12 Restaurants In Sikkim To Experience Culture On A Platter

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Situated on the foothills of the Himalayas, Sikkim is the untouched beauty of India, with plenty of activities to indulge in. Since the place is an absolute bliss, it attracts several tourists and has the best places to shop, eat, and for other things. Your Sikkim Tour will feature several restaurants in Sikkim that offer delicious cuisines that will leave your mouth drooling all over the place. 

This paradisical state is India’s second smallest state, and also the least populated state that has a population of around 67 lakhs, but the hospitality and the warmth you’ll feel here will be priceless. 

The welcoming people and their culture will make you fall in love with the people here, and you would want to either come back here or prolong your stay.

There are plenty of restaurants in Sikkim serving all types of various mouth-watering cuisines. 

Check out the list of the top restaurants in Sikkim for your next trip. 

12 Restaurants In Sikkim

1. Dekid Restaurant, Gangtok

Image Source : Dekid Restaurant

Dekid is the most popular restaurant in Gangtok and is considered among the top restaurants in Sikkim, which allows you to have a cultural experience if that is what you are seeking. This wonder restaurant offers unique Bhutanese cuisine that will make you drool just by its aroma. The food here is like that you find in Bhutan, which means the entire menu is Bhutanese. 

The specialty served in the Dekid Restaurant is the delicious Red Shakam Curry and the Dashthi Cheese. The staff advises visitors to try out these dishes because these are the most delicious menu items, making Dekid one of the best restaurants in Sikkim. 

If you want a taste of the local wine, then you can try the local wine of Sikkim in the Dekid Restaurant.

Speciality Served At Dekid Restaurant: Red Shakam Curry and the Dashthi Cheese.

Location of Dekid Restaurant: Tibet Road, Gangtok Sikkim.

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2. Mu Kimchi Restaurant, Gangtok

Image Source : Mu Kimchi Restaurant

Craving for some authentic cuisine? Then this is the place for you to treat your taste buds to experience authentic Korean cuisine, which is one of the best restaurants in Sikkim that serves Korean food. You can find this restaurant in Vishal Gaon Gangtok. 

The thing you will love the most here is the ambiance of the place. The decor is absolutely stunning and is decked with lamps that are handwoven and contemporary artifacts. 

One thing that you should know before going to this restaurant is that to reach this absolutely fantastic place, you have to climb some 80 steps to reach the restaurant. 

The climb may sound too much but once you reach, you will see that every step you take will be worth climbing because the place is that beautiful. 

Besides the lip-smacking Korean platter infused with cinnamon, and local spices with an aroma that will leave you drooling, is going to make every penny you spend here worth it.

Specialty Served At Mu Kimchi: Korean Platter

Location of Mu Kimchi: Vishal Gaon, Gangtok Sikkim.

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3. Thakali Restaurant, Gangtok

Image Source : Thakali Restaurant

Introducing one of the popular restaurants in Sikkim, Thakali is also considered one of the best restaurants in Sikkim taking you on a different journey of a culinary experience. Their specialty is the Nepali Thali, so don’t forget to try that. 

The name of the restaurant is inspired by the Thakali community, and the food served here in this restaurant represents the Thakali community. Prepared with fresh spices, herbs, and other ingredients, the food is quite delicious, despite having less number of items to serve. 

However, if you want to try some refreshing mocktails and cocktails, then you can try it here for the restaurant has its very own bar as well. 

Speciality Served at Thakali Restaurant: Oberoi Building, MG Marg, Gangtok.

Location of Thakali Restaurant: Nepali Thali

4. Parivar Restaurant, Gangtok

Image Source : Parivar Restaurant

If you have spent a long time in the North-East, and now you are craving the usual food that you always eat when you go out then you can visit the Parivar Restaurant in Gangtok. 

If you want to treat your taste buds with some Punjabi delight, then this Parivar Restaurant in Gangtok has your back because after eating North-Eastern food for a long time, it’s natural to crave North Indian food. 

