Top 25 Restaurants In Delhi For Father’s Day Celebrations!

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In the recipe of life, the father undoubtedly adds the most important ingredient: ‘Love’. As Father’s Day approaches on June 16, 2024, consider the best gift you can give him in return, that is ‘Your Time’

With Sunday coinciding with this special occasion this year, you have extra hours to spend and create long-lasting memories with your beloved father.  Instead of material gifts, try to prioritize the time spent together this year, by exploring the best eatery options. For those who are especially residing in the Delhi-NCR regions, here are the best restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day to celebrate and cherish the moments forever. 

Check the clear list to uncover the best places in Delhi to enjoy, food items to try, fun activities and the right time to plan an unforgettable Father’s Day celebration.

Best Restaurants In Delhi For Father’s Day

Here are the best restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day celebrations:

1. Indian Accent Restaurant


Indian Accent is located in the Lodhi Road area and is revered for its innovative cuisine twist with a blend of traditional Indian cuisine style. This restaurant is among the best choices for Delhi Father’s Day brunch and gourmet experiences. Indian Accent’s classic food menu like Dal Makhani, Blue Cheese Naan and the toasted Manchuria can surely skim your father with memories and treat your father to a sumptuous taste.

  • Average Cost: INR 3000.

2. Bukhara Restaurant Delhi


Bukhara nestled at ITC Maurya is one of the best restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day without any doubt. If you are looking to treat your father to North-West frontier cuisine style, then Bukhara is the best choice with its rustic charm. With an open kitchen and the cosy interiors, this place serves authentic food without compromising quality. The earthy interior with calming music can surely treat your father with a no-fuss experience and also the warmth of this Father’s Day celebration with robust flavours.

  • Average Cost: INR 4000

3. Olive Bar & Kitchen


This place is cuddled in the heart of Mehrauli and is revered for its charming nature and poignant interiors. The food here is inspired by Mediterranean styling and is perfectly unique to treat your father on this Father’s Day in Delhi. You can order chef’s specials here like wood-fired pizza, freshly cooked seafood, and succulent lamb for a savoury treat followed by an ice cream cake to windup your Father’s Day celebrations.

  • Average Cost: INR 3000.

4. Imperial Spice


Imperial Spice with its blend of modernity and tradition will surely grab the top spot in the best restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day celebrations. If your father is someone who enjoys the global and Indian flavours, Imperial Spice is one of the best places to eat in Delhi to keep your Father’s Day celebrations spiced up. Truffle Butter Kulcha and the Lamp Shank Nihari are the must-try editions here to celebrate your meal.

  • Average Cost: INR 3500

Best Restaurants In Delhi NCR To Visit On Father’s Day

If you are someone who resides near the NCR, here are the best restaurants in Delhi NCR to visit on Father’s Day:

5. Tamra, Gurugram


Take your dad for lunch at Tamra in Gurugram’s Shangri-La Hotel. This place is famous for its exquisite buffet featuring a diverse range of food styles like Asian, Indian and also Western cuisines. Japanese Sushi, desserts and the South-Indian brunch are on the must-try list here, make sure you plan a day in advance to avoid the crowding and heavy bustle.

  • Average Cost: INR 5000 

6. Bo-Tai Switch Restaurant


Bo-Tai Switch rests on the roads of Mehrauli near NCR and is a hotspot for the contemporary Thai Cuisine mix. You can plan lunch for your father at Bo-Tai to reimage the delightful taste with promising tastes like soft shell crab and the Massaman curry. It is a roller-coaster ride of the savoury aromas with special items amidst the luxury interiors. You can carry a cake with you and celebrate with your meal. Don’t use snow sprays or sparkles to keep the place tidy.

  • Average Cost: INR 3600

7. The Ancient Barbeque, Sector 50, Gurugram


The Ancient Barbeque is one of the best restaurants in Delhi NCR to visit on Father’s Day. Here you can try a royal feast tailored to the style of North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. The best part of taking your father for Father’s Day celebrations in Delhi to Ancient Barbeque is that they offer succulent kebabs and aromatic biryanis made in the traditional style which can surely hit sweet memories. With the regal ambience and the soothing music, this place fills your heart and tummy together.

  • Average Cost: INR 2000

Top Restaurants In Delhi For Father’s Day Celebrations

If you are looking for top restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day celebrations, here are the options to consider:

8. Punjab Grill Restaurant


Punjab Grill Restaurant is one of the best customer-picked restaurants in Delhi. This is a haven for the North Indian styling that makes this Father’s Day more enchanting and memorable. You can plan this place for a night supper to indulge your family in the opulent array of the diverse culinary mix of the Punjab Grill. Tandoori Guchchi and the Dal Punjab Grill are the must-try editions here and you can end your meal with the spiced Chaas to honour the meal.

