the state, you can witness the daily flag-lowering ceremony between India and Pakistan. The city’s vibrant streets are filled with colorful bazaars and delicious street food, making it a great place to explore. For serenity amidst the hustle and bustle, visit Ram Bagh Garden, one of the most historical places in India– a peaceful oasis in Amritsar that is definitely one of the top places to visit in Punjab.

Unique Experiences in Amritsar

  1. Indulging in the local cuisine, especially the famous Amritsari fish, is a culinary delight that should not be missed.
  2. Pair the Amritsari fish with some traditional Punjabi breads like naan or roti for a complete gastronomic experience.
  3. Joining the thousands of people who come together to eat a simple, vegetarian meal in the langar hall is a humbling experience that gives a glimpse of the Sikh community’s commitment to equality, compassion, and community service.
  4. Exploring the religious significance of Amritsar is an essential part of any visit to this city.
  5. Apart from the Golden Temple, there are other gurdwaras (Sikh temples) in Amritsar that are worth visiting, such as Gurdwara Baba Atal Sahib and Gurdwara Guru Ka Mahal.
  6. Witness the religious rituals, listen to devotional hymns, and immerse oneself in the spiritual atmosphere of the Sikh faith by visiting these gurdwaras.
  7. Taking part in the early morning prayer ceremony at the Golden Temple, known as the Amrit Vela, allows visitors to observe the devotion and dedication of the Sikh community.
  8. Amritsar’s rich history, cultural significance, and religious heritage make it a city that cannot be missed on a visit to Punjab.

2. Chandigarh: The City Beautiful


Chandigarh, one of the best places to visit in Punjab and the capital city of both Punjab and Haryana, is renowned for its well-planned infrastructure, lush green spaces, and modern architecture. Designed by the famous French architect Le Corbusier, Chandigarh exhibits a unique blend of urban planning, architectural excellence, and natural beauty, which also make it one of the top introvert friendly destinations.

With its picturesque lakes, meticulously maintained gardens, and vibrant cultural scene, Chandigarh has rightfully earned the title of “The City Beautiful” and is definitely one of the must-see places in Punjab. So if you’re looking for places to see in Punjab, Chandigarh should definitely be on your list of top places to visit in Punjab.

Highlights of Chandigarh

Chandigarh, one of the best places to visit in India in January, offers several major attractions that are must-visit places of interest in Punjab, India. Sukhna Lake, a serene man-made lake, provides breathtaking views of the Shivalik hills and is perfect for nature lovers seeking tranquility.

The Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, one of the top places to travel in Punjab, is spread across 30 acres and boasts thousands of roses, making it a paradise for flower enthusiasts.

Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, another must-visit place of interest in Punjab India, is an extraordinary open-air art installation created from recycled materials, featuring over 5,000 sculptures spread across 40 acres. These attractions offer unique experiences for visitors of all ages and are some of the best places to travel in Punjab.

Exploring Chandigarh’s Local Culture

Beyond its natural beauty and architectural wonders, Chandigarh, one of the most photographed places in the world is also one of the best places to visit in Punjab, boasting a rich cultural heritage and offering visitors a glimpse into the vibrant traditions of the state. The city is often referred to as the “City of Lakes” due to its numerous man-made lakes, providing not only scenic beauty but also recreational opportunities such as boating and picnicking.

Here are some cultural highlights and experiences to explore in Chandigarh:

  1. Visit the Government Museum and Art Gallery to explore an extensive collection of historical artifacts, ancient sculptures, and contemporary artworks.
  2. Immerse yourself in the local cultural scene by attending a performance at the Tagore Theatre, which hosts a variety of cultural events, including music, dance, and theater.
  3. Explore the Chandigarh Architecture Museum, located within the Capitol Complex, to learn about the city’s unique urban planning, architectural heritage, and the vision of Le Corbusier.
  4. Stroll through Sector 17, Chandigarh’s central hub, known for its wide boulevards, bustling shops, and vibrant entertainment options. This pedestrian-friendly zone offers a blend of modern retail outlets, traditional crafts, and international cuisine, making it an ideal spot for shopping, dining, and people-watching.
  5. Experience the Chandigarh Carnival, an annual cultural extravaganza that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Punjab through music, dance, art, and cuisine. The carnival attracts visitors from all over the region, providing a platform to celebrate and showcase the diverse traditions of Punjab.
  6. Chandigarh’s cultural heritage, city planning, and dedication to green spaces have earned it the nickname “Paris of Punjab”. It is an urban marvel, combining beauty, functionality, and cultural vibrancy in perfect harmony.

3. The Industrial Hub: Ludhiana


Ludhiana, one of the best offbeat places in India is also known as the “Manchester of India”, is a bustling industrial city in Punjab that is famous for its textile industries, hosiery goods, and manufacturing units. But beyond its industrial prowess, Ludhiana has a rich history and offers attractions that showcase the city’s cultural heritage.

Let’s explore what makes Ludhiana special and discover some of its tourist sites, which are among the best places to visit in Punjab. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s history or simply want to soak up the local culture, Ludhiana has plenty to offer visitors looking for places to visit in Punjab.

What makes Ludhiana Special?

Ludhiana is one of the top places to see in Punjab India and a significant industrial hub known as the “Manchester of India”. It houses many factories and mills that contribute to the state’s economy, particularly in the textile industry.

Besides its industrial prowess, Ludhiana has a rich historical heritage with sites and museums showcasing its past. With its central location and well-connected transport infrastructure, Ludhiana is an ideal base for exploring Punjab’s attractions.

From forts to museums, Ludhiana offers something for every traveler looking for places to see in Punjab India. So, don’t miss the chance to explore this beautiful city on your next trip!

Tourist Sites in Ludhiana

  1. One of the top attractions in Ludhiana is the Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, dedicated to the life and times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the founder of the Sikh Empire.
  2. The museum showcases a wide range of artifacts, including weapons, manuscripts, paintings, and historical documents, providing a comprehensive insight into the history and military campaigns of the Sikh empire.
  3. The museum also pays homage to the brave soldiers who fought for the nation’s independence.
  4. Another historical site in Ludhiana that is worth visiting is the Lodhi Fort, located on the banks of the Sutlej River.
  5. Built during the Lodhi dynasty in the 15th century, this ancient fort offers a glimpse into Ludhiana’s architectural heritage.
  6. The fort, with its massive bastions and towering gateways, has witnessed the passage of time, making it an intriguing destination for history buffs.
  7. Apart from these historical sites, Ludhiana offers various other attractions, including religious sites such as Gurudwara Nanaksar Jagraon and Gurudwara Manji Sahib Alamgir where visitors can experience the spiritual significance of Sikhism.
  8. The iconic Hardy’s World amusement park, with its thrilling rides and water attractions provides entertainment for visitors of all ages.
  9. Additionally, The beautiful Nehru Rose Garden named after India’s first Prime Minister is a delightful spot to relax unwind and appreciate nature.

4. Discovering Jalandhar


Jalandhar, one of the oldest cities in Punjab and among the best places to visit in Punjab, is a cultural hub famous for its historical sites, religious significance, and vibrant traditions. This city, located in the Doaba region of Punjab, offers a mix of ancient heritage, modern attractions, and a thriving cultural scene. Let’s delve into the points of interest in Jalandhar, one of the top places to visit in Punjab, and discover what makes this city truly captivating.

Points of Interest in Jalandhar

  1. Jalandhar boasts numerous attractions highlighting its rich history and cultural heritage.
  2. Devi Talab Mandir is a renowned Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga, attracting devotees from far and wide.
  3. Phillaur Fort reflects the architectural grandeur of the bygone era and houses a police training academy.
  4. Prithvi Sthal Memorial pays homage to Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan, offering a serene ambience for reflection and religious devotion.
  5. Central University of Punjab hosts a plethora of cultural events, seminars, and workshops throughout the year.

