20 Popular Restaurants In Leh Ladakh You Should Visit

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Leh, a town in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ladakh region, is well-known for its breathtaking natural scenery, Buddhist shrines, the famous Ladakh tour packages and unpolluted surroundings. Leh, often known as the ‘Little Tibet’ or the ‘Land of the Lamas,’ is renowned for its arid mountains, fluttering prayer flags, Tibetan solid Buddhist influence, and the best Restaurants in Leh that provide various cuisines. That’s not it, when you check out the best things to do in Leh, trying the Leh restaurants will be on top of it. 

Despite popular belief, Ladhaki cuisine does not solely consist of momos and noodles. We recommend that you become familiar with Ladakh’s delectable cuisines. Culture and regional background are combined in the meals served.  

While travelling through the best places in Ladakh, everyone enjoys sampling and investigating a myriad of cuisines and specialities. The best dining options can be found in Leh Ladakh at several restaurants and hotels. Check out these incredible 20 Popular Restaurants in Leh Ladakh that You Should Visit if you’re considering visiting the area because they’ll give your trip new flavours.

20 Popular Restaurants in Leh Ladakh You Should Visit

The northern parts of India have unique cuisines that combine different flavours. Popular restaurants in Ladakh Leh serve everything from modern cuisines to delicious continental fare. Look at the best restaurants that you must include in your Leh Ladakh Tour Package, below-

1. Sky Wok Restaurant

Image Source : Skywokrestaurant

Although this is a new business, it has already gained much popularity among locals and tourists, and it is simple to understand why. Upon entering Leh”Sky Wok, one is immediately struck by the welcoming atmosphere created by the warm colours, excellent lighting, and background music. On the building’s top story, there is additional outdoor dining available and the many places for shopping in Ladakh near it. 

A variety of tasty mutton dishes made with local spices and fresh ingredients are available at this multi-cuisine restaurant. Khao Mangai and Phat Kaphrao are two of their well-known Thai dishes. One of the few worth-eating Leh restaurants with robust Wi-Fi connectivity, this restaurant is situated in the city’s major market area and seeks everybody’s attention. 

Address: Opposite Chowkhang Vihara, Main Market, Leh

Timings: 11:30am – 8:30pm

What to eat: Veg momo, thin crust pizza, bok choy and chicken

Cost for Two: Rs.500

2. Norlakh Restaurant

Image Source : Justdial.com

Visit the Norlakh restaurants in Ladakh Main Bazaar if you’re seeking inexpensive yet delectable regional food on your solo trip to Ladakh. Momos, or dumplings, are this family-run establishment’s speciality and are well-known for their vegetarian Tibetan cuisines. The noodle soup they serve is another thing you should try.

The Ladakh Bookshop is close to this tiny eatery, a hidden gem of Leh. Also accommodating and friendly is the personnel here. Now that you already know some of the best restaurants in Leh, when craving real Tibetan food, you can satisfy your craving.

Address: Main Bazaar, Leh, Ladakh, 194101

Timings: 10:30am – 8:30pm

What to eat: Noodles and Thupka

Cost for Two: Rs.750

3. Namza Dining

Image Source : namzadining.com

Are you trying to find a comfortable dining spot with shopping as the cherry on top? A popular restaurant in Leh, you dually enjoy shopping and eating in Namza, which combines a café and a boutique.

It is essential to mention one of their specialities, the Yarkandi Pulao, which draws customers from far and wide. The recipe dates back to when travellers travelled from Yarkand in Xinjiang to Ladakh on their journey to India during the discovery of the Silk Road.

Address: Zangsti Road, Near Marathon office, Leh

Timings: 10 am – 10 pm

What to eat: Yarkandi Pulao, Blueberry cheesecake

Cost for Two: Rs. 500

4. Chopsticks Noodle Bar

Image Source : ChopsticksNoodleBar

It is peaceful and tranquil inside the Chopstick Noodle Bar. You can savour the best Asian cuisine in this restaurant’s magnificent and spacious dining area. The eating area is more valuable because of its lovely décor. Due to its exquisite cuisine, it is one of the best places to eat in Leh for a memorable dining experience during Leh Ladakh road trip.

Here, you can sample the local food of Leh Ladakh, such as crunchy chilli potatoes fried in oil and garlic paste made with chillies. Due to its fast food offerings, this restaurant is well-known among travellers. The flavour of regional components and the usage of the best spices enhance food taste.