  • Average Cost: INR 1800

9. Sorrento, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, Connaught Place


Sorrento, Shangri-La’s is one of the top restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day celebrations. This culinary gem comes with luxury and unique taste that can transport your heart and mind to the Italian style. You can try this place for lunch or dinner to celebrate Father’s Day amidst its vibrant ambience and authentic flavours. Margherita Pizza with a tangy tomato sauce and mozzarella toppings is one of the finest foods to try here. Make sure to ask for an extra discount on this Father’s Day!

Average Cost: INR 1500

10. Farzi Cafe & Restaurant

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Farzi restaurant lies in Connaught Place and offers a contemporary twist on authentic Indian cuisines, that mark this place as one of the top restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day celebrations. The best part here is that the food is served in a playful presentation which can surely make your father eye-pleased and also this better appeal comes with better taste. Dal Chawal Arancini, Classical Indian Dishes, Butter Chicken Biryani and Tandoori Mutton are the famous items to try here. With time and requirements, you can also order creative cocktails adding an extra segment to Father’s Day celebrations.

  • Average Cost: INR 2200

11. Pluck, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity


To make the most of your stop-over hours in Delhi for the Father’s Day celebrations, you can surely try Pluck Restaurant. This place boasts the farm-to-table concept and serves only the fresh ingredients sourced and graded from the on-site hydroponic farm. You can ask your father to participate in the farming exploration and make his day unique with the feast of vibrant flavours. Grilled salmon, Truffle Risotto and the veggie salad are the must-try items here, you can also enjoy your leisure on Father’s Day to have an intimate dinner experience. 

  • Average Cost: INR 3000

Best Spots In Delhi To Treat For Father’s Day

Here are the best spots in Delhi to treat for Father’s Day:

12. Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Moti Bagh


Indian Mountaineering Foundation is considered to be one of the best spots in Delhi to treat for Father’s Day. This place lies in Moti Bagh, where it offers more than just a meal. You can begin this day with a leisure stroll at the Mountaineering Museum where you can enjoy the fascinating exhibits and the history of Mountaineering. 

Try to have a clear glance at the adventure gear shop to gift something helpful to your father. Finally, treat your father to a meal with authentic flavours to keep up high with the celebrations. You can also make his inner child wake up with the special activity of indoor wall climbing that has easy-hard levels to give a try!

  • Average Cost: INR 4000.

13. Kaleidoscope Cafe, Greater Kailash 1


If you want to keep this Father’s Day celebrations more creative, try to take your father to the Kaleidoscope cafe in Delhi. This place lies in the zone of Greater Kailash 1 and offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere with the adorns of whimsical artworks all across. This culinary outing can surely be an awe-struck experience with delightful food options followed by savouring beverages. Desserts here have a feast of senses in every bite, order a couple to cherish the Father’s Day memories together.

  • Average Cost: INR 2200

14. Townhall, Khan Market

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Townhall is one of the best spots in Delhi to treat for Father’s Day. Nestling in one of the best places to shop in Delhi– The ‘Khan Market’, this fashionable venue can surely transform your Father’s Day celebrations to the next level. The sitting here has a contemporary and traditional mix with uncompromising tastes. You can order Truffle Mushroom Risotto or the Tandoori Lamb Chops which are considered to be the best in taste here and make the day more memorable followed by the shopping in the Khan Market Delhi.

  • Average Cost: INR 4000

15. Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, Shahpur Jat


To treat your father to a serene dining experience amidst the charming neighbourhood, try Potbelly Rooftop Cafe. This place is nestled at Shahpur Jat at the heights to keep away from the city chaos. You can enjoy the panoramic vistas all around by enjoying the Bihari cuisine style served with a contemporary twist. Try to order Litti Chokha Platter and Sattu Paratha which can enlighten the taste buds with the luscious taste. You can also book a wall for decoration, a day before the celebration with cake and balloons. 

  • Average Cost: INR 3500

Best Buffet Restaurants In Delhi Father’s Day

Here are the best buffet restaurants in Delhi Father’s Day:

16. Pirates Of Grill


Pirates of Grill is one of the best buffet extravaganza to celebrate your Father’s day with your father. You can make him indulge in grilled delicacies, unlimited servings of grilled meat, authentic seafood, succulent kebabs, and various desserts. The Pirate theme is the major attraction here to add fun to the family gathering celebrations.

