12 Best Places to Visit Near Pune in Monsoon: An Extensive Guidebook

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During the summer, everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the monsoon season. People long for relief from the intense heat and look forward to enjoying the refreshing monsoon season. So here we are, and we will take you on a journey to the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon where the soft pitter-patter of the rain can create a calming atmosphere and cool breezes can be heard whispering to soothe your soul in this monsoon trip near Pune.

Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker or simply looking to relax, there are places to visit during monsoon. Get ready to indulge yourself in the green landscapes, dewy mountains, and streaming waterfalls that make these places truly magical during monsoon.

Here are the 12 destinations that we will be exploring as monsoon getaways from Pune:

  1. Lonavla
  2. Mahabaleshwar
  3. Khandala
  4. Mulshi Lake
  5. Pawna Lake
  6. Shivsagar Lake
  7. Lohagad Fort
  8. Rajmachi Fort
  9. Torna Fort
  10. Thoseghar
  11. Tamhini Ghat
  12. Devkund

Each of these monsoon places near Pune has its own charm that will attract you during the monsoon season. Join us as we dig deeper into what makes these destinations a must-visit during this time of the year.

Hill Stations for Monsoon Trip Near Pune

Hill stations as places near Pune in monsoon come alive during this time, offering chilly winds and misty landscapes. Perfect places to visit near Pune in the rainy season for a refreshing escape, these spots provide an experience that is hard to live in city life. Discover the best hill stations to visit as monsoon places near Pune:

1. Lonavla


One of the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon is Lonavla. It is a very popular hill station, located approximately 65 km. It often serves as an ideal weekend getaway for people living in the loud cities. Settled in the Sahyadri Mountain Range in Maharashtra, Lonavala is well-spotted for its viewpoints like Tiger’s Leap or Lion’s Point, offering a scenic view of the surroundings, especially during the monsoon season.

For those who are interested in places to go near Pune in monsoon and history or architecture, this hill station comprises several forts, such as Lohagarh or Visapur, providing a glimpse into the rich history of the region and also opportunities for trekking. The Karla and Bhaja Caves, ancient Buddhist rock-cut caves with intricate carvings and historical significance could also be added to the list of top places to visit near Pune in monsoon.

While you’re at Lonavla, don’t miss the fact that it is also home to beautiful waterfalls like Kune Falls and Bhushi Dam, which become livelier and more intense with the monsoon rains.

2. Mahabaleshwar


Mahabaleshwar, one of the top places to visit near Pune in monsoon, is a charming hill station which is located approximately 120 km from Pune. Many tourists favor spending their vacation at Mahabaleshwar as it is famous for its beautiful landscapes and chilly weather, a perfect combination for someone who is looking for a peaceful getaway.

Mahabaleshwar, a monsoon destination near Pune is often the talk of the town for its strawberry farms. Tourists can savor these strawberries fresh from the farms, especially during the strawberry season. The Mapro Garden is a must-visit spot for its delicious fruit products and garden settings.

Mahabaleshwar, among other places to visit near Pune in the rainy season, is also believed to be a sacred pilgrimage spot for Hindus as the Krishna River originates from here. Then there is Mahabaleshwar temple and Pratapgad Fort which add depth to the significance of their cultural heritage and makes it one of family-friendly monsoon destinations in India. Moreover, many viewpoints here are surrounded by valleys, mountains, and greenery, such as Arthur’s Seat, Wilson Point, and Elephant’s Head Point, which paints a charming scenery for visitors. It is even more magical and one of the best places to visit in monsoon near Pune when the atmosphere becomes dewy.

3. Khandala


Khandala, a hidden gem of a hill station among the other best places to visit near Pune in monsoon, always captivates tourists with its natural beauty. Located just 69 km from Pune, Khandala is easily accessible and usually serves as a peaceful destination, away from the city.

The town is famous for its viewpoints like the Khandala Ghat viewpoint or Duke’s Nose starting point which offers a stunning outlook of the waterfalls and landscapes that are surrounded with greenery. It is one of the best tourist places near Pune in monsoon to take strolls and plan picnics.

Adventure enthusiasts run to Khandala for its trekking trails and opportunities for exciting outdoor activities like rappelling and rock climbing.  Khandala, among other monsoon destinations near Pune, is also famous for its Maharashtrian food and snacks like vada pav, bhajiva, dabeli and so much more. These dishes become even tastier when combined with the rain.

With its breathtaking scenery, pleasant atmosphere, and range of outdoor activities, Khandala offers a memorable visit to the tourist places near Pune in monsoon who are seeking adventure along with serenity.