Address: Kawoo House, Chutney Rantak, Main Market, Leh

Timings: 10:30 am – 11:30 pm

What to eat: Schezwan chilli garlic noodles, Crispy fried chilli potatoes, Momo

Cost for Two: Rs. 350

5. Gesmo Restaurant

Image Source : GesmoRestaurant

Want to eat something from a bakery or be curious about what to get for breakfast in some of the best places to eat in Leh, while you’re on a family trip to Ladakh? Your best option is unquestionably to go to the Gesmo Restaurant. As one of the most well-known restaurants, it is famous for serving cookies and cakes with paranthas, pizzas, momos, and thentuk. 

Sipping coffee and enjoying a warm pie is a pleasant way to pass the time in this location. At this café, finding a place to sit during prime time is practically difficult. Therefore, it is best to reserve a table and take advantage of Leh’s cuisine.

Address: Opposite Yak Tail Hotel, Fort Road, Leh

Timings: 7:30 am – 11:30 pm

What to eat: Tuna sandwiches, Yak cheese pizza

Cost for Two: Rs.400

6. Tibetan Kitchen

Image Source : TibetanKitchen

This restaurant is the most incredible option for Tibetan cuisine, as the name implies. Your eyes will be pleased by both the restaurant’s exterior and interior. This restaurant is a beautiful choice if you’re seeking vegetarian food in Leh and vegan meals.

But chicken is the finest food option here. Tibetan cuisine is their speciality, yet they also serve other cuisines like Indian, Chinese, and Italian. You should thus stop by this restaurant at least once if you’re looking for delicious Tibetan food in Leh.

Address: Fort Road, Leh

Timings: 12 pm – 10:30 pm

What to eat: Thukpa, Momos, Noodles

Cost for Two: Rs.400

7. Alchi Kitchen

Image Source : born4travel.de

An entrepreneurial mother-daughter team opened one of the best places to eat in in Leh in 2016. The most authentic Ladhaki meal in the entire globe may be found there. In Ladakh, it has three locations. Famous Tashi Tyage Tea, made with eight different regional ingredients, is one you must taste, especially if you’re on a Leh Ladakh bike trip.

For a genuine Ladhaki experience, one must go to this eatery. Traditional and modern culinary techniques are used here. You might stop by this eatery in south Leh if your travel is shorter than expected. The dish with walnuts should also be tried. 

Address: Kawoo House, Chutney Rantak, Main Market, Leh

Timings: 11 pm – 9:30 pm

What to eat: Desert momos, Chutagi, Khambir

Cost for Two: Rs.400

8. Leh Dhaba

Image Source : LehDhaba

Do you long for a hearty Punjabi supper that includes buttery chicken and hot, fresh-from-the-tandoor naans, especially during winter in Ladakh? If you’re in the Main Bazaar neighbourhood, the Leh Dhaba, one of the best Restaurants In Leh serving North Indian cuisine, is where you want to be. This proven fact that it is located in the city square’s centre has some advantages in terms of geography. Here, the food and service are excellent, and you can see the busy market area.

As halal meat is available, the eatery is particularly well-liked in the neighbourhood. The restaurant is well known for its biryanis, tandoor foods, non-vegetarian thalis, and traditional Punjabi fare. Additionally, they host candle-lit dinners, making this a fantastic location for a romantic retreat with someone special.

Address: Old Fort Road Leh Jammu And Kashmir Bank, Leh, 194101

Timings: 10:00am – 11:30pm

What to eat: Biryani, Tandoori chicken, Jeera Pulao

Cost for Two: Rs.500

9. La Piazzetta

Image Source : LaPiazzetta

Located in Leh and offering views of snow-covered mountains through towering conifers, this lovely restaurant is a food lover’s fantasy. Additionally, it has a third section with low seating and a tonne of cushions in traditional Kashmiri fashion to provide sitting inside and outside. A gravel terrace with delicate pink parasols provides a beautiful setting for outdoor seating.

The restaurant is excellent for large groups and buddy outings, as it is relatively roomy. Make this your go-to location for a hearty hot lunch by the bonfire on a chilly night while enjoying the view of the wall-mounted old-world murals. With some excellent food in Leh for tandoor appetizers, pizzas, and salads, they provide Indian and Italian cuisines.

