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The countdown to the New Year 2024 will start as the Christmas bells chime. Since every fresh start is filled with a lot of vigour and optimism, it is customary to celebrate the New Year. One of the most anticipated events on December 31st night is looking at the clock and waiting for the tong. Prepare to enjoy the merriest New Year ever as you indulge in celebrations! Celebrate the New Year at the best places to celebrate the New Year in India with brand-new aspirations, objectives, ambitions, and sentiments.

Therefore, look around and visit locations you haven’t been to before deciding to blow a giant hole in your wallet and vacation abroad. You can choose from various notable places to visit on New Year in India on a budget with your family or friends, but these are just a few.

1. Goa


Called by the metaphor the “Party State” of India, the coastal Goa brings positive energy as it permeates in the beachside city. As the best place to visit in the New Year in India, it frequently ranks at the top of travel publications. It undoubtedly remains one of the most popular places for tourists to come and jam through the New Year, with dance festivals taking place in the final few days. To rage and rave, whether you prefer wild parties where you get sloshed to death, lounging on the beach with a cold beer in hand, or simply watching the sunset on the final day of the year and ushering in a new year with your significant other. Goa is undoubtedly the best place to visit during the New Year in India for a lifetime experience.

2. Gangtok

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At the height of 1,437 meters, the Sikkim town of Gangtok is an incredibly best place to celebrate the New Year in India. Rests in front of the Shivalik Hills, which are part of the Eastern Himalayan Range, most visitors to Sikkim come through Gangtok, and over the New Year, it becomes crowded with tourists. You can loop in the New Year dancing to trance music at one of the numerous pubs and discos that serve the area’s visitors’ needs. Parties are going on all over town, making it bright and vibrant. It’s a hill retreat for people who enjoy the serenity and mayhem that comes with a hill station. So, Gangtok is one of the top Places to Visit On New Year In India On Budget.

3. Manali


In the snowless city of Manali, say goodbye to 2022. However, this best place to celebrate the New Year in India is a private one you share with your loved ones, friends, or life partner. Additionally, you can take in New Year’s Eve at hotels where fantastic events are planned for visitors. The Solang Valley and Kufri are nearby places you could visit by street trek. Putting that energy into the snow-covered streets will further energize your evening. Bring back the beautiful images and happy memories of the New Year’s eve celebration in this magnificent hill station.

4. Pondicherry

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Compared to several other New Year destinations in India, Pondicherry stands out for its beachside parties on New Year’s Eve. The whole night is filled with celebrations in the city and fireworks and bonfires by the sea. Please keep an eye out for insane performances that are put on the city’s streets. To experience everything, young people and travelers start preparing for this day months in advance. If you want to appreciate this momentous occasion, head to Pondicherry this New Year’s which is amongst the best Places to Visit On New Year In India On Budget.

5. Kerala


We would advise visiting Kerala if you ask us where you should travel for the New Year in 2024. Not just in India but worldwide, Kerala is one of the most popular New Year’s places to visit in India. While spending the New Year on a houseboat is an engaging and uniquely Keralan way to ring in the year, you will also be in for a fantastic treat if you go to the Cochin Carnival or the burning of the enormous Pappanji or Santa at Fort Kochi Beach. The sun never sets on Kerala’s some of the best places for New Year in India for celebrations. So, if you go to any of the parties there, you’ll see locals and tourists in full party mode.

6. Mcleodganj


The small town of Mcleodganj in the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh is brightly lit, and it is certainly one of the best places to visit during New Year in India. This place turns into a happy and musical destination on this day as the winds blow through your face giving you chills. Visitors from all over the world and India can be seen enjoying their drinks and having a great time while walking through the streets. Here, you can sit in one of the many chic little cafes and take in the guitar-playing of foreign tourists. Mcleodganj, known for the Bhagsunath Temple and a multicultural community, is home to the 14th Dalai Lama. Shiva Cafe is a recommended small hike close to the temple. If you want to loop in the New Year in a tranquil location with a distinctive culture and breathtaking scenery, Mcleodganj is among the Places to Visit On New Year In India On Budget.

7. Udaipur


In India, Udaipur is popular with its synonym, the “City of Lakes.” One of the best places to visit on New Year in India on a Budget, it is the best suitable option to enjoy the impending New Year. It is the most remarkable thing you can do to enjoy yourself with those you love. Plan a trip to the city where you may look around opulent palaces and peruse the markets to get fantastic mementoes. In addition to some significant events to ring in the New Year, take in the delicate flavours of the royal lifestyle and rustic vibes. The New Year can be celebrated with family, friends, and loved ones in several resorts and clubs in Udaipur, which make special occasions worth meaningful.

Additionally, it serves as a retreat for people who prefer to live lavishly. Plan your holiday in Udaipur, which is certainly one of the best places to visit in New Year in India. Enjoy it, and have a good year ahead.

