Rock Climbing In Thailand: 8 Spots To Experience Adventure

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It’s time to indulge in the enthralling adventure – Rock Climbing! Get yourself immersed in the best rock climbing in Thailand and have the heart-throbbing experience of your life. Why not witness the most magnificent limestone rock facades that are excellent for rock climbing, especially with the most beautiful views surrounding the whole place? 

Not only experienced climbers, but beginners can also indulge in the most enthralling adventure activities in Thailand. Choose from the best rock climbing places in Thailand and have the most memorable time on your vacation. 

So, get ready to grab the most amazing Thailand packages for your next holiday and experience the greatest adventure activities like never before. 

Rock Climbing In Thailand

The best rock climbing in Thailand is guaranteed! It is an experience that you will cherish forever and no matter which part of the country you are visiting, you will definitely find some amazing spots for the best time. 

The rock climbing places in Thailand are widespread across the nation and you can enjoy them with the most beautiful views around. The rock climbing in Thailand is itself a unique experience and quite different from the routine tourist activities that one undergoes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get along with the best experience in Thailand and see how amazing your vacation can turn out! See the best time to visit Thailand and then plan your trip.

Best Time To Go Rock Climbing In Thailand 

Confused about the best time for rock climbing in Thailand? Don’t worry because it can be undertaken anytime throughout the year, but from November to March the weather is warm and dry and is definitely the peak time for the tourists to come. So, you can indulge yourself in the most amazing adventurous experience. 

Also, the summers in April and May are very hard on the country, and the arrival of monsoon is there in the month of April, which makes it more challenging to climb. So, you must choose the peak season for rock climbing as it can be best done at that time. 

For beginners and experts, the rock climbing has a lot to offer, so grab it to make your one of the best experiences of life. 

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Best Rock Climbing Places In Thailand

1. Krabi

Image Source : Viator

Southern Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful rock climbing cliffs. Surrounded by the best beaches in Thailand. It is definitely worth going for the best rock climbing in Thailand. 

The easiest is the 123 crag, but Spirit Mountain is one of the best places for rock climbing in Thailand. The titanium glue bolts used in the routes are really safe and rust-resistant as well. 

2. Chiang Mai

Image Source : Viator

The northern capital of Thailand – Chiang Mai is the most popular tourist hub and it is also well known for the best rock climbing in Thailand. 

Do not miss out on one of the best experiences and lifetime adventures which can really mesmerize you to the core. Out of all, the Crazy Horse is one of the most famous rock for your purpose and has 150 routes to choose from. 

3. Koh Phi Phi 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

The six islands of Koh Phi Phi are majorly known for their parties, but the rock formations don’t disappoint either. It is located southeast of Phuket and the islands of Thailand. Definitely, it is one of the best places to visit in Phuket

There are numerous rock climbing sites that also include the Tonsai tower with 30 routes that is relatively easy as well. 

Also, enjoy the crystal clear blue waters there. 

4. Koh Tao

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This place is exclusively popular for rock climbing, scuba diving in Thailand and more for solace for a person. It is a beautiful island that has many boulders and cliffs which make it a perfect place for climbing purposes. 

Some of the best climbing places include Lang Kai, Golden View and Meks Mountains. 

5. Koh Yao Noi

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This is found in the Phang Nga Bay and the island lies between Krabi and Phuket. Also, it is very less crowded and perfect for the people who are finding a place for rock climbing in Thailand. 

The island has more of climbs, such as the Grateful wall and Big tree wall but have been shut down by the Ao Phang National Park because of the risky climbing behaviours throughout. 

6. Khon Kaen

Image Source : khonkaenclimbing

It is located in the northeast of Bangkok and is definitely one of the best things to do in Bangkok. It is really populated and has huge crowds bustling around. 

But with more than 300 boulders located in the area, it is definitely an excellent destination for rock climbing in Thailand. If you are here for some adventure activities, do visit one of the best places in Thailand. 

Also, the best climbing areas include blocks in the Khon Kaen Zoo and for serious climbing, you must visit the Dong Lan forest. 

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7. Koh Lao Liang

Image Source : Reddit

If you want a longtail ride, you must visit this place for a great adventure. It is a peaceful place and also known for its bolted routes and rope ladders in the climbing circuit. 

It is an isolated nation where you can stay in the tented camps with not more than 50 people on the island. So, it is something quite adventurous yet peaceful to explore the beauty of Thailand. 

Get yourself immersed in the best rock climbing in Thailand over here. 

8. Lampang

Image Source : Tripadvisor

It is located in the northern Thailand part with around 30 routes that traverse along the spectacular cliffs and for experienced climbers only. 

So, for the best rock climbing experience, you can definitely choose this place and have the greatest adventure of your lifetime like never before. 

Precautions For Rock Climbing In Thailand 

While doing rock climbing in Thailand, there are some precautions that must be taken. So, here are some of them: 

  1. You must recheck your ropes after gearing up and adjust the harness’s leg loops if required for more comfort. 
  2. You must see that the rope should pass through the waist and leg loops of the harness, and if the knots on the cable are tied in the right manner. 
  3. You must keep a check on every piece of equipment that is used to support you along the climbing gear. Also, there should be a safety line backup in case of a fall. 
  4. You should go up with the climbing helmet as it protects the head in case of any injury. 
  5. Get a long rope that reaches the anchors and lower routes as well. 
  6. You should also pay attention to the lead climber if climbing in a group, and also no distraction for him. 

Tips For Rock climbing In Thailand

So, for the best rock climbing in Thailand, you must follow these unpopular tips that would benefit you in the process. 

  1. It is important to understand the route on the mountain before beginning your climb. 
  2. It is best if you do not go solo on the journey. 
  3. Do not push yourself during the climb and take time for your body to process it. 
  4. You must go with proper climbing shoes to avoid any injury. 
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