It is located on MG Marg and is one of the famous restaurants in Sikkim that serves North Indian food. 

It is believed to be a replica of a 5-star restaurant because the ambiance is very cozy and comfortable, and the food tastes exceptionally good actually. Paneer Masala is their specialty, so you should definitely try that. Other items on the menu include North Indian Vegetarian Dishes, Raita, Chapati, and Dal Makhani. 

Speciality Served at Parivar Restaurant: Paneer Masala

Location of Thakali Restaurant: MG Marg Artithang

5. Dynasty Wine & Dine Restaurant, Gangtok

Image Source : Dynasty Resturant

As the name is proof in itself that this is one of the fancy restaurants in Sikkim, with sumptuous meals, fabulous interiors, and intricate detailing. Dynasty Wine and Dine have a grandeur that cannot be defined in words and is the favourite among tourists. 

If you want to try some authentic traditional Sikkimese, and Chinese Cuisine then think no more and go straight to Dynasty Wine & Dine. 

It is said that it would be stupid to not try out their desserts because they are absolutely lip-smackingly delicious. 

If you want to feel fresh then maybe you can take a sip of Jasmine tea before starting your meal which is a smart choice. This Jasmine tea will keep you energised throughout the day. 

Veg Momos are the special meals served here, so you should also try that apart from other things, because who would say no to momos anyway? 

Speciality Served at Dynasty Wine & Dine Restaurant: Veg Momos

Location of Dynasty Wine & Dine Restaurant: Bhanu Path, Nam Nam Road, Arithang, Gangtok. 

6. Tatopani Bar & Restaurant, Pelling

Image Source : Tripadvisor

While exploring Sikkim, you should also explore the West area of the state, where you can find some of the top restaurants in Sikkim as well. 

The food served is absolutely delicious, and you can also get mocktails here to keep yourself fresh and energized. The food and drinks served here are quite reasonably priced so you can easily choose this as your dining option. Dimsums are the specialty of this restaurant.

The best part about Tatopani Bar and Restaurant is that it also hosts live band performances, which will keep you entertained, and you may not want to leave this place. 

Speciality Served at Tatopani Bar and Restaurant: Dimsums

Location of Tatopani Bar and Restaurant: West District, SH-510 Pelling Rimbi Road, Pelling.

7. Adonai Family Restaurant, Namchi

Image Source : Adonai Family Restaurant

If you are looking for places to eat in Sikkim which serves multiple cuisines, then look no further and come straight to Adonai Family Restaurant, located adjacent to the Central Park in Namchi.

This restaurant serves both Chinese and Continental cuisines, to treat your taste buds with some drool-worthy cuisines. Their Chinese platter is the most recommended dish on the menu, and don’t forget to try their hot coffee. 

Speciality Served at Adonai Family Restaurant: Chinese Platter

Location of Adonai Family Restaurant: Namchi

8. Little Italy Restaurant, Gangtok

Image Source : Intermiles

If you are one of those people who like to try out various cuisines from other countries while you are in some other place, then Little Italy will come to the rescue. As the name speaks for itself, Little Italy is that restaurant in Gangtok, that you crawl to when you are craving some Italian dishes. 

This is one of those restaurants in Sikkim that wouldn’t disappoint you, and you can get one of the best Italian dishes here. 

This restaurant is located in the SNOD Complex in Deorali so you can enjoy your perfectly baked pizza in this miniature of Italy with live music performances. 

Speciality Served at Little Italy Restaurant: Pizza

Location of Little Italy Restaurant: SNOD Complex, Deorali, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Gangtok

9. Snow Lion Restaurant

Image Source : Snow Lion Restaurant

If you are looking for Tibetan Cuisine and a culinary tour of Sikkim, then Snow Lion Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Sikkim. 

