10 Amazing Resorts in Little Andaman Island

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Alright, travelers are you still struggling to find the best summer vacation places in India, and are tired of searching for the best affordable stay places whenever you go for a vacation on some pristine island in India? Well, do not worry, this blog is about the exact vacation place where all you have to do is book your tickets, Hop onto the plane, and enjoy the environment created by the people and places out there, Yes Travellers you are correct, we are talking about the famous Little Andaman Island and if you are still wondering whether you should plan a vacation to Andaman, then stop thinking and book an Andaman trip package for you and your family while reading about best stay places to make the most out of this very exciting island.

Just picture this, spending your time in a place with pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush, greenery place which is commonly known as the jungle, do not worry it’s wild, at least all these places will create a perfect backdrop for your next Instagram-worthy adventure. But wait, don’t you think before enjoying the place it is important to search for someplace to rest? You have the whole beach, but if you are not okay with a sun-tanned body, you can always go and look for the best resorts in Little Andaman Island. 

So get ready to learn about some of the best resorts in Little Andaman Island where you will find almost all the facilities you need and maybe a little more than that. 

Let’s know some of the amazing resorts in Little Andaman Island: brief overview

Best Resorts in Little Andaman Island

  • Blue Planet Resort 
  • Palm Grove Eco resort 
  • Coral Reef Resort
  • Ocean Delight Resort 
  • Sandy Shores Resort 
  • Lagoon View Resort 
  • Whispering Pines Resort 
  • White Wave Resort 
  • Paradise Cove Resort 
  • Rainforest Resort 

Now, let us know about these resorts in Little Andaman Island in detail.

1. Blue Planet Resort


Address: Hut Bay, Resort in Little Andaman Island 

One of the best resorts in Little Andaman Island, that offers accommodation in traditional Andaman style, if you are someone looking for someplace to stay where you can witness different wildlife documentaries unfolding right in front of your eyes, then the Blue Planet Resort on Little Andaman Island is the place for you. This resort is best known for the views and number of creatures you are going to interact with, not only the sound of crashing waves but also the primal howls of the resident troop of gibbons will make your day, well a bit curious. 

What is more adventurous is, that you might spot a monitor lizard while taking a sip of your morning coffee. Well, what makes this place unique is the eco-friendly experience you are going to get, Moreover, y’all can enjoy the stunning ocean views and can also participate in Guided snorkeling tours. 

If you are someone who is looking for the amenities before the resort, well Blue Planet Resort provides Amenities such as Beachfront Cottages, Free Wi-fi ( wow, you already booked your tickets now ), Snorkeling and diving equipment with guided tours and 24hrs room service. Not only this, The best places in Andaman near this resort which you can enjoy exploring are Butler Bay Beach, White Surf waterfall, and Whisper Wave Waterfall.

2. Palm Grove Eco Resort


Address: Netaji Nagar, Little Andaman Island

Situated on this pristine and majestic Island, Palm Grove Eco Resort is a true gem in the world of Resorts in Little Andaman Island. If you ever are on a backpacking tour to Andaman, do search for this resort, if you want to have a soothing and delightful experience on the Island. With its eco-friendly approach, this resort provides some amazing opportunities for you to connect with the elegant nature.

You must be wondering, what makes this resort unique among all the resorts in Little Andaman Island. Well, are you going to call it unique where guests are offered to learn about the local farming practices and traditional Ayurvedic treatments, when you are on an excursion to experience the thrill and adventure of the island? Well yes, curious minds would love it and will definitely call it unique.

The best part is, y’all will be surprised by the quality of amenities provided by them which include, Eco-friendly cottages, an Organic Farm, an Ayurvedic Spa, Yoga Sessions, and bicycle rentals. But this resort is not limited to these amazing amenities, It is near some of the best attractions in Andaman Island such as Netaji Nagar Beach, Harminder Bay Beach, and Indigenous Tribal Villages.

3. Coral Reef Resort


Address: Hut Bay, Little Andaman Island

Well, yes your thoughts are going in the right direction, yes The Coral Reefs Resorts is named after the abundance of Coral reefs near the resort. Well, if you are someone looking for resorts in Little Andaman Island near the seashore and want to wake up every morning to the soothing sound of waves gently clinging against the shore and a place where you might get bonged by the occasional coconut falling on your head (don’t worry, the resort provides complimentary hard hats), then Coral Reef Resort is one of the best Resort you can ever look for. Step into your very own hut, complete with a ‘hammock-ulous’ view and prepare to be mesmerized by the vibrant underwater kaleidoscope just a few strokes away.

