Spiti Valley : All The Iconic Places To Visit In The Middle Land

Chalo Spiti – it is one of the most popular phrases that you normally hear in a group making travel plans. SPITI- means ‘The Middle Land’ is a land between Tibet and India. No wonder, the beautiful cold desert mountain in the Himalayas is a melting pot of rich culture and picturesque attractions. Whether you want to admire the colourful monasteries, rejuvenate in the pristine nature or want to flood your gram with envious pictures, a trip to this valley is always a good idea. Planning a trip? Take a look at these beautiful places to Visit in Spiti Valley and know why it is important to get Spitified in 2020!

Get Spitified: Incredibly Beautiful Places To Visit In Spiti Valley

Popular Monasteries To Visit In Spiti Valley

Monasteries are prominent Spiti Valley tourist attractions. Overlooking spectacular views, these Buddhist structures are a perfect place to attain Nirvana. Here are some of the prominent monasteries. Make a note that photography is not allowed at most places.

Tabo Monastery
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Tabo Monastery

This ancient monastery is known for its regal paintings, stucco sculptures of Bodhisattvas, works of Buddha and multiple stupas. It houses 9 temples of Tara & Buddha Maitreya.

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Key Monastery

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Kaza region is Kye Gompa or Key Monastery. It certainly resembles Chinese architecture with its style and assembly hall, charming Tengyur room. One of the biggest gompas, this place has a magnificent Buddha shrine, murals, books and ancient manuscripts.

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Shashur Monstery

This three-storeyed monastery is surrounded by blue pines. Gather your friends and family as it makes for a scenic picnic spot. This monastery is 137 km away from Manali and situated in the Drugpa sect in Lahaul and Spiti .

Gandhola Monastery
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Gandhola Monastery

This monastery is nearly 800 years old and still stands tall with its simple yet classic architecture. It is famously situated between Chandra and Bhaga and has wooden shrines, idols and objects with a rich history.

Tayul Monestery

Tayul Monastery

This ancient monastery has the biggest statue of PadmaSambhava. Put this on your itinerary when holidaying in Spiti. Did you know that the structure has mani wheels that lets visitors have God’s benevolence.

Lhalung Monastery
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Lhalung Monastery

Also known as the Golden Temple because of the golden idols of deities, this monastery was founded by a Buddhist Mahaguru- Rinchen Zangpo. It is a melting pot of Buddha’s teachings and has 9 beautiful shrines.

Serene Lakes To Visit In Spiti Valley

When at the valley, you cannot have enough of the sights of azure water bodies. Once you will reach there, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and serenity of these lakes. Let’s take a sneak peek into these popular three lakes.

Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake

A real gem of Spiti Valley, Dhankar Lake or Sar Kund Lake is a hidden natural beauty known for its scenic views, picture-perfect surroundings and crystal clear water. In order to reach this azure paradise, you need to embark on a slightly tough trek as it is located atop 4270 m.

Chandratal Lake


Crystal blue waters, lush green foliage, crescent moon shape- when you see this, know that you are at Chandratal. Take your cameras out, because you can’t have enough of the sparkling waters. Located near Kunzum Pass, this crystal blue lake is an idyllic destination.

Temples and Passes To Visit in Spit Valley

Barlacha Pass
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Baralacha Pass

One of the most popular tourist destinations is Baralacha Pass which is ideal for campers and trekkers. Flocks of tourists come here for trekking, cycling, exploring and enjoying nature. It is a slightly challenging pass situated between Manali-Leh highway in Zanskar. Yunam and Bhaga rivers add to its beauty. Often travellers host biking expeditions.

Kunzum Pass

One of the most popular attractions is Kunzum Pass that bridges Kullu and Lahaul valley with Spiti valley. You have often seen the picture of the devi temple with several flags on several postcards- it’s situated in Kunzum pass. It has the iconic Chandratal which you can reach by trekking.

Kunzum Pass

Trilokinath Temple

A temple on the cliff- that’s what Trilokinath Temple is all about. Situated in Tunde village, this is a popular place of worship amongst locals. No wonder, there are tons of stories that do the rounds about the place and its serene vibes. The temple offers a spectacular city view too!

Pin valley National Park

Bio reserve national parks are house to several endangered and rare flora and fauna, and Pin Valley National Park is one of them. The semi-frozen streams, alpine vegetation, medicinal jadi-buti, crystal cold waters and the lush beauty- these things perfectly sum up this park. This reserve is a home to several unique species such as snow leopards, and Siberian ibex.

Pin Valley National Park


A highly uncommercial and untapped village, Losar is a lesser known village that you can visit if you are not looking for something touristy. Although there are limited options for food, and accommodation, you can visit this place for digital detox and some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle. It is very near to the Chinese border.


Spiti valley has no dearth of tiny hamlets. Kibber is one of the photogenic hamlet that is frequented by trekkers and explorers. It has its own monastery and is situated at an elevation of 4200 m.


We have taken a look at all the beautiful attractions. How can you forget the most important part of any trip- shopping! From exotic range of teas such as sea buckthorn tea, to barley and its items, spices, cheese, and warm sweaters, caps, mufflers, shawls, etc- the list is endless. Make sure you also savour the local foods and flavours. Well, go ahead and post that quintessential influencer pic with a cuppa chai and plate of maggi. Another aspect of travel is basking in the local culture. Interact with the friendly localites, know about their daily life, interesting stories, absorb their culture and get an enchanting taste of life that is full of beautiful memories.

Reasons To Visit Spiti Valley

The adventure doesn’t end here. You can jump into a Volvo or any of the state-run buses which frequently run across and make a trip to Manali. The journey to Manali from Spiti valley will be an interesting one. It is situated approximately 196 km and usually takes around 5-6 hours. Killing two birds with one stone, ha?

You need to do thorough research about the place if you want to plan it perfectly and make the most of your trip. Since the place has no direct rail routes or airports, the place is not directly accessible. You can drive from Manali, Kullu, Kalka, Shimla, Chandigarh and enjoy the scenic journey before plunging into a canvas of picturesque locales. What are you waiting for? There are tons of Spiti Valley tour packages that you need to check out immediately. We hope you liked our list of places to visit in spiti valley, plan you trip soon to this ultimate travel destination soon.

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