15 Resorts and Hotels in Ambala

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Ambala, a city in India, has a rich history and many interesting things. It’s not just a place you pass through, it’s a destination itself. It’s known for its army base, busy markets, and old stories. If you’re visiting, don’t worry about where to stay. There are plenty of nice places to choose from, whether you like fancy resorts or simpler hotels, all within your budget. Ambala is worth visiting if you’re passing by or planning a trip.

Here are some best resorts and hotels in Ambala

1. Ambala Haveli


Ambala Haveli stands out among the many resorts and hotels in Ambala for its blend of tradition and modern comfort. It’s like stepping into a time machine where the past meets the present. The place is filled with beautiful, old-fashioned decorations that make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Their restaurant serves up a delicious mix of local and international dishes that will make your taste buds dance with joy. And if you’re itching to explore, it’s conveniently close to all the cool stuff in town. They’ve got a sweet swimming pool that’s perfect for relaxing after a day of adventures. It’s the ultimate spot for a family getaway in Ambala.

2. Golden Orchid Hotel


Golden Orchid Hotel is like the crown jewel of resorts and hotels. Its fancy facilities and top-notch service make it a favourite among families and travellers looking for a great stay. They’ve got these super cool meeting rooms and fast internet for business stuff. And if you’re into staying fit, they’ve got a gym with all the latest gear. Plus, there’s this spa where you can pamper yourself with massages and facials. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the best places to stay in Ambala, especially for families. Golden Orchid Hotel is where luxury meets relaxation, offering everything you need for a fantastic stay.

3. King’s Residency


King’s Residency shines bright among the array of resorts and hotels in Ambala. It’s not just any place to stay, it feels like home, offering top-notch services that make every guest feel special. Picture cosy rooms equipped with everything you need: cool air, big TVs, and free Wi-Fi. They’re always ready to help, day or night, with room service and a reception that never sleeps. They’ve covered you with tours and tips to make your visit unforgettable. Families love it here too. It’s one of the best resorts in Ambala for families, with a pool to splash around in and plenty of space to unwind. If you’re looking for the best hotels in Ambala, King’s Residency is the place to be.

4. Hotel D.R. International


Hotel D.R. International is a standout choice among resorts and hotels in Ambala. Known for its exceptional service and friendly atmosphere, it’s a top pick for families and travellers alike. The hotel offers spacious rooms with all the modern comforts you need.

Their in-house restaurant serves up delicious meals from around the world, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, its central location in Ambala means you’re close to all the best attractions and shopping spots. And for those hot days, there’s a cool swimming pool to splash around in. Looking for a relaxing getaway or a convenient place to stay in Ambala, Hotel D.R. International has you covered as one of the best resorts in Ambala.

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5. A.P. Regency


In the landscape of Resorts and Hotels in Ambala, A.P. Regency shines as a symbol of luxury and comfort. Recognised among Ambala’s best resorts, it offers a blend of sophistication and convenience. The resort’s rooms are not just fancy, they’re super comfy, with all the cool stuff like big TVs and mini-fridges. And let’s not forget the big party room, which is perfect for weddings or big meetings. It’s the ultimate place for family get-togethers and work events. Plus, there’s this travel desk that helps you plan your trips hassle-free. If you’re looking for a top-notch place to stay in Ambala with a swimming pool, A.P. Regency is where it’s at.

6. Hotel Grace


Hotel Grace shines as an affordable and comfy choice. It’s renowned as one of the resorts and hotels in Ambala, offering a pleasant stay with all the basics. With its pocket-friendly rates, it’s a hit among travellers seeking bang for their buck. Their in-house eatery serves up a mix of local and international grub to satisfy every craving. Strategically located near major transport spots, getting around is a breeze. Hotel Grace is a top pick among places to crash in Ambala, loved especially by families for its friendly vibe. Plus, they’ve got a swimming pool to splash around in, adding an extra layer of fun to your staycation!

7. Hotel Grand Plaza


Hotel Grand Plaza offers an unforgettable experience. Step into a world of lavishness where every corner is adorned with exquisite decor and modern comforts. Its spacious rooms, elegantly furnished, provide a retreat for families and individuals alike. Business travellers can make the most of well-equipped meeting spaces, perfect for gatherings and discussions. Conveniently situated near shopping hubs and tourist attractions, this hotel grants easy access to all that Ambala has to offer. With amenities like swimming pools, resorts and hotels in Ambala, it’s a paradise for families looking to unwind. Whether it’s a leisurely holiday or a productive business trip, Hotel Grand Plaza stands out as the top choice among Ambala’s best hotels, promising a delightful and relaxing stay.

8. Hotel Sukh Sagar


Hotel Sukh Sagar is one of the top places to stay, known for its peaceful vibe and rooms. It’s like a haven for folks who just want to relax and chill out. There’s this lovely garden where you can take strolls and soak up nature’s beauty. And hey if you’re into exploring parks and natural spots, you’re in luck because this hotel is close to all those cool places. They have got swimming pools, so you can splash around and have some fun. Whether you’re on a family trip or just need a break from the daily grind, Hotel Sukh Sagar has you covered. It’s the ultimate spot for a laid-back and enjoyable stay in resorts and hotels in Ambala.

9. Hotel Amar Palace


Hotel Amar Palace is the ultimate getaway among Ambala’s finest resorts and hotels. It’s not just a place to stay, it’s a place where luxury meets comfort. The building itself is like something out of a fairy tale, with its grand design and fancy furniture that make you feel like royalty. And when you step inside, you’re greeted with a feast fit for a king at the fancy restaurant, where they cook up all sorts of tasty dishes from around the world. 