You can find traditional dumplings, the famous Tibetan food Thukpas. The garnishing of food with fresh leaves, aromatic meals, and fresh, and organic ingredients is the specialty served here. 

You will find this restaurant on the Paljor Stadium Road, Gangtok.

Speciality Served at Snow Lion Restaurant: Thukpa

Location of Snow Lion Restaurant: Paljor Stadium Road, Gangtok

10. Osm Restaurant, Gangtok

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Osm Restaurant in Gangtok, serving hearty meals to the guests is definitely one of the most excellent restaurants in Sikkim and is a haven for foodies. 

Located in the Norbula Complex in Gangtok, Osm restaurant serves the best North Indian platter.

You can find both the delicacies of North Indian and Continental cuisines. The most loved things to consume here are the cocktail drink Vompon and the sizzlers. So you should definitely try these. 

Speciality Served at Osm Restaurant: North Indian Platter

Location of Osm Restaurant: Second Floor, Norbula Complex, MG Marg, Vishal Gaon, Gangtok. 

11. Cafe Live And Loud, Gangtok

Image Source : Cafe Live And Loud

This is probably one of the best Cafes in Sikkim. Cafe Live And Loud is where you can get some of the best dosas to paneer tikkas to satiate your cravings. 

The best part is that the meals here are very reasonably priced, and you can have some lip-smacking dishes between 100 INR to 200 INR. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Besides, if you are one of those people who cannot even eat at places where non-vegetarian food is served then you can go to this cafe because it is an entirely vegetarian cafe. 

Speciality Served at Cafe Live And Loud: Paneer Tikka

Location of Cafe Live And Loud: Tibet Road, Enchey Compound, Gangtok

12. Tangerine Lounge And Bar, Gangtok

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Located at just a distance of 10 minutes from the popular MG road, Tangerine Lounge and Bar serves multiple cuisines including Chinese, North-Indian, and Continental cuisines. 

The best part about this cafe is its Murg Boti Kabab, and Tandoor Chicken, which by the way you should not miss out on. This restaurant is going to win your heart with its service. 

Speciality Served at Tangerine Lounge And Bar: Murgh Boti Kabab

Location of Tangerine Lounge And Bar: Tibet Road, Arithang, Gangtok

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurants In Sikkim

1. Are there vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Sikkim?

There are plenty of places to eat in Sikkim, however, vegetarians may have a concern whether there will be any vegetarian restaurants or not. Well, worry no more because there are vegetarian restaurants in Sikkim, and that too is in plenty. Some of the vegetarian restaurants in Sikkim include Cafe Live and Loud, The Original Roll House, Parivar Restaurant, Rasoi, Food Court, Aggarwal Fast Food, Chiya Khaja Restaurant, Ganesh Bhojnalaya, and the list goes on. So you can have your vegetarian meal in these restaurants. 

2. What are some popular food markets in Sikkim?

Sikkim has recently become quite popular among tourists, and more and more people are visiting the state. There are several markets in Sikkim for you to buy stuff for yourself, for home decor, or for your family and friends back home. Some of these markets include MG Road, Lal Bazaar, New Market, Old Market, Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms, etc.

3. What are some must-try desserts in Sikkim?

Sikkim has a very unique cuisine and the food served here is absolutely delicious, however, there is something about the dessert served here as well. One of the must-try dessert of Sikkim is called Sael Roti, which is basically a sweet bread that is specially made from sugar, ground rice, and bananas. It has quite a resemblance with the delicious American Pretzel. 

4. Where can I find restaurants serving authentic Sikkimese food?

The best part about your trip to Sikkim is definitely going to be the taste of the authentic cuisine of Sikkim. There are several restaurants serving authentic Sikkimese food, some of which include The Taste Of Tibet, Mu Kimchi, Roll House, Tangerine Lounge and Bar, Thakali Restaurant, Infinity Futsnal Arena, Masala Restaurant, Nimtho, The Dragon Wok, and several others. 

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