Lakes for Monsoon Getaways from Pune

Escape the noise of your city life for a while and feel the peace as you live in the beauty of these following lakes, the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon:

4. Mulshi Lake


Mulshi Lake is one of the beautiful places near Pune in monsoon which is located about 40 kilometers from Pune. This lake is perfect for nature lovers, especially for those who are seeking a destination to relax. Formed by Mulshi Dam on the Mula River, this lake is enclosed in a scenery of green hills, offering a landscape.

A diverse range of bird species flies around the lake making it a picturesque spot for bird watching, and famous in tourist places near Pune in monsoon as well. The area around Mulshi Lake is also ideal for various outdoor activities such as boating, camping, and trekking. Visitors can enjoy lazy boat rides on the calm waters of the lake, take nature walks on the lakeside, or simply relax. For people who await adventure activities, the nearby Sahyadri hills provide them with trails for trekking that lead to stunning viewpoints and breathtaking waterfalls, specifically during the monsoon season.

5. Pawna Lake


One of the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon is Pawna Lake. It can be located around 50 km from Pune, a lovely reservoir formed by the Pawna Dam.

For people who are looking for places to go near Pune in monsoon, Pawna Lake is a popular spot, situated amidst the green hills of the western ghats, and a perfect stay for nature enthusiasts. One of the main attractions at Pawna Lake is the setting for Camping. There are a number of campsites including the shore of the lake that offer a unique experience by allowing travelers to stay in tents, and enjoy bonfires, kayaking, and fishing.

There are also opportunities for trekking that come along with the striking setting of the forts like Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung. The presence of these historical structures elevates the value of visiting Pawan Lake and also makes it a popular destination among the places to go near Pune in monsoon for trekkers.

6. Shivsagar Lake


In the places to visit near Pune in the rainy season, Shivsagar Lake can be marked as a stunning reservoir formed by the Koyan Dam. It is located in Mahabaleshwar, 150 km from Pune in Maharashtra, offering a view surrounded by scenic landscape. The dense forests and hilly terrains provide a thrilling chance for trekking in the perfect monsoon season, making the atmosphere dewy with the drizzling rain and the trek more exciting.

The visitors in these places near Pune in monsoon can enjoy the calm waters of Shivsagar Lake, making it a popular destination for boating, kayaking, and water scooter riding in the vast expanse of the lake. Shivsagar Lake is also well known for its rich biodiversity as the area is filled with a variety of flora and fauna, making the lake paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Trekking Places near Pune in Monsoon

While checking for the best monsoon treks in India, there are places to visit near Pune in the rainy season. These nearby trekking spots are like cultural wonderlands waiting to be explored. Hike through Lohagad, Rajmachi, and Torna forts amidst fresh surroundings, proving to be perfect monsoon getaways from Pune:

7. Lohagad Fort


Lohagad Fort is one of the famous tourist places near Pune in monsoon, located about 52 km from Pune. It is a popular trekking destination, especially during monsoon season. This historic fort stands with leverage at 3,450 feet tall and offers a relatively easy trek, making it suitable for beginners and experienced trekkers as well. The trail is well-defined and takes you on a journey through dense forests, dewy hills, and small streams that come more alive with the rain.

The trek to Lohagad Fort, one of the top places to visit near Pune in monsoon, takes around 2-3 hours from the village of Lohagadwadi. The more you take steps, you will be greeted by the breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and the infamous Pawna Lake. The fort is an architectural wonder of the Marathi legacy and has several spots to explore, including its four gates; Ganesh Darwaja, Narayan Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja, and Maha Darwaja.

Another highlight of Lohagad Fort is the Vinchu Kata which resembles a scorpion’s tail. Trekking along the fort’s ridges during monsoon is an adventurous experience in places to go near Pune in monsoon.

8. Rajmachi Fort


Among other places to visit near Pune in the rainy season, Rajmachi Fort is a favored monsoon trekking destination which is located about 80 km from Pune. This historic site consists of two forts; Shivardhan and Manaranjan, settled on a hill in the Sahyadri mountain range.

The trek to Rajmachi is among the best places to visit in monsoon near Pune and can begin from either Lonavala or the base village of Kondhane. The route from Lonavla is longer but less steep, while the Kondhane route is comparatively shorter but more challenging. Both paths take you through dense forests and waterfalls, which makes the trek more exciting.

The trek usually takes 4-5 hours but once you reach Rajmachi, the view is simply magnificent. The two forts combine and provide a scenery of beautiful valleys and backwaters of Shirota Dam. While exploring the ancient structures of the fort, you can witness the historical impression of these forts. With the rainwater surrounding you and letting you feel the crisp and cool air, trekking in the best places near Pune in monsoon season is simply icing on the cake.

