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Mumbai was an archipelago that was later turned into a peninsula. This newly formed city faced many problems, one of them being the scarcity of water. Although the water body surrounded this newly formed peninsula city was not consumable. Powai Lake was then built as an antiwater famine. Two dams were built to store the rainwater and use it throughout the year. 

However, later the objective of drinking water was abandoned as the hue and cry of the people against the poor quality of water and is unfit to drink. However, the lake today is a beautiful backdrop and a major tourist spot. 

About Mumbai Powai Lake


Powai Lake Mumbai is sprawling across 520 acres i.e. 6.6 km and the depth is around 3 metres to a maximum of 12 metres and is located in the Mumbai region of Powai Valley. Although today due to the pollution the Powai Lake water is not consumable it makes a beautiful tourist destination. 

Also, being one of the largest water bodies in the city Powai Lake in Mumbai is the best place for birding. You could spot different birds, including ducks, butterflies, bees, herons, eagles, kingfishers, etc. 

The serenity in the early morning or late afternoon with a book makes it one of the best times for a weekend getaway in the city. The tranquillising beauty of the Powai Lake in Mumbai can make it to one of the best sunset points in Mumbai after Marine Drive

History Of Powai Lake

The actual plot of Powai Lake is made out five villages including Koprikhud, Paspoli, Tiandaj, Saki, and Tungave, and was given to Dr. Sott on lease in 1799. After he died in 1816, the lot again went to the British Government and was leased to Framaji Kavasji Powai, a Parsi merchant who was the Vice-President of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Western India. 

If we talk about the history of Powai Lake then after the city of Mumbai was developed there was a shortage of drinking water. To solve this problem two dams were built by the Britishers to store the stream tributary and store the water in the artificial lake. The construction of the lake was completed in a year and was inaugurated in 1891. 

The initial cost of building the lake was Rs. 6,50,000 which was exceeded by five lacks in 1919 to restore the lake. The quality of the Mumbai Powai Lake started deteriorating and there were several attempts to save the Lake from pollution but all the attempts went in vain.

This lake was used for pisciculture, angling etc, which later formed an organisation also known as The Maharashtra State Angling Association. The National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) then launched a project in 2002 named ‘Ten Main Lakes’ of India to be preserved, Powai Lake is one of them.

Today, the lake has a garden and is surrounded by beautiful trees that make Powai Lake in Mumbai one of the important spots in the city.

Flora And Fauna At Mumbai Powai Lake

Being one of the best picnic spots in Mumbai, Powai Lake in Mumbai is an abode for different species of flora and fauna. Starting with Balsam bushes, which are spread like a beautiful floral carpet on the surface of the lake. 

Many crocodiles have been spotted in the lakeside. Apart from that Powai Lake is an ideal place the lake has hoasts many species of birds including kingfishers, ducks, doves, sunbirds, parrots, harriers, beetles, honeybees, bumble bees, and the list goes on. 

Things To Do At Powai Lake


1. Birding

If you are a fan of birding then Powai Lake in Mumbai is the best place in the city for it. You will find a variety of birds in the vicinity some are migrants some are locals. The best time to do birding is during the early morning when the birds just come out of their shelters.

2. Sunset

The sunset at the lakefront of Powai Lake in Mumbai is the second-best sunset point, Marine Drive being the first one. The evening stroll beside the Powai Lake with the sun setting at the horizon is incredible and picturesque. 

3. Boat Ride

The boat riding is one of the things to do at Powai Lake. Many private boats are available at the lakefront. You can pay the nominal rate and rent it to enjoy the leisure time.

4. Exercise

In the early morning or late afternoon, you would see many people from the vicinity come to the garden near Powai Lake and do yoga or jogging. The garden is the best place to enjoy exercise in the open air amidst the serenity of nature endowing near the lake.

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Powai Lake Mumbai Timings

The are no Powai Lake Mumbai timings. You can visit the lake any time of the day. However, the lake premises are closed during monsoon.

Best Time To Visit Powai Lake

The best time to visit Powai Lake is early morning and late afternoon. During this time the climate is not that harsh and is bearable. Also, if you are coming to Mumbai in the monsoon then do visit Powai Lake, but make sure that you are not visiting Powai Lake in Mumbai during heavy floods. 

How To Reach Mumbai Powai Lake

How to reach Mumbai Powai Lake? Is not a question for a Mumbaikar because Mumbai Local Trains are everywhere. Mumbai is also well connected with other roads.

By Rail

The Railway of the Mumbai city are well connected. You can visit Mumbai Powai Lake from the Western Line as well as the Central Line. For Central Line, Kanjurmarg Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach the lake. It is about 3 km from the Kanjurmarg Railway Station. 

