Extraordinaire Resorts In Meghalaya: Rooms, Amenities And All Things Luxurious

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When you ponder the word “all-inclusive”, you might think of a resort a stone’s throw away from a mesmerising lake or a sandy beach in a lush green and tropical location. What if we let you know about some all-inclusive resorts that may be in your backyard? Interestingly, nestled in the lush green mountains, resorts in Meghalaya promise a self-possessed and idyllic getaway in the hub of northeastern India. Retreating to a commodious far-flung destination where your daily itinerary is fashioned for you, luxury resorts in Meghalaya offer all of those perks right here in your own country. Meghalaya, an all year destination turns into a gem of a location especially for those taking a Christmas and New Year trip in this north eastern jewel when the streets light up and the Christmas spirit cheers up one and all. 

From startling picturesque cotton-like clouds crowning the towns to mesmerising savouries and countless adventures, resorts in Meghalaya are the purpose-built entertainment for the beauty geeks. With that in mind, we have gathered one of the best all-inclusive luxury resorts in Meghalaya to make your trip more adventurous.

Best Luxury Meghalaya Resorts to Stay

1. Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji 

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  • Nothing quite equates to waking up amidst the fresh fall of the spectacular valley of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. With a combination of modernity and good spirits,  Polo Orchid Resort is one of the pristine luxury resorts in Meghalaya that offers premium living choices like the orchid rooms, dew-drop cottage, log hut with plunge pool, rainforest suite, misty mountain villa and presidential villa.

Decked with modern amenitiesthe resort is among the best places to stay in Meghalaya. You will feel like you have stepped into the leaflets of a fairy tale. From the moment you wake up, you will be greeted with a garden-fresh vibe of the gleaming nature of this picturesque location. You will have a plethora of delicacies to relish too. Activities nearby Polo Orchid Resort include wandering over Arwai Caves, Mawsmai Falls, Thangkharang Park and Nohsngithiang Falls et al. If you are scrutinising luxury hotels in Meghalaya, Polo Orchid Resort is indeed a best option.

2. Ri Kynjai Resort, Shillong 

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Signifying the meaning of “Serenity By The Lake”, Ri Kynjai Resort is no less than a stunning piece of paradise in Shillong, Meghalaya. The world-famous lakeside resort with a chipper, clean, lush green garden space outlining sheer luxury, Ri Kynjai Resort is one of the best places to stay in Meghalaya. Amongst the beauty of this all-inclusive resort, you can cherish the solitude of Umiam Lake in front. The alluring impression of Khasi Thatch Huts in its design and profound Khasi culture makes it one of the best resorts in Meghalaya. The resort offers an immersive wellness experience with its lip-smacking savouries in its multi-cuisine restaurant.

Lake view cottages, bar, fireplace, and luxurious rooms with balcony, spa, and emporium enhance the glam during your stay. Hybrid cottages acquired from vernacular Khasi architecture, all supported on lofting circular stilts on the terrace portray the metamorphosis from tradition to contemporary build-up. You can also enjoy the serenity of Umiam Lake, ward’s lake, and Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous cultures et al., while lodging at the Ri Kynjai resort which is one of the famous resorts in Meghalaya catering to the needs of a large chunk of travellers. 

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3. Sunshine Farms and Resorts, Shillong

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Settled in the gleaming environment of Meghalaya, Sunshine Farms and Resorts is one of the ultimate resorts in Meghalaya. The zen-inspired property offers a picturesque view of the lush green mountains and meadows while delivering A-class amenities to the tourists. With about 13.5 acres of stretch, Sunshine Farms and Resorts offer guests an opportunity to visit a nearby water body named Dwarksuid along with Diengiei Peak having an alarming flock of mountains. 

Guests can choose tents or standard villas, as the rooms provide luxurious comforts and style. Sunshine Farms and Resorts are famous as one of the best Meghalaya honeymoon resorts as it is away from the burst of city activities. Couples feel pampered by the distinctive vibe of nature while enjoying the alarming yet romantic views from the resort itself which make it an ideal choice for those taking a Meghalaya trip.

4. Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, Cherrapunjee

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Ever wanted to stay in the lap of nature? Now is your chance to grab a place that ranks amongst Meghalaya’s best hotels. At Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, you can stay with all-inclusive comfort and style while enjoying the alluring view of the lofty mountains of Meghalaya. 

\Encouraged to bask in the enchantment of this family-run complete ‘Nature Resort’, there are countless outdoor activities that guests can participate in. Musical evenings amplify the fun of your stay in this one of the best luxury hotels in Meghalaya. Blanketed by the alarming beauty of Meghalaya, Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is located on the hilltop in the delightful village of Laitkynsew. If you are searching for Meghalaya honeymoon resorts, then Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is the best choice.

5. Jiva Resort, Cherrapunjee 

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Known for being one of the best Meghalaya Honeymoon resorts, Jiva Resort  is settled amidst the hub of Cherrapunjee, where you can cherish the rain showers with your loved ones. Offering a lot of ‘us’ time with your partner, the resort is a well-known spot for relishing local savouries. Enjoy a relaxing and pampering time while indulging in surplus outdoor activities as the resort stretches to a startling garden space for strolling. Adventure geeks must visit the nearby Sohra Golf Range.

