7 Places to Visit On This Long Dussehra Weekend

With the busy lives that we live in, we all wait for the weekend like anything. And then, when it’s a long weekend, the excitement doubles at the rate of knots. Hush! We all know. And so, it’s time to thank our fortunes, as one such weekend is on our way now. Dussehra- One of the many reasons why the traveler in you might be wanting to step out of the city and explore the magic outside. Well, if you are feeling that way, we have something for you.

Places to visit on this long dussehra weekend

Here’s a list of 7 places to visit on this long Dussehra weekend.

Bir Billing

bir billing long Dussehra weekend

A beautiful village located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Bir is located way up high in the hills. With an elevation of 1,400m above sea level, it’s perfect for those who want time away from the crowds on the ground. A home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery on the planet, Bir also hosts flying events in Octobers or Novembers every year.

Mostly, these events are competitive, which means you can witness some of the best professionals from across the nation give their best fly in the sky. Apart from that, Bir is also an important center for the Tibetan community. In fact, the lower half of the town is called Tibetan Colony. Clearly, tourists traveling to Bir get to enjoy the goodness of both Bir and Tibet at the same time. No wonder, it makes a perfect spot to see on a long weekend.

Triund Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj Triund On Long Dussehra Weekend

One of the hottest (what? Just wait) dream destinations for every friend group, Triund is one heaven of a place to visit. The beauty of the cool mountains. The calmness in its surroundings. Those trek walks. And bon-fires with friends. All of this combined gives Triund the popularity that it has.

And then, the best thing about Triund trek? It can be completed pretty easily by people from all age groups. (Congo! The distance that you’ll have to walk to the top is 8 kms). Still, don’t forget to carry your carb-rechargers (you like protein bars, right?) as the last one kilometer can be tiring. Filled with 22 breathtaking, and tiring curves, the last kilometer is known as the “22 curves”.


Udaipur on Long Dussehra Weekend

Nearly 600 kilometers from Delhi, Udaipur is the perfect destination for people who like long drives and road trips. The long highway that takes you there has a myriad of dhabas and fancy restaurants that can satisfy your desires for amazing food. And then the nature on both sides of the road; just what one needs for getting some of the best pictures.

Apart from this, the city of Udaipur has the ridges of wooded Aravalli Hills stretching away in every direction. And then all the beautiful temples, palaces, havelis and a large number of narrow streets which have seen hundreds of years as generations lived and passed this dusty land. Also, Colonel James Tod of the East India Company labelled Udaipur as the most romantic spot on the continent in the year 1829.


Jaisalmer On Long Dussehra Weekend

Fourth one on this list is Jaisalmer. Another one with beautiful forts, deserted lands, a deeply embedded culture and a warm hospitality that you may never find anywhere away from Rajasthan. Clearly, anyone who’s a fan of camel rides, rich spices and a homely feel would just love to spend a weekend in Jaisalmer.

Nearly 800 kilometers from Delhi, it’s a 10-12 hour drive if you leave early in the morning. The other ways to get here include bus and train. Or you can just get a good package to get to this place for your long Dussehra weekend.

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley on Long Dussehra Weekend
Talk of beauty and Tirthan Valley will find its place on your list. Enclosed by the Great Himalayas, Tirthan Valley is also known as ‘Himachal’s Best Kept Secret’. And why would it not be? After all, this is an area of exceptional beauty. Something so serene that you may not find it anywhere else around you. The place also has a myriad of mountain scenery, unspoiled villages, places for great walks and warmly inviting guesthouses. All of this combines to make Tirthan Valley on popular spot for visiting on long weekends.

Kasol Kheerganga

Kasol Kheerganga Long Dussehra Weekend
Do you love to trek? Are you a fan of nature? And will you walk 14kms to get to a magically relieving natural hot water spring?  Well, if you will, Kheerganga is a must visit for you. A place with a lit life and pretty cosy camps to fill your nights with joy, Kasol-Kheerganga trip will give you memories for a lifetime.

And then, not to forget, the place is perfect for clicking some of the most beautiful pictures by far. warmly inviting people, cool cafes, soothing weather and a nearly guaranteed trail of sheep walking by your side are the main highlights of this place. So, if you are looking for something like that, plan a trip to Kheerganga and you’ll have it all.


Chopta Tunganath Long Dussehra Weekend

Another one of the prettiest spots that you can visit on this long Dussehra weekend, Chopta lies on the Ukhimath-Chamoli road. This is the road that connects Kedarnath with Badrinath. And then, this route is also so picturesque that you would want to keep stopping over and over to make the most out of the view. Speaking of the distance, this place is only 35 km up from Ukhimath.

If you want to see something like you might never have seen before, while going to this place, you may get to see some mysteriously forested mountains with equally magical beauty. Chopta is also a springboard for a 5 km trek to Chandrashila Peak and Tungnath. And then the Panch Kedar temples in Garhwal, including Kedarnath, Rudranath, Madmaheshwar and Kalpeshwar make it a shrine for Hindu devotees.

Totally, it’s your best bet if you want to spend your weekend in a religious way.

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