Address: Near Moravian Mission School, Changspa Road, Leh

Timings: 7:30 am – 11:30 pm

What to eat: Pizza, Tandoori platter

Cost for Two: Rs.2000

10. Wise Monkeys Café

Image Source : Wisemonkeyscafé

Wise Monkeys Café is a beautiful, tiny, tranquil café in the middle of the town, even though most cafés are concentrated in the same area. The Japanese national owner is passionate about preparing Western cuisine using regional components. He creates delicious pastries and makes excellent coffee with the assistance of his crew. 

Apricot cheesecake and apricot cookies are everyone’s favourites here, despite the restaurant’s wide selection of cakes and pastries elsewhere. Chocolate mud cake, coffee walnut cake, or green tea biscuits are all available for indulgence. The roll cake, which is also an option, is incredibly moist and practically melts on your lips. 

Also, Wise Monkeys Café remains popular for serving a variety of pizzas. With so much to experience and taste in this restaurant, it rightfully deserves its spot in this list of best restaurants in Leh.

Address: LBA Shagaran Complex, Ladakh 194101

Timings: 10:00am – 11:30pm

What to eat: Chocolate mud cake, coffee walnut cake, or green tea biscuits 

Cost for Two: Rs.600

11. Leh Zakhang

Image Source : restaurant-guru.in

One of the best places to visit in Ladakh in summer and keeping with its name, this restaurant offers some of the most incredible food in Leh. The restaurant, however, excels at Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine as well, so it does not limit itself to only serving local cuisines. 

The highly kind and accommodating staff at one of the cosiest cafes immediately makes you feel at home. The rates are reasonable, and meals are served hot and fresh with outstanding flavour. Your trip will be enjoyable whether you pack a full dinner or stop for a snack. There are specialities like fish plates, which are unquestionably recommended.

Address: 110054, Ladakh Buddhist Vihar, Ladakh Budh Vihar Colony, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

Timings: 12am – 12am

What to eat: Chutagi (local Ladakh dish), Non-veg spring rolls

Cost for Two: Rs.600

12. Summer Harvest

Image Source : Summerharvest

Comfort food is available all day long, in one of the best places to eat in Leh, and is more of a laid-back, stylish hangout. They only have a little to offer vegetarians, but some carnivorous foods are delicious. You wouldn’t want to pass on their mouth-watering fried mutton momos, rogan josh spiced with herbs and spices, spiciest Chinese noodles, or their unlimited array of pasta dishes.

The breathtaking views that can be enjoyed from the terrace are another perk that the Summer Harvest provides for its visitors. Backpackers are typical in this area, and you might even run into some of them while drinking beer or butter tea.

Address: Fort Road, Leh, Ladakh, 194101

Timings: 10:30am – 10:30pm

What to eat: Kashmiri pulao, mutton rogan josh, Thukpa, Cheese momos, Fish tikka

Cost for Two: Rs.700

13. Bon Appetit

Image Source : Bonappetit

A fantastic meal includes outstanding creations, excellent service, and a pleasant atmosphere. Appetit provides a distinctive dining experience with its classic architecture overlooking snow-capped mountains. As one of the popular Restaurants in Leh, it is an ideal one for a filling dinner because it is tucked away from the busy markets and surrounded by lush meadows. Apart from the fantastic tandoori foods they specialize in, you can chow down on some mouthwatering Italian and Continental fare here.

The menu at this restaurant changes frequently, but they always make sure to use fresh, regional vegetables as one of their ingredients. The breathtaking views will make up for the restaurant’s small and dark access lanes, so don’t let them stop you. It is essential to call and make reservations in advance as the location is frequently busy.

Address: Lower Karzoo, Leh Ladakh Landline:01982251533

Timings: 11 pm – 9:30 pm

What to eat: Spinach & cheese lasagne, Roasted chicken with vegetables, Lemon & Apricot ice tea

Cost for Two: Rs.350

14. KC Garden Café and Restaurant

Image Source : KCgardencaféandrestaurant

It is where your search for a spot to chill out with friends or to go pub hopping in Leh concludes. Besides delicious food in Leh, this café and restaurant also provide live music, a private bonfire, and other amenities. It is situated in a tranquil area with breathtaking views and cosy sitting.