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6. Sa-I-Mika Resort, Cherrapunjee

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Get ready to indulge in the charm of nature at Sa-I-Mika Resort, which offers sweeping views of the Meghalaya mountains. Nestled in the concealed areas of streams, crags, meadows and hills, this resort provides a complete luxurious stay full of joy. Amongst the grounds of this all-inclusive resort, you can enjoy surplus recreational activities at one go.

Do not forget to dine with your loved one, as the resort is far-famed for its local lip-smacking savouries. For people searching for Meghalaya’s best hotels, Sa-I-Mika is the best option.

7. Kutmadan Resort, Cherrapunjee

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Far-famed as one of the best luxury resorts in Meghalaya, Kutmadan Resort is a must-see and stay destination for all nature enthusiasts. Offering countless lodging options, guests staying in the resort can cherish the beauty of nearby attractions like Mawsmai Caves, Seven Sister Falls and many more. The natural sceneries are awe-inspiring and offer a bushel of adrenaline-filled activities.

Treat yourself to lavishing meals of the resort, as the on-site restaurant facilitates local and international savouries. So, if you still need clarification on where to stay in Meghalaya, look no further than Kutmadan Resort.

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8. Roinam Resort, Borpani 

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If you are an adventure lover, click up your shoes and yell “Yee-Haw” while lodging at Roinam Resort. It offers unique adrenaline-filled recreational activities that let you forget all your worries. One of the best places to stay in Meghalaya, Roinam Resort offers a delectable farm-to-table meal you can enjoy with your family. When the sun sets, you can enjoy the mesmerising vibes of the Meghalaya environment while sipping a cup of tea in the lush-green garden of the resort with your loved ones. 

Children would embrace access to the swimming pool, cycling and strolling in the park. It is also an excellent resort for couples. 

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9. Orchid Lake Resort, Umium 

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If you are thinking of unplugging from the world for a while to admire nature’s beauty, look no further than Orchid Lake Resort. Far-famed as one of the best places to stay in Meghalaya, Orchid Lake Resort forces you to relax and rejuvenate. Being one of the elite luxury resorts in Meghalaya, Orchid Lake Resort delivers an excellent adventure perk in the lap of nature. Healthy meals enhance your joy while providing an exquisite taste of local dishes.

Adventure enthusiasts can refresh their soul by heading towards trekking, sightseeing, watersports and many more. Orchid Lake Resort is also famous as one of the fantastic Meghalaya Honeymoon resorts for newlyweds.

10. San Nael La Resort, Meghalaya 

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If there was one word to describe Nael Resort, it would be “wow”. The backdrop alone of lofty Meghalaya mountains and hills is enough to make you wish to lodge there. However, the resort itself is no less than any spectacular place. Being one of the best resorts in Meghalaya, San Nael Resort is primarily built to rejuvenate and freshen your soul, all thanks to its luxurious amenities and mesmerising views. The property brightens your mind as it offers the best panoramic views of the nearby Nongkhnum Beach. 

There are numerous children’s activities, including football, cycling, a three-day tour program, nature strolling and many more at the resort. Being one of the best places to stay in Meghalaya, San Nael La Resort offers customised meals for you and your family at their well-maintained restaurant. So, next time you are in Meghalaya, San Nael La Resort is the perfect spot for an all-inclusive entertaining vacation.

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Meghalaya also known as ‘Abode of Clouds’ is renowned for all things wonderful and a comfortable and cosy stay truly is one of the best things that this state has to offer. With a plethora of resorts and hotels in the land of the rolling hills we hope that our list made your task of finding the perfect resort a little bit easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions about luxury resorts in Meghalaya

1. Which are considered the best luxury resorts in Meghalaya? 

Jiva resort in Meghalaya is one of the most luxurious resorts in Meghalaya. It offers awe-inspiring views of nature and other adventure activities for families. Likewise, San Nael La Resorts being one of the best resorts in Meghalaya, is primarily built to rejuvenate and freshen your soul, all thanks to its luxurious amenities and mesmerising views.

2. Which are the famous resorts in Meghalaya for couples? 

At Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, you can stay with all-inclusive comfort and style while enjoying the alluring view of the lofty mountains of Meghalaya. It is wrapped with the beauty of the Meghalaya mountains and its serenity and solitude have made it the  perfect place for honeymooning couples. Likewise, Jiva Resort is the perfect resort for those who seek a combination of luxury and comfort. It is specifically designed for couples so that they can enjoy their honeymoon phase in nature’s lap. It delivers magical vibes because of its abutting mountains and hills. 

3. What kind of adventurous activities can be enjoyed while staying in Meghalaya? 

Being one of the famous tourist spots in India, Meghalaya offers countless adventure activities for the sport and adventure geeks. From trekking, water sports, camping, nature strolling and sightseeing to sky-diving, Meghalaya boasts numerous adventurous spots. Most of the luxury resorts in Meghalaya offer adventure activities for the guests.

4. Which is the most famous resort in Meghalaya for families? 

Polo Orchid Resort is settled amidst the rainiest place in India- Cherrapunji is the most suitable location for families to stay on their visit to Meghalaya. Decked with modern amenities, the Polo Orchid Resort is among the best places to stay in Meghalaya. Kutmadan Resort is also one of the most admired resorts in Meghalaya for families, friends, kids, and couples.

5. What is the tentative price range of resorts in Meghalaya? 

The price range of resorts in Meghalaya is between INR 999/- to INR 10500/- approximately. All resorts offer A-class amenities and exclusive services as per the specific requirements of guests. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of Meghalaya while lodging at the resorts.

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