Jalandhar’s Cultural Heritage

Jalandhar is one of the best places in Punjab to visit for its rich cultural heritage. The Central University of Punjab plays a significant role in preserving and promoting Punjabi language, art, and traditions through various cultural events, workshops, and seminars. Other cultural centers and museums offer insights into the city’s heritage as well.

If you’re looking for a place to visit with your family or friends, the Pushpa Gujral Science City is a popular spot in Jalandhar. It combines education and entertainment, making it a great experience for all ages. The Virsa Vihar near the railway station also hosts cultural performances, theater shows, and exhibitions that further showcase the city’s culture.

From historical sites to cultural institutions, Jalandhar has some of the best places in Punjab to visit to explore the state’s diverse heritage. It’s a journey into Punjab’s soul and rich culture that can’t be missed.

5. Bhatinda: The City of Lakes


Bhatinda, often referred to as the “City of Lakes”, is one of the best places to visit in Punjab and an ancient city known for its historical significance, colourful traditions, and natural beauty.

With its numerous lakes, historical attractions, and cultural heritage, Bhatinda offers a unique travel experience and is a must-visit destination among the many places to visit in Punjab.

Let’s uncover the main attractions in Bhatinda and delve into the city’s rich traditions, making it one of the top places to visit in Punjab, and one of the best places to visit in India in May.

Main Attractions in Bhatinda

  1. Bhatinda is home to several attractions showcasing its vibrant history and natural beauty.
  2. Qila Mubarak, an ancient fort built in the 18th century, stands as a testimony to Bhatinda’s past.
  3. The fort houses various structures, including a museum, a gurdwara, and a jail, where visitors can learn about the city’s heritage and explore its architectural marvels.
  4. Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant is one of the oldest thermal power plants in Punjab and is highly recommended for those interested in power infrastructure.
  5. Visitors can take a guided tour of the plant, learn about its functioning and gain insights into the power generation process.
  6. Takht Sri Damdama Sahib is one of the five takhts (thrones) of Sikhism and a revered religious site in Bhatinda.
  7. The gurdwara complex provides a serene sanctuary for spiritual contemplation and religious devotion with beautifully landscaped gardens, sarovars, and ancient structures.
  8. Chetak Lake is a popular spot in Bhatinda for nature enthusiasts offering boating, bird-watching or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the lake while appreciating the surrounding greenery and serene atmosphere.

A Taste of Bhatinda’s Traditions

Bhatinda is known for its historical attractions and rich cultural traditions that define Punjab’s identity. Here are some experiences that offer a taste of Bhatinda’s vibrant traditions:

  1. Visit the Qila Mubarak market to explore traditional handicrafts, clothes, and accessories reflecting Punjabi culture.
  2. Discover Jujhar Singh Haveli, showcasing intricate woodwork, frescoes, and traditional motifs.
  3. Join colorful festivals like Baisakhi and Lohri, featuring cultural performances, folk dances, and music.
  4. Indulge in authentic Punjabi cuisine at renowned dhabas, enjoying dishes like Sarson da Saag, Makki di Roti, and Butter Chicken.
  5. Explore the ancient town of Kathgarh with its historical temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

6. Patiala: The Royal City


Patiala, one of the best offbeat summer vacation destinations for families, known as the “Royal City of Punjab”, is a city of grandeur, architectural splendor, and cultural heritage. Home to magnificent palaces, beautiful gardens, and historical sites, Patiala offers a glimpse into the opulent past of Punjab’s royal heritage. Let’s explore the majestic sites of Patiala and immerse ourselves in its rich cultural traditions.