9. Torna Fort


Torna Fort in the top places to visit near Pune in monsoon is another significant trekking destination which is located about 65 km from Pune. Standing 4,603 feet tall, this fort is the highest in Pune district. It is known for being one of the most challenging treks, especially during the monsoon season. Torna Fort, one of the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon, was the first fort that was captured by Shivaji Maharaj at the age of 16 and holds immense historical importance.

In monsoon getaways from Pune, the trek to Torna Fort starts from the base village of Velhe. The trail is moderately difficult, with steep and rocky paths that can become slippery during the rains. However, the monsoon transforms the scenery into a paradise, with the number of waterfalls adding to the charm of this trek. It usually takes up to 3-4 hours to reach the top.

On their way, trekkers are greeted with lovely views of the Sahyadri mountains, valleys, and the backwaters of Bhatghar Dam. The Torna Fort is among other best places to visit in monsoon near Pune, with various points of interest like the Zunjar Machi and Budhla Machi—natural rock formations. The experience of trekking Torna Fort in the monsoon could be challenging but full of adventure and something of interest to trekking enthusiasts.

Waterfalls as Monsoon Destinations Near Pune

Experience the magic of waterfalls as the best places to visit in monsoon near Pune. These peaceful spots provide monsoon getaways from Pune and its city life, inviting you to unwind in nature:

10. Thoseghar


Thoseghar Waterfalls, one of the popular places to visit near Pune in the rainy season, is located near the small village of Thoseghar which is settled at the edge of the Konkan region and about 20 km apart from Satara City.

This massive waterfall is about 200 meters in height, along with a series of small streams, features dense woods and a clean lake, all packed in a setting of a hilly landscape. Although the area provides a picnic area and a newly constructed platform to offer picturesque views of the waterfall, entering the valley is banned for safety concerns.

Thoseghar Waterfalls is a beautiful monsoon getaway from Pune, drawing the attention of people between July to November in particular as the surroundings become more enchanting and the cascading water becomes more voluminous due to the heavy rainfall during this period.

11. Tamhini Ghat


Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls is located about 70 km from Pune and is popular in the list of top places to visit near Pune in mo nsoon. Tamhini, with all its glory, is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra.

The region is rich in biodiversity with a variety of flora and fauna and is surrounded by misty hills, green landscapes, and a series of waterfalls, like the Valse and the Kansai pouring down. Tamhini Ghat, in the great list of places to visit near Pune in the rainy season, creates a breathtaking sight with its heavy rainfall, making it one of the perfect monsoon destinations near Pune. The journey to the ghat is an adventure in itself. The sounds of water gushing with strength, combined with the cool and crisp breeze only add magic to these majestic ghats.

12. Devkund


Devkund Waterfalls, one of the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon, is located near the small village of Bhira in Kolad, Maharashtra. The distance is about 110 km from Pune, an easy gap to cover on weekends.

Devkund Waterfalls is famous for its peaceful and clean surroundings, which makes it a reliable spot for swimming or just relaxing in nature. Getting to Devkund Waterfalls involves a trek that takes about 3 hours. The trail is slightly challenging with dense forests, streams, and rocky paths. However, the route is also full of plants and animals of different species which gives you a chance to connect to nature.

When you reach the Devkund waterfalls, among other top places to visit near Pune in monsoon, you can witness the water falling from about 80 feet into a deep blue-green setting of a pool. The cascading water is always impressive with its natural beauty.


The extensive list of places to visit near Pune in the rainy season opens up a world of enchanting destinations that are waiting to be explored. Whether you seek the thrill of trekking amidst the mountains or peace in lakes and waterfalls, there is something for everyone. From iconic forts like Lohagad and Torna to the calming beauty of Pawna and Shivsagar lakes, each place offers a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

The dense forests, cool breezes, and soothing sound of rain create a magical atmosphere that attracts tourists into nature’s embrace. For people who are interested in exploring more and beyond, there are also many places to visit in Rajasthan in monsoon. So, pack your bags, and your camping pieces of equipment, put on your hiking shoes, and take on a journey with us to discover the top places to visit near Pune in monsoon.

What are some famous hill stations near Pune that offer stunning views in the monsoon months?

Famous hill stations near Pune that offer stunning views in the monsoon months include Lonavala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, and many more.

Are there any trekking spots near Pune that are safe and enjoyable during the rainy season?

Yes, destinations like Rajmachi, Lohagad Fort, and Sinhagad Fort are a few examples of safe and enjoyable trekking spots during the rainy season.

Are there any waterfalls near Pune that are great to visit in the rainy season?

Yes, there are many great waterfalls among other monsoon places near Pune , such as Thoseghar, Tamhini, and Kune Falls.

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