They’ve got you covered with plenty of room for weddings, parties, and business events. They’ve got pools for splashing around in and cooling off on those hot days. Hotel Amar Palace isn’t just one of the best resorts in Ambala for families, it’s the top choice for anyone looking for a magical escape in this beautiful city.

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10. Ravi Residency


Ravi Residency shines as a top pick among Ambala hotels and resorts, offering an affordable stay for travellers. Their rates are pocket-friendly, ensuring guests get a comfortable stay without burning a hole in their wallets. You’ll find all the basics covered here, think air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and quick room service everything you need for a relaxed stay. But what makes Ravi Residency stand out is its staff. 

They’re super friendly and always ready to help, making sure your stay is smooth sailing. Families looking for a great vacation spot will love it here, as Ravi Residency ticks all the boxes for a fantastic family getaway. Whether you’re after some chill time or fun adventures, Ravi Residency has got you covered, making it one of the best resorts in Ambala for families.

11. Hotel Batra Palace

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Hotel Batra Palace shines as a blend of old-world charm and modern comfort. Its heritage decor brings alive the rich traditions of Indian Ambala hotels and resorts, making guests feel at home in an atmosphere. With its banquet services, it’s the perfect place for weddings, corporate events, and parties, offering everything you need for a memorable celebration. Conveniently situated, it’s easy to reach all the top spots and business areas in Ambala. Guests love the swimming pool, adding an extra touch of luxury to their stay. Families adore it too, as it’s one of the best resorts in Ambala for family getaways. Hotel Batra Palace is not just a place to stay, it’s an experience, making it one of the top hotels in Ambala. So if you’re looking for a beautiful place to stay in Ambala, this is it.

12. Seven Junction


Seven Junction is one of the finest places to stay when you’re visiting. It’s not just any old hotel; it’s like a little home away from home. They’re known for giving you special treatment and making you feel like part of the family. Imagine walking into a place that feels like it was decorated just for you. That’s the kind of unique experience they offer Ambala hotels and resorts. Whether you’re chilling out in the comfy cafe or having a drink at the bar, you’ll feel right at home. And since it’s so conveniently located near all the important stuff in the city, getting around is a breeze. So if you’re looking for the perfect spot for a family vacation or just a nice place to crash for the night, Seven Junction is where it’s at.

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13. Hotel Aakash


Hotel Aakash stands out as one of the best places to stay among resorts and hotels in Ambala. People love it for its relaxed vibes and excellent service. The rooms are super comfy and have all the modern stuff you need to feel right at home. Ambala hotels and resorts it’s close to all the cool stuff you want to check out in Ambala. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or exploring the town, Hotel Akash has got you covered. Families especially love it here because there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From splashing in the pool to chilling in the rooms, it’s the perfect spot for a family getaway. If you’re looking for a top-notch hotel in Ambala that’s both beautiful and welcoming, Hotel Aakash is where it’s at.

14. Ambala Hotel


Ambala Hotel is a top pick. It’s not just about finding a place to crash, it’s about getting a comfy spot that won’t break the bank. This hotel is all about making sure you’ve got what you need without emptying your pockets. In rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and someone to bring you whatever you need, whenever you need it. It’s super easy to get to, so you can spend more time exploring and less time figuring out how to get there. And if you’re travelling with family, this place has got you covered. It’s one of the best spots for families in Ambala, with everything you need to keep everyone happy. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Ambala that’s both affordable and comfy, look no further than Ambala Hotel.

15. Hotel Oasis


Hotel Oasis shines bright among the many resorts and hotels in Ambala. It’s known as one of the finest resorts in the area, promising a cosy stay with a warm welcome. The staff here are like friendly neighbours, always ready to help and make your stay special. The rooms are like your favourite blanket, snug and fitted with all the modern stuff you need. And when hunger strikes, the restaurant is like a treasure chest, full of yummy local and international foods.

This place is like a dreamland with its cool swimming pool, making it one of the best resorts in Ambala for family fun. Whether you’re here for a vacation or just passing through, Hotel Oasis is like a comfy corner waiting to embrace you.

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What amenities can I expect at resorts and hotels in Ambala?

Most resorts and hotels in Ambala offer a range of amenities including comfortable rooms with modern facilities, in-house restaurants serving various cuisines, fitness centres, spa services, business facilities like conference rooms and high-speed internet, event spaces for weddings and corporate gatherings, travel desks for tour arrangements, and friendly, attentive staff.

Is it necessary to book accommodations in advance in Ambala?

While it is not always necessary to book accommodations in advance in Ambala, it is highly recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons or when major events are happening in the city. Booking in advance ensures you get your preferred accommodation and can often secure better rates.

Are there any all-inclusive resort options available in Ambala?

Ambala has a few all-inclusive resort options that provide meals, accommodation, and certain activities bundled together. It is advisable to check with individual resorts to understand the specific inclusions and offerings as all-inclusive packages can vary from one property to another.

Are there any family-friendly resorts or hotels in Ambala?

Yes, Ambala has several family-friendly resorts and hotels that offer amenities and services catering to families, such as spacious family rooms, kids’ play areas, swimming pools, and family dining options. Many hotels also provide special services like babysitting and children’s activities to ensure a comfortable stay for families.

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