Exploring Patiala’s Majestic Sites

  1. Patiala boasts several majestic sites that showcase its regal history and architectural brilliance.
  2. The Moti Bagh Palace is a grand complex that served as the residence of the Patiala royal family in the 19th century, featuring Indo-Saracenic style, beautiful gardens, and an exquisite museum.
  3. The Sheesh Mahal, located within the Qila Mubarak complex, is adorned with intricate mirror work, frescoes, and beautiful chandeliers, reflecting the city’s rich cultural heritage and architectural grandeur.
  4. Visitors can explore the palace’s ornate rooms, marvel at the dazzling reflections created by countless mirrors, and relish the opulence of the bygone era.
  5. Other historical attractions in Patiala include the Baradari Gardens, an enchanting garden built around a historic pavilion.
  6. Gurudwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib is a revered Sikh shrine that offers solace and spiritual guidance to devotees.

Experiencing Patiala’s Rich Culture

Patiala is one of the best places to visit in Punjab India with its rich cultural heritage and royal history. Visitors can explore its cultural tapestry through festivals, folk traditions, and art forms. Anandpur Sahib, near Patiala, is an important religious site for Sikhs and hosts the Hola Mohalla festival annually, making it another must-visit place in Punjab India.

The Patiala Museum in the Qila Mubarak complex is recommended for exploring the city’s heritage. It houses artifacts, artwork, costumes, and weaponry that depict the history and traditions of the Patiala royal family.

Patiala offers a blend of history, culture, and regal charm that reflects Punjab’s legacy, making it a top choice for places to visit in Punjab India.

7. The Captivating Kapurthala


Kapurthala, often referred to as the “Paris of Punjab”, is a city renowned for its rich history, architectural beauty, and cultural significance. With its stunning palace, beautiful mosques, and historical sites, Kapurthala offers a captivating travel experience. Let’s explore the tourist spots in Kapurthala and uncover the history of this remarkable city.

Tourist Spots in Kapurthala

  1. Kapurthala has many amazing attractions.
  2. One of them is the Jagatjit Palace, a grand palace complex that displays the city’s architectural splendor.
  3. It was built in the Indo-European style and combines Indian and European aesthetics.
  4. The palace has breathtaking gardens, elegant interiors, and is now a museum, an art gallery, and a heritage hotel.
  5. Another attraction is the Moorish Mosque, also known as the Kapurthala Mosque.
  6. This mosque is inspired by Moroccan architecture and blends Islamic and European styles.
  7. There are other sites in Kapurthala that offer insights into its historical and cultural heritage like the Radha Krishan Mandir temple and Sainik School military academy.
  8. Visit Kapurthala to witness the fusion of cultures, traditions, and architectural styles for an enriching travel experience.

Unveiling the History of Kapurthala

Kapurthala, known as the “Paris of Punjab,” is one of the places of tourist interest in Punjab India. It is a city with a rich history, culture, and architectural grandeur. The Ahluwalia dynasty played a significant role in shaping Punjab’s politics and transforming Kapurthala into an architectural paradise.

The Jagatjit Palace, built by Maharaja Jagatjit Singh, is the city’s crown jewel, showcasing a blend of Renaissance, Mughal, and French styles. Kapurthala is also renowned for its educational institutions like Sainik School and Guru Nanak College.

Exploring the city allows you to experience Punjab’s regal past and leave with lasting memories.

8. Pathankot: Gateway to Jammu and Kashmir


The city of Pathankot, known as the “Paris of Punjab,” serves as the gateway to the pristine beauty of Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the state of Punjab, Pathankot is one of the top tourist destinations in Punjab, offering easy access to major cities and popular attractions like Nurpur Fort, Kathgarh Temple, and Ranjit Sagar Dam.

Visitors can explore the rich history and core traditions of Punjab while enjoying local culinary delights such as butter chicken, sarson da saag, and makki di roti. The best time to visit Pathankot is during the monsoon season, which brings lush greenery and pleasant weather, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.

Pathankot is truly one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Punjab, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and delicious cuisine.

Must-Visit Places in Pathankot

  1. Immerse yourself in the rich historical landmarks that offer an insight into Pathankot’s cultural heritage.
  2. Explore the natural beauty of this city, a paradise for nature enthusiasts.
  3. Pathankot’s cultural diversity boasts attractions for every traveler, from hidden gems adding charm to serene beauty distinct in its allure.

