Uncover The Bone-Chilling Adventures of Rodrigues Home in Goa

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Goa, located in the western region of India, is renowned for its sandy beaches, rich heritage, and culture. It symbolizes a paradise for fun and relaxation, offering plenty of best places to visit in Goa. However, there is another side to this sunny state, one that starkly contrasts its lively façade. This is the spooky, bone-chilling side of Goa that is rooted deep in mystery, where the bizarre tales of the Rodrigues Home are whispered.

The Rodrigues Home is situated in Verna, a town in the coastal state of Goa. This grand house has grabbed attention over the years due to the many reports of paranormal activity surrounding it, making it a focal point for those who are intrigued by the supernatural.

History Of Rodrigues Home


The history of Goa Rodrigues Home dates back to the colonial era, a time when Portuguese influence was at its peak in Goa. This place was built by a significant Goan family, the Rodrigues, who were very popular for their wealthy lifestyle and social standing. The architecture of the house is a perfect example of the Indo-Portuguese style construction, characterized by balusters railings, verandas, and intricate woodwork, making it an essential representation of Gaon heritage.

The Story of Haunted Rodrigues Home in Goa


Visiting the Rodrigues Home will take you on a journey to the past, where lies an unresolved mystery. We can imagine that each room would have its own history; from the lavish parties back in time to prayers held in the chapel. Now tainted with haunted tales, it adds another layer to its legacy, making the experience both enlightening and thrilling. For people who are interested in historical references, the site offers a deep dive into the colonial past of Goa with its Indo-Portuguese imprints, while for paranormal enthusiasts, it provides a firsthand encounter with supernatural occurrences.

What sets the Rodrigues Home apart from other historical houses in Goa is the aura of mystery that surrounds it. The story of Rodrigues House Goa has been passed down through generations as the property is still owned by The Rodrigues family and each tale adds to its atypical reputation. It is said that during the Portuguese invasion, many Gaon families faced persecution, and the Rodrigues family was no exception. According to the locals, the house is haunted by the spirits of the family members who met their ultimate tragic deaths, a mystery indeed that possibly and unfortunately intertwines tragedy with supernatural forces.

Experiencing the Haunted Rodrigues House in Goa


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the atmosphere of the Rodrigues Home is undeniably unusual and unsettling. Visitors and locals have reported strange occurrences, such as ghostly images, the flickering of lights, sudden opening and closing of doors and windows, unexplained noises from inside the house, and sudden drops in the temperature. These strange experiences have formed the status of this house as a haunted landmark in Goa.

Despite its haunted reputation, if we could draw another facet of this place then the Rodrigues house in Goa also stands as a cultural landmark. It symbolizes the resilience of the Gaon people who faced persecution, their heritage, and the fusion of Indian and Portuguese cultures.

Uncovering Other Haunted Locations

Let’s get a glimpse into the most haunted places in Goa that go beyond the Rodrigues Home and highlight the spooky side of the region:

  • Borim Bridge


Borim Bridge, constructed during the Portuguese era, is infamous for its ghostly encounters. Many people have reported seeing a woman running on the bridge and jumping into the Zuari River but very strangely there is never a splash or sound of the water. But the most unsettling thing is when people stopped to investigate, they found the woman sitting in their backseat after retiring to their cars. Sick, right?

  • Three Kings Church


Three Kings Church is a story of three wise men who were the rulers of the area in Cansaulim Village. The tale tells how one of them killed the other two in greed and later, driven by guilt, took his own life. People believe that the spirits of these three kings haunt the church in the area as many have heard strange noises and sensed a weird presence around themselves.

  • Saligao Village


Saligao Village is known for its beautiful churches. However, another haunted tale awaits you in this location. Over 60 years ago, when a bishop was passing through the village, he saw a woman named Chritalina and fainted. After regaining consciousness, he kept screaming her name. Locals believe her ghost haunts the banyan tree in the village which people specifically avoid in the nights.


Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches and lively culture, but it also has a spooky side that attracts those who are interested in ghosts and mysteries. The Rodrigues Home is a big, old house with a lot of unknown history and scary stories that reflect another part of Goa’s rich past. Visiting this house is for brave hearts and is exciting, giving people a chance to learn more about Goa while experiencing its haunted side. The mix of fun beaches and creepy tales make Goa a fascinating place to explore. Whether you love the sunny side, the high-spirited culture, or the haunting adventures, Goa offers a memorable trip to everyone.

The next time you are in Goa, don’t just stick to the beaches—dare to explore the haunted places and uncover the mysteries that lie beneath the sandy surfaces because it could be an experience you will not forget soon!

What is the story of Rodrigues Home?

The Rodrigues Home in Verna, Goa, is an old house with Portuguese-style architecture. It is famous for ghostly images and strange events that are linked to the unresolved mystery of the Rodrigues family members, making it a haunted landmark in the region.

What are the horror places in Goa?

Some of the horror places in Goa include D’Mello House, Borim Bridge, Three Kings Church, Saligao Village, NH 17, Baytakhol, and many more, where people have reported ghostly experiences and strange occurrences.

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