The best part about this resort which makes it even more unique is the experience you are going to get from the diving tours provided by the resort faculty, this underwater experience will truly blow your mind away. 

Well, the amazing amenities provided by the Resort include, Sea-facing Cottages, Coral Reef diving, a Seafood Restaurant, a Kayaking tour and facilities, and the favorite of all the beach Volleyball, But wait till you visit the nearby Attractions such as Hut Bay Beach, Little Andaman Lighthouse and coconut Plantations.

4. Ocean Delight Resort


Address: Butler Bay, Little Andaman Island

Welcome to one of the most delightful resorts in Little Andaman Island, where the soothing sound you will hear is the soothing waves crashing near the shores and the best delightful drink you can ever drink is the coconut cocktail to sip. Well, Whether you’re someone who wants to experience the local marine life or wants to witness one of the most amazing sunsets in the world, or are here to snorkel with the local marine life or simply to lounge in a hammock and watch the sunset, the Ocean Delight Resort is the best you can ever search for.

But what sets this Resort apart from others is the luxury offerings they provide combined with adventure, Not only this but the infinity pool is just amazing and mesmerizing. Guests can also enjoy fishing trips and guided nature walks. 

The amenities provided by the resort include A luxurious beachfront Bungalow, an Infinity Pool, Fine Dining Restaurant, a soothing spa and wellness center, and Fishing trips. Not only this but the resort is near famous attractions such as Butler Bay Beach, White Surf Waterfall, and Lagoon Phase 3.

5. Sandy Shores Resort


Address: Ramakrishna Pur, Little Andaman Island

Welcome to Sandy Shores Resort, one of the best resorts in Little Andaman Island which stands true to its name, the surroundings are as sandy as the name of the resort. This resort boasts a lot of captivating features and amenities such as Private beach access, an Outdoor BBQ area, a Children’s play area, Hammocks, and Guided beach tours. Well, the resort is also known for its amazing hospitality and remarkable experience in terms of stay. 

The most amazing part of this resort is the family-friendly experience it provides to the visitors, The resort’s private beach and BBQ area are the main things that make this resort unique. Apart from that, this resort is near some main attractions such as Ramakrishna Pur Beach, Kalapathar Rock, and Indigenous tribal Villages.

6. Lagoon View Resort


Address: Lagoon Bay, Little Andaman Island

Alright, adventurers! Have you, ever dreamt of a life where you wake up in a luxury sea-facing resort with the sound of the occasional squawk of a seagull that’s probably had one too many beachside cocktails? Or a place where the night feels so romantic that you decide not to leave the resort and stargaze in this amazing nightlife of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?  Well, it must be every adventurer’s dream. So why don’t you guys actually look forward to fulfilling it? Yes you are correct, Lagoon View Resort is one of the best resorts in Little Andaman Island, which has everything that you have ever dreamt of. 

What makes this resort unique from others, is the stunning view which is enough to make your best friends jealous of you, and those watersports activities which may be a bit thrilling for you. 

And if you are wondering about the amenities provided by the resort, Just be seated, because you might get shocked. The amenities are Lagoon-view Cottages, Lagoon-side dining, Water Sports in Andaman, Fishing excursions, and the most delightful evening entertainment. Not only this but you will be able to enjoy exploring the nearby attractions such as Lagoon Bay Beach, Marine Life Sanctuary, and Local Handicraft Market.

7. Whispering Pines Resort


Address: Netaji Nagar, Little Andaman Island

Hey travelers, are you looking for someplace that is far away from all the stress of modern life? Are you someone who really wants to wake up in a place with a cozy, eco-friendly bungalow to the soothing sound of gentle breezes rustling through the pine needles overhead, as you sip your morning coffee and gaze out over the tropical landscape? Well, you know exactly what to do, just pack your bags and fly or glide your way with the help of Cruises in Andaman to this one of the amazing resorts in little Andaman Island. The resort’s hospitality is just unimaginable. 