If you are coming from the western Line then Andheri Railway Station is the nearest railway Station which is around 10 km. 

If you are coming from the metro then Marol Naka Metro Station is the nearest Metro station. It is around 6.8 km from the Marol Metro Station. 

By Air

The nearest airport to reach Mumbai Powai Lake is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport which is around 7.9 km. You can hire a cab or get in an auto rickshaw to reach from the airport to the lake.

By Road

The roads of Mumbai are well connected. You can reach the Mumbai Powai Lake via the Eastern Express Highway as well as the Western Express Highway. 

Restaurants Near Powai Lake


The lake view at Powai Lake is just magnificent. The icing on the cake is when you can enjoy your lunch or dinner with this beautiful view. There are many restaurants near Powai Lake that you can visit be it lunch or dinner. 

So, let’s waste no time further, and out of top dining spots in Mumbai let’s explore some of the best restaurants near Powai Lake. 

  1. Bayroute Powai
  2. Lake View Cafe
  3. Madeira & Mime Powai
  4. Mia Cucina
  5. Hitchki Powai
  6. Episode One
  7. Mirchi & Mime
  8. Mantra Dining Bar
  9. The Sassy Spoon Powai
  10. Lakshmi Next Pure Veg Restaurant
  11. Lord Of The Drinks 
  12. Knotty Yard Loung
  13. Powai Social
  14. Nawab Saheb
  15. Mini Punjab’s Lake Side
  16. Foo
  17. Sigree Global Grill
  18. Eve
  19. Rhythm – The Beatles
  20. Gurukripa

Hotels Near Powai Lake

lakeside chalet
https://images.app.goo.gl/hmAYQhpucXLrbwYQ7Travel Weekly

Located in the major part of the city, Powai Lake in Mumbai is one of the posh areas of Mumbai. Renting hotels near Powai Lake might be expensive. If you are planning to stay near the vicinity then you should pre-book your hotels near Powai Lake to avoid last-minute hassle.

  1. The Beatles
  2. IBIS Mumbai Vikhroli
  3. Rewa House
  4. Mehula
  5. Lakeside Chalet
  6. The Westin
  7. Rodas An Ecolet Botique Hotel
  8. Hotel Golden Tulipz
  9. Renaissance’s Terrace Garden

Places To Visit Near Powai Lake

There are a lot of places to visit near Powai Lake. You can visit these places near Powai Lake within a day. 

So, let’s explore some of the places to visit near Powai Lake

1. Jogeshwari Caves


Jogeshwari Caves are around 8.2 km from Powai Lake in Mumbai. It is one of the hidden gems of Mumbai. The cave is dedicated to the Hindu deity Jogeshwari. Apart from the idol of Jogeshwari, there are several other sculptures and deities of other gods and goddesses including Shiv Linga, the marriage of Shiva and Parvati, Andhakasura Vad, Shiva accepting Ravana as his disciple, Shiva and Parvati playing dice, Nataraja and Lakulisha Shiva. 

2. Film City


Film City is around 16 km from Powai Lake in Mumbai. It sprawls across 520 acres in Mumbai Suburbs and has around 42 outdoor shooting sets and approximately 16 studios, the film city serves as the venue for many Bollywood movies, Marathi movies, serials, and OTT series.

There are many permanent setups available in the Film City like churches, temples, lakes, ground, etc that are used in shootings. 

3. Versova Beach


Versova Beach is around 13.7 km from Powai Lake Mumbai. Versova Beach is located in Andheri, an extension of Juhu Beach, and is one of the underrated beaches and one of the best picnic spots in Mumbai. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, although a few years back it was commonly known as the dirtiest beach in Mumbai. 

The beach of Versova underwent a massive clean-up drive in 2016. This tough grind by the activists led to the basking of the 80 endangered species of turtle famously known as olive ridleys that came for basking on the shore of Versova Beach Mumbai for the first time in 20 years.

4. Juhu Beach


Juhu Beach is around 17.8 km from Powai Lake Mumbai. It is one of the best beaches to go to while visiting Mumbai. Juhu Beach has a wide coastline and a perfect sunset spot.

5. Borivali National Park


The rich biodiversity bears over a thousand species of floras and more than a hundred species of faunas. The Sanjay National Park is an abode for over 1300 species of plants, more than 40 species of mammals, 38 reptiles, amphibians, and hundreds of butterfly species. For a day of you visiting Mumbai Borivali National Park is an ideal spot to be included in your itinerary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Powai Lake famous?

The Powai Lake is famous for being one of the largest lakes in Mumbai and the rich biodiversity makes it more special.

Is Powai Lake worth visiting?

Yes. Powai Lake is worth visiting. Especially if you are fond of greenery nature.

Can we visit Powai Lake at night?

Yes. You can visit Powai Lake at night.

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