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8. Delhi

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Delhi, the nation’s capital, is the best place to visit in the New Year in India. Take in the best drinks, refreshments, music, lights, dance, and more. It is one of the New Year’s places to visit in India that offer numerous options for ringing in the New Year and have fun. You enjoy the eve in magnificent lounges or Delhi’s upscale cafes, with some of the most prestigious and pricey parties. In these clubs run by famous people, you can dance to the beat of songs spun by the nation’s top DJs. Visit the city’s most popular areas, such as Hauz Khas, Connaught Place, and Greater Kailash, amongst others to take advantage of the city’s top nightlife. Since all these venues are frequently packed during this time, if you want to attend a theme party, book your party tickets in advance.

9. Bengaluru

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Prepare yourself to celebrate the New Year destinations in India’s IT hub. Bengaluru[formerly Bangalore continues to rank among the best cities in India to celebrate the New Year, thanks to its pleasant climate and lively atmosphere. The city offers ample opportunities to get into a celebratory mood with its abundance of open spaces, including parks, pubs, cafes, entertainment venues, and opulent getaways. Bengaluru is full of magnificent resorts, hotels, and loungers where you can make the New Year eve memorable. The best DJs’ music can be heard in various party locations here—young people who want to let loose and have a hard party draw amazing crowds to this location. You can also indulge in fine dining at some of city’s top restaurants.

10. Kolkata

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Kolkata, one of India’s most popular cosmopolitan cities, celebrates the New Year with a lot of vigour. It is indeed one of the best places to celebrate New Year in India among the perfect locations to ring in the New Year. Everyone, regardless of age, seems to be very excited about the New Year. On New Year’s eve, the city’s nightclubs get geared up, and you won’t be able to stop your feet the entire night. Go ahead and celebrate in Kolkata, leaving all your worries behind. Have fun, eat the delectable food, and groove to the funky music. Popular by its metaphor the “City of Joy” it is indeed the  best new year destinations in india to spend an unforgettable New Year if you still need to make travel arrangements and are longing for a winter vacation.

11. Ooty

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Do you prefer to join India’s crazed crowds or celebrate the New Year in peace? No need to worry; Ooty is the only location that offers both a tranquil and exciting environment. You can have a great time here with loud music, glam parties, crazy crowds, and a quiet evening. Ooty, without a doubt, is among the best locations in South India to ring in the New Year. That could be the most brilliant move if exploring top places to celebrate the New Year in India. There are numerous exciting ways to ring in Ooty on New Year’s Eve 2024, ranging from family-friendly events to festive parties, from vivacious DJs to multi-course meals. Ooty can brag about several fantastic locations where events and celebrations for the New Year remain mesmerizing.

12. Pushkar

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Pushkar, one of the best places to visit during the New Year in India, is known for its sand-covered landscape and ebullient camels. Pushkar is a location in Rajasthan with a lot to offer in terms of enjoyable experiences, including forts, shopping areas, camel safaris, and delicacies. It’s impossible to find a place like this charming, tiny town in Ajmer. Pushkar offers its visitors the chance to experience a lovely contrast between the royal way of life and the rural vibe of the locals, as well as some great New Year’s Eve parties. It is among India’s top locations to celebrate New Year in India under budget.

13. Mumbai

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Mumbai, or the City of Dreams as we refer it, is undoubtedly the best place to visit on New Year in India on a Budget. As a result of all the revolutions and party scenes, the city, which never sleeps, becomes saturated in all vigor and enthusiasm. You can have some amazing fun that is a mix of Christmas celebration all over the world. You have unlimited access to alcohol and snacks at nightclubs like Kitty Su, which popularly hosts parties with celebrity performances. Yes! Mumbai’s celebration of the new year is insane.

Stop your plans to leave India to ring in the New Year if you live there. Take a moment to consider the awesome locations of your country you have never visited, the knowledge you have lacked, and the customs you have never encountered. We at WonderOn will guide you there is much more to see in India than first appears.

FAQ’s Related to Place to visit on New Year in India

1. What can we have in mind for the coming year?

You can go to several New Year destinations in India. Some of the better ones include Tarkali, Bhimtal, Manali, Ooty, Goa, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. You can have a great time at a number of the parties that are held at all these locations.

2. On New Year’s Eve, how do you suggest to celebrate to make the occasion momentous?

You can go bar hopping, stroll through the streets to see fireworks, and check out the restaurants to treat yourself to the best place for New Year in India ever. You can also take a cruise or go on a boat trip if you’re going to a beach location.

3. On New Year’s Eve, what are the best options to do in Bangalore?

In various cities throughout the country, there are indeed best New Year destinations in India that can leave impeccable impact on you. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of activities you can enjoy in Bengaluru, including clubbing on Brigade Road, touring Bangalore Palace, spending time at Bannerghatta National Park, and more.

4. On New Year’s Eve, what can one do in Goa?

Goa is one of the best places to visit in New Year in India. It’s a party every single day, but the atmosphere around New Year’s is just incredible. You can participate in various entertaining activities, such as going to clubs, and beach parties, participating in the Sunburn Festival, taking cruises, etc.

5. Is advance planning mandatory for New Year eve celebration?

No matter which destination you prefer, try advance booking for accommodation and even your preferred activities in the selected location to avoid last minute rush. It will save your time and energy besides making the trip affordable when you explore the places to visit on New Year in India for a memorable experience.

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