The best part that makes this place unique is the natural environment, which can satisfy any nature lover and bird watcher with an amazing stay. Thanks to the resort’s offerings such as Bird watching tours and Natural trails, that allows guests to explore the island’s diverse Flora and Fauna. 

Apart from all the qualities, there are some amenities provided by the resort such as Forest Cottages. Bird-watching tours, Natural trails, Campfire evenings which are really worth remembering and Local Cuisine Restaurants to give your tastebuds some adventure too, not only this but the resort is near to beautiful attractions in Andaman such as Netaji Nagar beach, Whisper Wave Waterfall, and Tribal Cultural Centres.

8. White Wave Resort


Address: Hut Bay, Little Andaman Island

Just imagine a place where you feel soft powdery sand between your toes as soon as you step outside your bungalow and when you move forward into vast expanse of sea, all you can find is crystal clear water where you can enjoy your time with your family, Isn’t that just like a dream, yes. You are correct, that’s what White Water Resort offers you, One of the best resorts in Little Andaman where you are not only going to enjoy the amazing environment but also will be thrilled with the adventurous activities in Andaman like snorkeling amid vibrant coral reefs, kayaking through mangrove-lined estuaries, or simply lounging in a hammock with a good book. 

And if you are someone who just loves surfing in the treacherous water out there on an Island? Then this might be the best place where you can enjoy surfing where you can get easy access to waves . 

The amenities that the resort provides, include Oceanview Villas, Surfing Lessons, a Beach Bar, Spa Services, and Yoga Classes at least these classes can make you aware of what a healthy body can do.  Apart from all the amenities, there are several other attractions nearby this resort, which are worth exploring, such as White Surf Waterfall, Hut Bay Beach ( one of the renowned beaches in Andaman ), and Little Andaman Lighthouse.

9. Paradise Cove Resort


Address: Butler Bay, Little Andaman Island

One of the best resorts in Litte Andaman, which stands true to its name, A true paradise in a place like heaven. Imagine waking up at a place with the chirping of exotic birds, or gentle lapping waves. Just a perfect morning with a perfect sip of tea or juice whatever you prefer. A place with impeccable stay experience with an environment just like bliss, Give this place a try if you want to experience nature’s beautiful kiss, whether you’re snorkeling amid vibrant coral reefs, kayaking through mangrove estuaries, or hiking through the lush jungle, you are definitely going to enjoy this satisfactory retreat of Paradise cove resort. 

The amenities provided by this resort include Overwater Bungalows, a Private beach, Gourmet dining, Scuba diving with an instructor and personal guide, and Sunset cruises which are worth experiencing once in a lifetime. 

What makes this resort unique is the luxurious stay with amazing hospitality, on top of that, the Private beach just adds to its quality. Plus the sunset cruise is the most romantic way to end the day just like the best way to start this journey is to get on a Cruise to Andaman.

10. Rainforest Retreat


Address: Kalapathar, Little Andaman Island

If you are looking for the most eco-friendly resort which apparently is a peaceful base to explore the island’s rich biodiversity. Rainforest retreat is the best pick for you. You have everything to do, if you want to trek along trails, kayak through mangrove estuaries, or simply relax in a hammock, All you have to do is step out from your cozy room and explore the jungle around you,  A true gem for adventurists and nature lovers is just the best place to live in Andman as the best resorts in Little Adman Islands. 

One of the best things that makes this place unique is the rich biodiversity, Wildlife safaris, and the most unique, meditation camps in the heart of forests. 

The amenities provided by the resort include Jungle Lodges, Trekking Trails, Organic restaurants, Wildlife Safaris, and access to the serene meditation center.

Which are Diving or spa resorts on Little Andaman?

There are a couple of resorts that cater to divers, such as Dive India at Little Andaman. However, there are no dedicated dive or spa resorts on the island.

Which are the Eco-resorts on Little Andaman?

Yes, there are a few eco-resorts on Little Andaman that focus on sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, such as Barefoot at Havelock and Blue Bubble Eco Resort.

Which are the Little Andaman Beachfront resorts?

Yes, there are several beachfront resort options on Little Andaman, such as Silver Sand Beach Resort and Hut Bay Lodge, which are located right on the beach.

Are there any budget-friendly resorts on Little Andaman Island?

Yes, there are some budget-friendly resort options on Little Andaman, though the range is limited compared to other islands. Some examples are Dugong Beach Resort and Blue Macro Resort.

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