Portuguese Town Floods With Red Wine After Distillery Spill

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Recently, in an expected turn of events, a Portuguese Town, São Lourenço de Bairro, was flooded with red wine after two tanks unexpectedly spilt 600,000 gallons of red wine during transit. 

The tanks belonged to Levira Distillery, a food and beverage supplier. Nearly 2000 residents of the town were astonished to see the street which was morphed with red wine. 

The cause of the spill is still unknown, however, the local authorities and the company officials managed the situation by averting the flow to a playground and preventing the contamination of the Certima River with Red wine, or else it would have been an environmental catastrophe.

The spill was immense and is said to be enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The Levira Distellery took full responsibility for the spill and ensured that they would cover all the costs for repairing, cleaning, or any other damage caused.  Investigation has started to find the cause of the spill. 

The spillage did not result in any kind of loss of life or harm to humans or animals, however, there have been some infrastructural damages, including roads, fields, cellars, and lands. 

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