A few tables are positioned beneath tents or canopies, while others are left open so guests can dine under the stars. In the dining area or one of the tastefully decorated family rooms, parties can choose to eat indoors. A wide range of cuisines are offered on the extensive menu, which practically always continues. One of the few establishments in Leh serving wine, beer, and whisky is this one.

Address: 5H9H+6WC, Leh, 194101

Timings: 8am – 10pm

What to eat: Sizzlers, Chicken thukpa

Cost for Two: Rs.750

15. Wonderland Restaurant & Coffee House

Image Source : Wonderlandrestaurantandcoffeehouse

This well-known spot has been providing visitors with scrumptious, hospitable meals for years, and is one of the most famous rooftop restaurants in Leh. It is located on Changspa Road. You can expect to be served dependable, high-quality meals even if you don’t come here hoping to see the Himalayan range while you’re eating.

The restaurant was founded by a Tibetan family exiled to exile, and they have steadfastly kept the authenticity of Tibetan cuisine in their dishes. Additionally, delicious food in Leh and well-tried Indian delicacies are on the menu. It is the most excellent location to go if you plan on getting up early because they open their doors much earlier than most others and provide some of the best coffee and pastries.

Address: Wonderland restaurant, Changspa Rd, Leh, 194101

Timings: 9am – 10pm

What to eat: Veg burger and fries with mustard mayo, Italian coffee

Cost for Two: Rs.500

16. Chaska Maska Restaurant

Image Source : Chaskamaskarestaurant

Numerous residents may be here savouring their sizzling vadas and crispy dosas because these are the few best restaurants in Leh that serve excellent South Indian cuisine. With a straightforward and cosy atmosphere, the restaurant is tidy and hygienic. Serving vegetarian diets, the employees at this restaurant are amiable and will gladly cook your food without using any onion or garlic. 

The location is excellent and straightforward; it’s only a short walk from the city’s central market. A lot of tourists who bike love it as well. The vegetarian food is healthy, delicious, and served perfectly fresh, and the service is swift and efficient.

Address: 5H6M+X9J, Leh, 194101

Timings: 7:30am – 9pm

What to eat: Masala dosa, Veg sizzlers, Palak paneer, Naan

Cost for Two: Rs.400

17. Il Forno Restaurant

Image Source : Ilfornorestaurant

For a delectable supper and stunning rooftop views of the mountains, the Leh Palace, and the lively main street below, visit Il Forno. There are many things to choose from on the extensive menu they offer. It is one of the best places to eat authentic food in Leh, especially on the weekends when they host live music events. 

A fantastic eating experience is made possible by the audible live music that pumps your feet up and the delectable food. Even though the restaurant is well known for its wood-fired pizzas, it has something to offer for every taste.

Address: Zangsti Road Leh Ladakh, 194101

Timings: 10am – 12am

What to eat: Chilli paneer, Garlic bread, Non-veg pizzas, Lasagna Bolognese, Butter chicken

Cost for Two: Rs.700

18. Bodhi Greens

Image Source : Happycow

Do you desire to satisfy your palate while also making the most of this high-altitude location? With its stunning views of the majestic snow-capped mountains and delicious food to go along with them, Bodhi Greens can fulfil both of your needs.

If you’re trying to find one of the most fabulous restaurants in Leh that serves vegan and vegetarian meals, this location is undoubtedly a perfect one. The café-style establishment has a terraced dining area that is cosy, relaxed, and comfortable with long brown tables, bench-like seating, a covered ceiling, and light bulbs strung from there by rustic hawsers. 

They offer freshly prepared meals in bowls, and they unquestionably know how to present pure, healthy food trip pleasingly, whether it be through their excellent salads, mouth-watering pastries, or nourishing falafel bowls.

Address: Rooftop NAC complex (IDBI bank building), Next to SBI, Main Market Leh Jammu and Kashmir, 194101

Timings: 12:00pm – 9:30pm

What to eat: Falafel bowl, fruit basket, smoothies

Cost for Two: Rs.500

19. La Terrasse

Image Source : La Terrasse

Do the sounds of the terrace’s cosy, soft sofa seats and the fantastic flavours of Himalayan cuisine entice you? If so, you must visit this inconspicuous, basic eatery to unwind and observe daily life. La Terrasse is one of the region’s most well-liked multi-cuisine restaurants in Ladakh, with a comprehensive menu ranging from a decadent Israeli breakfast to salads, pizzas, fries, and everything in between. 

