The Complete Guide To Pony Ride In Kashmir

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Embark on a Kashmir trip, where the allure of nature invites you to explore its beauty. Among the must-try experiences is the pony ride in Kashmir, a journey that takes you through breathtaking sceneries unlike any other. 

These gentle ponies become your companions, trotting along paths wrapped in the tranquillity of the valleys. From lush meadows to serene lakes, a pony ride in Kashmir is your key to unlocking the hidden gems among the many places to visit in Kashmir.

Why To Take A Pony Ride In Kashmir

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When you’re thinking of things to do in Kashmir, a pony ride should be at the top of your list. Why? Because a pony ride in Kashmir is not just a ride; it’s a journey into the heart of nature. Imagine yourself on a friendly pony, meandering through green meadows and alongside sparkling streams. It’s a peaceful, gentle way to see the sights, much easier on your legs than walking! 

Pony rides let you soak in the views without the rush, giving you a chance to breathe in the fresh mountain air. Plus, these ponies know the paths well; they’re sure-footed and calm, making your ride safe and enjoyable. 

Remember, one of the best Kashmir travel tips is to experience the place like the locals do, and that’s exactly what a pony ride in Kashmir offers. It connects you to the culture, the people, and the land in a special way.

Places To Do Pony Ride In Kashmir

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In the enchanting land of Kashmir, pony rides are a delightful way to discover the region’s stunning landscapes. Here’s a list of places where you can enjoy this experience:

Pahalgam: Often called the ‘Valley of Shepherds,’ Pahalgam is not just about the serene views but also about the joy of exploring them on a pony. It’s home to the famous Betaab Valley, where the lush meadows and forests make for a picture-perfect pony trek. 

The valley got its name from the Bollywood movie ‘Betaab,’ which was filmed there. It’s one of the top things to do in Pahalgam, giving you a cinematic experience as you trot through the same landscapes that once graced the silver screen.

Gulmarg: Known for its snow-capped mountains and flowering gardens, Gulmarg is a winter wonderland turned summer pasture. When you’re not skiing down its slopes, consider exploring the greenery on a pony. The paths here are ideal for a gentle ride, with panoramic views that stretch for miles. After a day of riding, you can find several hotels in Gulmarg to relax and recount the day’s adventures.

Srinagar: The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir offers a list of things to do in Srinagar, and pony rides are definitely one of them. Glide through the Mughal Gardens or around the Dal Lake on a pony, taking in the city’s historic charm and natural beauty. It’s a leisurely way to see the sights without the confines of a car or bus.

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Yusmarg: A lesser-known gem, Yusmarg is tranquillity personified. The meadows here are dotted with pines and the air is scented with wildflowers. A pony ride in Yusmarg will take you across rivulets and to vantage points where the entire valley opens up in front of you. It’s a place where time slows down, and the pony’s steady pace is the perfect way to savour it.

Sonmarg: Sonmarg, which means ‘meadow of gold,’ is a starting point for many treks. However, if trekking is not your thing, pony rides are an excellent alternative. The ponies can take you up to Thajiwas Glacier, where the landscape transitions from lush greenery to icy white. It’s a magical experience and a highlight among the places to do pony ride in Kashmir.

Anantnag: This historic city is not just about the temples and springs; it’s also a starting point for pony rides to mountain lakes and high-altitude meadows. The routes from Anantnag will allow you to witness rural Kashmiri life and the untouched beauty of the surrounding areas.

In each of these places, ponies serve as a bridge between the modern traveller and the timeless allure of Kashmir. They are part of the culture and add to the authenticity of your travel experience. 

Not only are pony rides therapeutic, but they also support the local way of life, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly method of exploration. So, when you’re listing down the places to do pony ride in Kashmir, make sure to include these spots for an unforgettable adventure.

Best Time For Pony Ride In Kashmir

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The best time for a pony ride in Kashmir is during the summer and autumn. Here’s why:

Summers in Kashmir: Summer in Kashmir, from May to August, the weather is warm and pleasant. This is the perfect time to enjoy pony rides amidst lush green landscapes. The pony ride charges are reasonable, and the experience is worth every penny.

Autumn in Jammu and Kashmir: September to November brings autumn in Kashmir. The valleys turn into a palette of gold and russet, offering a different yet stunning backdrop for pony rides. Pony ride charges during this season are fair, and the cooler weather makes for comfortable rides.

This period showcases why Kashmir is called heaven on Earth, with its breathtaking scenery and ideal conditions for pony rides.

Pony Ride Charges

Pony ride charges in Kashmir may vary based on where you go and how long you ride. Generally, a pony ride in Kashmir can cost around 500 to 1500 INR for a short ride. If you want a longer journey, the pony ride charges might increase. Always agree on the price before you start your pony ride in Kashmir to avoid any confusion later. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pony rides suitable for all ages and levels of riders?

Yes, pony rides in Kashmir are suitable for all ages and levels of riders. Ponies are gentle and accustomed to carrying both beginners and experienced riders offering a comfortable ride for everyone.

What are the typical durations and routes for pony rides in Kashmir?

Typical pony rides in Kashmir last from 30 minutes to several hours, covering scenic routes like Betaab Valley, Thajiwas Glacier, and the meadows of Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg with options for full-day excursions.

Is it necessary to book pony rides in advance, or can I arrange one on the spot in Kashmir?

It’s not necessary to book pony rides in advance in Kashmir. You can easily arrange one on the spot as there are many ponies available especially in tourist areas. However, negotiating the price beforehand is recommended.

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