  • Average Cost: INR 4000

17.  Barbeque Nation


Barbeque Nation is an interactive live-gilled experience spread across various locations in Delhi. You can simply find the nearby Barbeque location and enjoy the cuisine mix that caters for the needs of both meat lovers and vegetarians. They are specialized in grilled foods added with assorted desserts. Celebrate this Father’s Day feast at BBQ for a convenient and flavourful day.

  • Average Cost: INR 4000

South Delhi Restaurants On Father’s Day

Here are a few South Delhi restaurants on Father’s day to celebrate:

18. Spectra, Leela Palace


Spectra is one of the luxury dining Delhi for Father’s Day. This place rests in the Chanakyapuri area in South Delhi. Leela Palace offers an extravagant buffet experience in the global cuisine style. The best part of opting for this place to celebrate Father’s Day is the live kitchen option, here you can enjoy a wide range of culinary delights amidst the impeccable service and response.

  • Average Price: INR 5000

19. Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen


Father’s Day is meant to be special, to hold this speciality places like Yeti never fail to cater to your expectations. This restaurant offers the taste of the Himalayas including authentic flavours like momos, Thukpa and savouring curries.

  • Average Price: INR 2000 

Popular Restaurants For Father’s Day In Delhi

Here are the popular restaurants in Delhi for Father’s Day:

20. Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge


If you want to treat your father more special, try Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge to make the day more notable with the delectable beverages here. This place has stunning views and savouring the beverage here is one of the best things to do in Delhi without a miss. Grab a platter of Kebabs and grilled toast to compliment your savour session.

  • Average Price: INR 4000

21. Guppy By Ai


Guppy By Ai is nestled in the Lodhi Colony and is considered to be one of the popular restaurants for Father’s Day in Delhi for its contemporary mix of Japanese cuisines. The presentation of the food here needs a special mention and will be the best for celebrating this special day.

  • Average Price: INR 3800

Best Dinner Spots In Delhi For Father’s Day

Here are the best dinner spots in Delhi for Father’s Day:

22. Pa Pa Ya Saket

The Hindu

The name itself marks this place as one of the best dinner spots in Delhi for Father’s Day celebrations. You can plan your day outing to any of the visiting places in Delhi and then complement the day with the dinner session at Pa Pa Ya Saket, which offers an innovative cuisine mix prioritising taste and appeal.

  • Average Cost: INR 3500

23. The Spice Route


The Spice Route is an exotic eatery place where you can wind up the Father’s day celebration with a savoury dinner. This place offers the Southeast Asian style with opulent decor to compliment your photo sessions. Order a cake and beverages to have a soulful Father’s day celebration.

  • Average Price: INR 3500

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Family-Friendly Restaurants In Delhi For Father’s Day

Here are the family-friendly restaurants in Delhi for Father’s day celebrations:

24. The California Boulevard


The California Boulevard is one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Delhi for Father’s day celebrations nestled in Rajouri Gardens. The unique feature of this restaurant is that it has an arrangement of Hollywood-Theme that mainly includes an extensive menu. This menu also caters for the needs of the kids menu which can be the luring factor to opt to dine here.

  • Average Price: INR 5000

25. Qla, Mehrauli


Qla offers one of the luxury dining Delhi for Father’s Day amidst the historical charm of the Mehrauli. If your father is someone who likes colonial architecture, Qla sets to be a restored version of the colonial bungalow that offers a fine dining experience. You can start your day by visiting any temple and enjoy brunch in the afternoon to make this Father’s Day more unique and memorable. 

  • Average Price: INR 4000.

What are some things to consider when making a reservation for a Father's Day meal in Delhi?

Check with the special Father’s Day offers, cuisine preferences and ambience to make this day more memorable before reserving a table. 

Are there any restaurants in Delhi offering a Father's Day dining experience with a specific cuisine?

The Bombay Club, Pluck, and Lord of Drinks are the restaurants that offer a special dining experience on Father’s Day.

I'm looking for a budget-friendly Father's Day dining option in Delhi. What are some suggestions?

Seasons Taste, Gupta’s restaurant, and Del are some best budget-friendly options for this Father’s Day dining. 

What are some restaurants in Delhi offering a special Father's Day menu or ambience?

Restaurants like Town Hall, The Accent, Sorrento, and Qla are some of the restaurants in Delhi that offer a special Father’s Day menu.

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