If you’re in Leh shopping, this is a great place to stop for fuel. The service is courteous and helpful, and the food servings are large. You get much for your money, and the prices are fair. Large-scale sporting events are broadcast on another enormous screen.

Address: 5H7M+RPH, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Timings: 9am – 10pm

What to eat: Chicken Shashlyk, Aubergines cooked in coconut milk

Cost for Two: Rs.500

20. The Nook

Image Source : Tripadvisor

The best Restaurant in Leh to eat Indian food is, without a doubt, The Nook. A perfect spot to cool off and refresh after you have had a long day while sightseeing and shopping, the restaurant is located in the city’s centre and is easy to find. Along with a fantastic assortment of cocktails, this is one of the few locations in the area that offers beer.

In addition to great grill, vegetarian, and vegan options, the restaurant offers Asian and Indian food. Everything served here tastes fantastic, from the dals and curries to the naans and rice meals. Cosy and welcoming, the setting is ideal for gathering with friends for a satisfying lunch. Prices are affordable, and the staff is helpful and cordial.

Address: Zangsti Old Fort Road, near the Nook Restaurant, Leh, 194101

Timings: 11am – 10pm

What to eat: Mutton biryani, Butter Chicken, Veg burger, Tandoori Chicken

Cost for Two: Rs.550

Must try local dishes and drinks of Leh Ladakh

1. Momos

Image Source : ThetimesofIndia

The food that is most loved in Ladakh is, without a doubt, momos. It is a dough-wrapped dumpling that contains meat or vegetables.

2. Butter Tea

The butter tea is the national beverage of Ladakh, made from green tea leaves, yak butter, and salt. It is best eaten with a serving of Khambir.

3. Thukpa

People in Ladakh eat thukpa as their main dish. A soupy noodle meal with various veggies (for vegetarians) and minced beef is served (for non-vegetarians).

4. Chhang

Chhang, a local brew produced from barley, millets, and rice, is another one of Ladakh’s distinctive drinks. When miller and yeast are fermented, it is prepared in a porcelain pot.

5. Skyu

Image Source : Theguardian

Skyu, a traditional soup-based speciality, is another exquisite part of Ladakhi cuisine. In this recipe, dough and vegetables are combined to form balls around the size of the thumb.

6. Sea buckthorn Juice

Leh Berries, or sea buckthorn berries, are extremely healthy and advantageous. Before its therapeutic powers were found, sea buckthorn was employed as a fence.

7. Chhutagi

Since in Ladakhi chhu means “water” and tagi means “bread,” chhutagi literally translates as “water bread.” Unmistakably Ladakhi, chhutagi is a nutrient-dense delicacy.


This Himalayan region is undoubtedly good for travelling because it is blessed with abundant natural beauty. You will discover a wealth of culture, traditional heritage, and the varied natural terrain here. Leh has a lot of tourist attractions, fun activities, and delicious food to enjoy at local eateries. All the above places are among the 20 Popular Restaurants in Leh, Ladakh You Should Visit while going there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about 20 Popular Restaurants in Leh, Ladakh  

What are some of the best places to eat in Leh Ladakh, India?

There are many restaurants in Leh Ladakh, such as the Chaska Maska Restaurant, KC Garden Café and Restaurant, Bon Appetit, Summer Harvest La Terrasse, Sky Wok Restaurant, Chopsticks Noodle Bar, Tibetan Kitchen, and more. The most well-known eateries in Leh Ladakh are those listed here.

What is the famous food of Leh Ladakh?

The popular food in Leh includes dishes like Thukpa, Momos, Skyu, Tingmo, Chutagi, Chhurpi (Yak Cheese), Butter Tea, Chang, and Khambir. One of the regional specialities is Skyu,  It is a traditional meal in the Ladakh region.

What is the famous sweet of Ladakh?

The sweet delicacy Phirni, offered in popular restaurants in Ladakhin place of Kheer, is a delectable one to try. It is served in a kulhaad, a mud pot, to enhance the flavour. Rice vermicelli, milk, sugar, and anling rice are the main ingredients in this rice pudding which has its Iranian origins.

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