The Essence of Pathankot

Nestled in the heart of Punjab, Pathankot is a vibrant cultural hub reflecting the state’s rich heritage. Indulge in the culinary wonders of this ancient town, offering an authentic taste of Punjabi cuisine.

Delve into the religious tapestry of Pathankot, home to revered spiritual sites and historical temples. The enchanting natural landscapes of Pathankot beckon, providing a serene retreat from the bustle of city life. Embrace the essence of this historical town, steeped in culture and tradition, offering an unforgettable experience that captures the true spirit of Punjab.

9. The Vibrant City of Mohali


Mohali, known as the “Paris of Punjab,” is a vibrant city located in the heart of Punjab. It shares borders with Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, making it an important part of the region. Mohali offers a perfect blend of tradition and urban development, with rich cultural heritage and modern infrastructure.

Visitors can explore historical sites like Gurudwara Jyoti Sarup and indulge in local delicacies like butter chicken while experiencing Sikh community’s warmth. With its rich history, modern amenities, and diverse attractions, Mohali is one of the best places to visit in Punjab, providing a unique experience for tourists.

What to See in Mohali?

Experience the vibrant sports culture of Mohali, known for its cricket and athletic events. Marvel at the modern architectural wonders that showcase design excellence. Indulge in the vibrant shopping scene offering a variety of retail and entertainment options. Delight your taste buds with diverse culinary experiences. Immerse yourself in the cultural festivities celebrating traditions and community spirit.

Mohali’s Unique Features

  1. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and green spaces, Mohali offers natural beauty that delights visitors.
  2. Its reputation as an emerging IT hub is fueled by impressive technological advancements.
  3. Renowned institutions and academic opportunities showcase Mohali’s commitment to educational excellence.
  4. The warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the city immerse visitors in unmatched hospitality.
  5. Mohali’s dynamic business and industrial landscape reflect its innovative spirit, making it a truly unique destination.
  6. Visitors can easily immerse themselves in the ecological zone of Mohali which perfectly complements its vibrant urban landscape.

Why Visit Punjab?

Experience the rich cultural heritage, indulge in savory cuisine, explore diverse landscapes, immerse in vibrant festivals, and discover ancient traditions. Punjab offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that will leave you enchanted.

Is Punjab a Good Destination for Food Lovers?

Punjab, a gastronomic paradise, offers a rich tapestry of savory dishes and culinary delights. From street food delights to exquisite Punjabi delicacies, Punjab is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking traditional and contemporary flavors. Immerse yourself in the culinary heritage of Punjab and indulge in its authentic flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most visited place in Punjab?

The most visited place in Punjab is the Golden Temple in Amritsar. It serves as a spiritual and cultural hub for Sikhs and attracts a large number of tourists. The temple complex features a museum, a langar hall, and a holy pool called sarovar. Remember to cover your head and remove your shoes before entering the temple.

Which is the most beautiful city in Punjab?

Amidst the vibrant cities of Punjab, Amritsar stands out as a beautiful gem. With its iconic Golden Temple and rich Sikh heritage, it captivates visitors from around the world. However, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Patiala also boast breathtaking architecture and historical significance. Ultimately, beauty is subjective, so explore these cities yourself to decide which one you find the most enchanting.

What are the top places to visit in Punjab?

Explore the must-visit attractions in Punjab. From the spiritual and architectural significance of the Golden Temple in Amritsar to witnessing the daily flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah Border, there’s much to discover. Don’t miss Jallianwala Bagh, a historical site that commemorates a tragic event, or Anandpur Sahib, a significant pilgrimage site for Sikhs.

Which place is best for one day trip in Punjab?

Looking for the best place for a one-day trip in Punjab? Amritsar’s Golden Temple is a popular destination, offering spiritual solace. Witness the daily closing ceremony at Wagah Border or explore the stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage of Patiala. Ludhiana is another great option, known for its shopping and delicious food.

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